The largest Russian business conference
for owners, managers, marketers and florist companies’ employees, florists and designers
5-6 September, 2020
Moscow, Holiday Inn Moscow Seligerskaya 4*, Seligerskaya metro station, Korovinskoye shosse, 10
Dear Colleagues,
We, organizers of the largest Russian conference in the sphere of flower business, are preparing for you a very interesting program. We invited exceptional professionals in their field, outstanding representatives of domestic and foreign flower markets, to share their experience with you. They are not only practitioners having high rating among colleagues, but also ingenious people, trend setters creating directions for development of the flower business as a whole.
We sincerely believe that the Russian conference FlowersCONF will become the next step towards your development and prosperity. We will do our best for your comfortable and effective comprehension of new knowledge and practical skills!

Analysis of trends, growth prospects and development of the flower business in 2020. Speakers, trade professionals, will talk about new methods of doing business, current customers taste according to the market requirements. Networking with professionals, analysis of real cases and a grand floral show with participation of Russian and international stars.

Reports on a variety of business topics
Business blocks
Master classes in advertising and analytics
Floral master classes

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Want to Participate
For Whom?

Owners of floral companies

Owners of floral shops and salons

Executives and managers

Marketers and analysts

Florists, designers, decorators

For all those who want to start their own business

For all those who plan to develop their business

For all those who want to be one step ahead of their competitors

How it was in 2019
Conference Speakers
Anna Popova

Graduated from “F -Design” School, silver medalist of the Central Region Competition "Secret Garden" in 2014, silver medalist of the Russian Professional Floristics Championship "RUSSIAN FLORIST CUP" in 2015 and 2016.

Julia Smolkova

Graduated from the International School of Florists Designers "Nicole", silver medalist of the Moscow Florist Cup 2017, bronze medalist of the Russian Professional Florist Championship "RUSSIAN FLORIST CUP 2017", silver medalist of the "RUSSIAN FLORIST CUP 2018", winner of the " RUSSIAN FLORIST CUP 2019».

Julia Vasiluk

Graduated from St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the International School of Florists Designers "Nicole", participant of the Moscow Florist Competition "MOSCOW FLORIST CUP 2019" (special Jury prize for original author's solutions).

Johann Obendrauf

Johann is the winner of the Austrian Championship 2010. One of the leading European masters, who represented his country at the largest international competitions: EUROPA CUP 2011 in Gavirzhov (Czech Republic) and at the FLEUROP-INTERFLORA WORLD CUP 2016 in Berlin (Germany). Certified coach and judge of WORLD SKILLS Competitions. He has held numerous shows and seminars in Austria and abroad. Official ambassador of SMITHERS OASIS since 2012. Owner of his own flower shop in Graz. Distinctive features of Johann's works are refined techniques of execution and a reasonable combination of the best traditions of commercial floristics with "art".

Niina Minkkinen-Westerlund

Niina Minkkinen is one of the most titled and sought-after masters in Europe. Champion of Finland in 2001 and 2010, silver medalist of the European championship "EUROPA CUP 2011" in the Czech Republic, judge of national competitions under the certification system of the International Organization of Florists FLORINT, judge of WorldSkills and national competitions in Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Malta. Since 1998, Niina has been a demonstrator and teacher of the Finnish Association of Florists, and in 2014 she joined the Board of Directors of the Association. Niina, as a bright representative of the Finnish school of floristics, is distinguished by the richness and variety of the color palette, clarity of forms and proportions, and unusual multi-level composition solutions.

Lisa Palsson (Norway)

Lisa graduated from one of the most famous Scandinavian schools of floristics Ingvar Strandhs Blomsterskola (Malmo, Sweden). Judge of national competitions under the certification system of the International Organization of Florists FLORINT. Norwegian Junior champion 2011, winner of the NORDIC CUP 2014, OSLO OPEN CUP 2017, Norwegian champion 2018. From 2008 to 2018, she worked in Stein Are Hansen’s shop (famous Norwegian florist). Currently, she is a leading florist of SHISHI BLOMSTER. Lisa will represent Norway at the prestigious International Competition EUROPA CUP 2020 in Katowice (Poland).

