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Astana Flora Expo 

The 3rd Scientific and Practical Conference
Green Industry of Kazakhstan. Achievements and Prospects
12-13 April, 2017
Astana. Exhibition Center “Korme”. Exhibition “AstanaFloraExpo”




1. Introduction of tree and shrub species (species and varieties), results of the study of introducents in the Republic of Kazakhstan over the past 20 years.

- Landscaping of cities, production of planting stock.

- Ornamental landscaping. Species and varieties.

Natalya N. Nikulina, Director General, TOOGreenService”, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


2. Peculiarities of cultivation and preparation of seedlings for landscaping in the Republic of Kazakhstan, practices of KX “AGORA” nursery.

Vasip Yu. Ismailov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Director KX “AGORA”, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.


3. Biotechnology in nursery sector.

Anna A. Shipunova, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Director, Research and Production Center of Biotechnology, NPC “Phytogenetics “, Tula, Russia.


4. Urban landscaping: many years of experience and modern trends, systemic ecological approach.

Valeria P. Goriainova, Candidate of Biological Sciences, dendrologist, ecologist, Moscow, Russia.


5. Presentation of a catalogue of herbaceous plants

- Catalogue of tree plants grown in nurseries of the Russian Association of Planting Stock Producers.

- Willow (Salix Myrsinifolia). Promising species and varieties of Russian selection for landscape design.

Margarita V. Akhmechet, Director, Akhmechet nursery, Tyumen, Russia


6. Modern methods of diagnostics and pest and disease control.

Lidia G. Seraya, Head, Laboratory of Disease Control of Perennial Plants, Garden and Ornamental Crops, Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Head, “Plant Protection Center “Gartenburg”, Moscow, Russia.


7. Compliance with internal and external quarantine of plants at the importation of planting stock into Kazakhstan.

Nurhzan Mukhamadiev, Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine, Head, Group of Protection of Forest and Tree Plantations, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


8. Training and upgrading of the industry professionals’ skills.

Dani N. Sarsekova, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, RAS Corresponding Member, Astana, Kazakhstan.


9. Why use FSC - Certified Planting Stock.

Mariam Mattila, Regional Market Development Manager for CIS Countries.


10. Branding stages from the example of NPO “Gardens of Russia”.

Natalya S. Shafikova, Executive Director, NPO “Gardens of Russia”, Chelyabinsk region.


The conference is organized within the frameworks of the 8th International exhibition AstanaFloraExpo”, 12-14 April, 2017, in Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan with participation of “Zhasyl Orman”, the Association of Forestry and Forest Products of Kazakhstan, and the Russian Association of Planting Stock Producers.



The conference program is subject to change.

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