Astana Flora Expo 

The 2nd Scientific and Practical Conference
“Modern Trends in Landscaping and Nursery Sector”
Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, EC “Corme”
13-14 April, 2016




13 April
Inauguration of the conference


I. Nursery Sector of Kazakhstan and Russia: innovations and import substitution

1. “Nursery sector of Kazakhstan: growth prospects”
S.B. Baizakovich, Dr. of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician, Kazakh Academy of Sciences

2. “Russian Nurseries, opportunities and prospects”
A. E. Sedov, Chairman, Board, Russian Association of Planting Stock Producers

3. “Role of local agricultural producers in import substitution. Practices of the Research and Production Association “Gardens of Russia”,

V.V. Stepanov, Director General, NPO “Gardens of Russia”, Chelyabinsk Region


II. Plants Growing Techniques

1. “Planting stock range and growing technology”
D.N. Sarsekova, Dr. of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Correspondent Member

2. “Innovative approaches to improving growing techniques in winter grafting of fruit cultures”
A.A. Kukhturskiy, Chief Specialist on improving methods and techniques of fruit plants propagation, “Gardens of Russia”, Chelyabinsk Region

3. “Container production of fruit and ornamental plants”
A. E. Sedov, Chairman, Board, Russian Association of Planting Stock Producer,s Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Director, “Garden Company “Sadko” nursery


14 April
III. Modern Trends in Landscaping


1. “Landscape practices of Astana with the use of itroducents”
A.E. Kebekbaev, Chief Agronomist, “Astana-Zelenstroy”

2. “Gardens on Roofs – unrealized reality”
E.I. Sedova, professor, Moscow Architectural Institute, Head, Landscape Construction Department, OOO “Garden Company “Sadko” nursery

3. Use of innovative landscape technologies in solving ecological problems of a modern city. Ecological City of the Future. What is it?”
Olivier Dame, Landscape Architect, France


IV. Plant Protection


1. “Integrated System of pests and diseases control in tree nurseries”
N. Mukhamadiev, Kazakh Research Institute of Plants Protection and Quarantine, Head, Protection of Forests and Green Plantations Group

2. Diseases of perennial garden and ornamental cultures, control methods, K.B.N.
L.G. Seraya, Head, Lab., Diseases of Perennials, Garden and Ornamental Plants, Research Institute of Phytopathology, Officer, Plant Protection Department, N.V. Tzitzin Botanical Garden, RAS, Head, “Center of Plant Protection “Gartenburg”, Moscow region

3. “Biological preparations in care of ornamental cultures in fields of “Verger” nursery.
E.A. Surkova, Plant Protection Agronomist, “Verger” nursery, Moscow region



The program may be modified

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