5-6 September, 2020
5 September
All events take place in the large Conference Hall "MOSCOW" and the "ELYSEE FIELDS" Hall
Registration of participants,
Welcome coffee
08:30 – 09:00
mainstream «MOSCOW» Hall
09:00 – 10:00
russian flower and plant market: segmentation, top-selling products, profitable niches, development prospects
Marina Karnushina, business coach, author of training courses "Business Floristics" and " Love Flowers and Succeed»
  • segmentation of the market based on peculiarities of climatic conditions and location, demand, client preferences and solvency
  • hierarchy of flower products – "who is in charge here"; who is the locomotive generating the principle profit in the flower business
  • how to launch new sales channels and increase total business revenue
  • what is waiting for the flower market in the next year
10:00 – 11:00
management accounting, control and analysis in flower business
Danila Bykov, co-owner of “Mint” and “Gold Niva” companies
  • figures are not scaring if you know what to count
  • what must be calculated in the flower business
  • what you don't need to calculate
  • the effect of calculation. Can business be really transparent?
Coffee break
11:00 – 11:30
11:30 - 12:30
leadership or management - which is better? coaching management style. authority and competence of the manager. how to involve all employees in work processes
Elena Sumina, certified business coach
  • how to become a leader for your employees
  • situational leadership, what features of employees should be considered for choosing a management style
  • in the “coaching & directive " ring; who will win?
  • how to build effective communication with employees to achieve results and motivate employees
  • insufficient or excessive management and its consequences
11:30 - 12:30
how to develop from sales to production. successful experience of a flower salon in organizing greenhouses and growing your own flowers for sale
Anna Masutina, greenhouse owner, co-owner of flower salons, florist, instructor in floristics
  • The evolution and development of greenhouses from Soviet ones with candles through a network of flower shops to a European level greenhouse, based on true events and personal experience
  • Who will teach, who will tell you where to find information and mentors on effective methods of greenhouse management in the Russian reality
  • Whose technologies are more effective and how to discourage investments from the first time
  • The future of Russian greenhouses, what is awaiting us and what is worth betting on in the greenhouse sector
12:30 - 13:30
how to do everything: win the love and interest of customers and, at the same time, be in the trend
Dmitriy Turcan, florist with 20 years of experience, founder of School of Flower Business Development and Floristics TURCAN. SCHOOL
  • Communicating with customers through emotions and stories. Stories bring together, how to sell yourself through them?
  • Floristics has moved into a category of emotional purchases, new principles of forming interest in your product
  • Should I go to flower shows and festivals all over the world? How does sharing experience and inspiration from international colleagues affect your business
  • How to catch trends? Themes that are close to floral ones. How to find them. What to focus on
  • What will add "human face" to flowers and how to use it in sales
floral demonstration: color decides everything!!!
Anna Popova, florist, silver medalist of the Championship of Russia on Professional Floristics "RUSSIAN FLORIST CUP" in 2015 and 2016
  • trends of 2020
  • the most fashionable trend – unusual combinations of colors and textures
  • boldness in choosing combinations of colors as a competitive advantage
13:30 – 14:30
14:30 – 15:30
global trends of the flower market for the next three years. a new generation of customers and their taste preferences. part 1
Varya Abrosimova, Marketing Manager for Eastern Europe at DEKKER CHRYSANTEN (the Netherlands)
  • transformation of floristic services market over the past five years
  • “smart” technologies in flower business
  • environmental friendliness as a trend
  • trends in changing of the cut flower market segmentation for the next few years
  • customer demand research and sales trends for the next two years from BLOEMENBUREAU HOLLAND
floral demonstration: eco-style - trend of modern design. compositions and bouquets
Julia Smolkova, florist, winner of the Russian Championship on Professional Floristics "RUSSIAN FLORIST CUP 2019»
  • философия и сферы применения
  • натуральность, естественность, природность
  • характерные композиционные особенности
  • контрасты живых и сухих материалов
14:30 – 15:30
how to set up targeted ads for a flower shop
Irina Ivanova, marketing practitioner, strategic marketing consultant
15:30 – 16:45
flower market global trends for the next three years. a new generation of customers and their taste preferences. part 2
Henk de Jong, Regional Manager for the European market at DECORUM (the Netherlands)
  • potted plant market trends
  • online traffic
  • changes in product range and quality characteristics of plants
  • "green" lifestyle
Ilya Dombrovsky, Owner and Manager of ASTRA FUND HOLLAND BV (the Netherlands)
  • consumer demand in Europe and what the Russian cut flower market expects
  • changes in the assortment of cut flowers in Russia and Europe
  • changes in quality characteristics of cut flowers in Russia and Europe
floral demonstration: architectural solutions in floral design
Yulia Vasiluk, florist, architect, winner of a special Jury prize for original author's solutions at the Moscow Florist Competition " MOSCOW FLORIST CUP 2019»
  • expressiveness of lines
  • laconic shapes and the solidity of the external appearance
  • fashion for stylish artistic solutions
15:30 - 16:45
how successfully sell via instagram
Elena Piskareva, Director, Marketing Agency, author of a popular promo website on Instagram (1.5 million readers per year)
  • Instagram sales features
  • "Paid" and "free" sales
  • Instagram sales formats
  • Instagram sales techniques for ordinary people
Coffee break
16:45 – 17:15
17:15 - 19:00
round table: business models and strategies (cases analyses)
6 September
All events take place in the large Conference Hall "MOSCOW" and the "ELYSEE FIELDS" Hall
Welcome coffee
08:30 - 09:00
mainstream «MOSCOW» Hall
09:00 - 10:00
product, service and advertising communication, depending on the type of consumer's personality
Alexey Murazanov, specialist in behavioral economics, strategic marketing, branding, and communication management
  • client’s psych type and a new behavioral economy
  • needs and values of audience segments
  • individual settings and behavioral stereotypes
  • architecture of choice, peculiarities of decision-making and aesthetics of perception
  • product, service model and advertising communication based on the audience segment
09:00 - 10:00
life hacks of a big florist, or how to extend the life of cut flowers in a salon. part 1
Alexey Bykov, PH.D in Biological Sciences, Moscow State University.
  • product acceptance and temperature control
  • defective products: determine who is to blame the supplier or the receiving party
  • how to make a claim correctly
10:00 - 11:00
cadres decide everything. how to form a solid team of professionals instead of scattered bright "stars". use of the disc model
Elena Sumina, certified business coach
  • 4 types of employees: how to determine who is who in my team, strengths of each type, value for the team
  • diagnostics at the interview or how to strengthen the team at the selection stage
  • conflicts or how to establish interaction between different types of employees
  • features of motivation of each type as a tool to influence employees performance
10:00 - 11:00
life hacks of a big florist, or how to extend the life of cut flowers in a salon. part 2
Alexey Bykov, PH.D in Biological Sciences, Moscow State University.
  • respiration and photosynthesis of plants as a factor of flowers storage in a refrigerator
  • allelopathy, or how flowers affect each other. Compatibility of flowers in a bouquet
  • ethylene and why flowers fall under its influence. Methods preventing appearance of ethylene in a refrigerator
11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:30
what every professional needs to know
Eugenie Taranukha, regional manager of Smithers Oasis GMBH for the markets of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states and Central Asia
  • «five steps of freshness»
  • professional products significantly reducing labor costs of sellers and florists
  • life hacks and common mistakes when working with professional materials and tools
demonstration: effective commercial floristics with "zest". part 1
Johann Obendrauf, designer and florist, Austrian Champion
  • funeral floristics
11:30 – 12:30
how to launch a successful online store (case analysis)
12:30 - 13:30
how a simple flower shop can reach the level of large wedding decorations. complexities, tools, and secrets of the event industry success
Julia Makarova, founder of MAKFLOWERS Flower and Decor Salon
  • how to start working with event agencies
  • calculating the event budget to meet the interests of all participants: the Customer, Partners, and Your needs
  • building up effective interaction within the team, distributing tasks and areas of responsibility among employees
demonstration: effective commercial floristics with "zest". part 2
Johann Obendrauf, designer and florist, Austrian Champion
  • wedding bouquets, compositions and decorations
12:30 - 13:30
how to make an assortment matrix correctly depending on the customer's request
Elena Cherebaeva, flower business coach
  • how product matrixes reduce write-offs and increase profits
  • what are the bouquet matrixes and how to make them
  • how can a retail store use a matrix
  • how to take customer demand into account when developing a collection
13:30 - 14:30
14:30 - 15:30
digital transformation of the flower business
Alexander Krasnoborodko, Deputy General Director, INSPIRO, Ph. D.
14:30 - 15:30
rebranding as a necessity!
Elena Arkhipochkina, Head, Graphic Design Studio "Black Square" (Russia)
  • how «not to lose your face?»
  • don't lose old customers! attract new ones!
  • For the first time!!! New Format: free analysis of your logo and corporate identity.
    You can send your logo and advertising materials to before March 15!!, and get recommendations on possible rebranding or positioning at the conference for free.
15:30 - 16:30
customer focus: technology for creating an outstanding service
Alexander Shemyakin, assistant in building up and optimizing business systems in companies
  • three "pitfalls" on the way to good service, and how to avoid them
  • five-component model for evaluating and improving service in your company
  • dealing with 3 service areas: before, during and after the sale
16:30 - 18:00
16:30 - 18:00
business game
Alexander Shemyakin, assistant in building up and optimizing business systems in companies
  • external and internal disadvantages of the service model
  • timing scheme as a tool to manage a client-oriented company
  • what to do with "contact points" to make the service really good
18:00 - 20:00
wedding show of florists. buffet
Niina Minkkinen-Westerlund, florist from Finland
  • collection of author's wedding bouquets
Lisa Palsson, designer, florist from Norway
  • collection of author's bouquets

The conference program is in the process of formation.


During the conference there will be a lot of opportunities to meet colleagues, to talk with speakers and participants. Networking is one of the main targets of participation in conferences and fairs.

2 lunches and 5 coffee breaks

During conference days a super professional team of the restaurant “Holiday Inn Moscow Seligerskaya” will delight you with fine cuisine. Every day: welcoming coffee, delicious lunch buffet, coffee breaks in between blocks.


The Exhibition Company specializes in holding of fairs and congress events on floriculture, landscaping, garden construction and flower business. It has a vast experience in organizing trade fairs in Russia and abroad; is an organizer of the International Fair “FlowersExpo”, the best Russian fair in all categories (exhibition space, international representation, professional interest and market coverage) on Floriculture, Floristics, Gardening and Landscape Design (according to the results of the all-Russian rating of trade fairs conducted by the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs in 2016-2029).

Project specializes in organization and holding of professional events for florists including competitions, workshops, training and shows of the world leading Russian and foreign masters.
The site tells about various events in the world and local floristics, the largest flower festivals and exhibitions, professional master classes and the latest tendencies.

The key area of the digital agency is creation and development of “Green” sites and online shops for nurseries and garden centers, floral salons and wholesale companies selling cut flowers, pot plants, packaging and accessories. Among its customers there are 300 companies in CIS countries. INSPIRO develops a unique system for automation of sales and accounting for flower companies reflecting the specific character of the business. INSPIRO is the best developer of online shops in RuNet.

Marina Karniushina

Moderator of business block

Professional business coach with over 10-year experience of practical work in the sphere. Author of a training course “Business Floristics” specially designed for people involved in floristic business. M. Karniushina conducted over 125 trainings, 75 webinars; has 47 personal coaching projects in the field of floristic business; and opened over 20 floristic salons. She also has experience in managing floristic salons and networks; special education and experience in floristic work.

Why to participate?

To get knowledge from professionals

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To increase return from the business

To find out all the trends of the year

To get inspired by the works of famous masters

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Contacts and Venue

SEPTEMBER 5-6, 2020

HOTEL Holiday Inn Moscow Seligerskaya
Moscow, Korovin shosse, 10

Organizer Contacts:
OOO “Exhibition Company “GreenExpo”
Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 118-06-39 (multichannel)

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