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Report of II International Exhibition of Flowers and Landscape Design “AstanaFlorExpo-2011” holding


II International Exhibition of Flowers and Landscape Design «AstanaFlorExpo – 2011» was held on April 27-29, 2011 in the capital exhibition centre “Korme”. The organizers of the show were exhibition company “Astana-Expo KS” and exhibition company “GreenExpo”, organizers of international exhibition “FlowersExpo” (Moscow) with support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Akimat of Astana city.


In official opening ceremony there participated the Executive Secretary of Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan Salauat DEMBAY, the Chairman of Forestry Management Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Erlan NYSANBAEV, Deputy Ambassador of Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Republic of Kazakhstan Maurits Ter KELLE, the Director General of “Astana-Zelenstroy” JSC Zharkyn ZHUMAGULOV and Director General of exhibition company “GreenExpo” Nadezhda GRIGORIEVA.


As explained by Salauat Dembay, the difference between “AstanaFlorExpo-2011” show from last year debut is that number of foreign participants increased in two times, geography of exhibitors from Kazakhstan extended considerably, “and this is an encouraging phenomenon”. He noticed that in recent years at the left bank of Ishim river there appeared city with unique architecture and landscaping, which showed the growth and success of our republic properly. Salauat Dembay believes that “AstanaFlorExpo-2011” show is am important event in city’s life which adorns it.


Erlan Nysanbaev added that image of Astana is changed not only with building of exclusive design but also “competent approach to amenity planting” which creates “beautiful, unique and cozy green places” expanding all over the capital of the republic. This exhibition provides the professionals with opportunity not only to communicate but also to exchange with creative ideas for their future realization at streets, squares and parks of Astana. This also will be in some way a lesson for young people – “it will teach them to admire what we have today and protect what was created with hard work and love” of landscape architects.


Maurits Ter Kelle spoke about his trip to Kazakh steppe, the motherland of wild tulips which nowadays, in twenty first century, come back to the motherland after many years of work of Netherlands plant breeders who made a fragile spring flower a symbol of their country but in absolutely new appearance. The Deputy Ambassador thinks that this come-back is triumphal. Also he added that when Netherlands embassy moved to Astana the city was granted a truly royal present – a specially bred tulip variety “Astana” which decorated square in front of Bayterek.


There participated more than 60 companies from Kazakhstan, Germany, Kenya, Columbia, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Ecuador. Among these participants – the largest suppliers of cut flowers, equipment and greenhouses production companies, amenity planting and landscaping companies: «BellaRosa-Rose Connection», «Brandkamp GmbH», Germany, «Doralco Kenya Ltd», «Flowers Consulting Crop», «Sakarya Botanik A.S.», «NATUFLORA», «Lorberg», «STEP Systems GmbH», “Astana-Zelenstroy” JSC, “KazFlorExpo”, «Nicole» garden center, «Biogumus», «Fialochnaya zhizn», «Chekhovsky sad», «Imperatorskiy pitomnik» and many other.

This year there were presented two national stands – “Columbia – flower country” and national stand of Germany which incorporated both state and private companies.


For the first time in Astana in the framework of the exhibition there was held a floristic festival “GUL ALEMI” with support of the National Florists Guild of Russia.


Official program of “AstanaFlorExpo-2011” show was highly topical.

There were very interesting traditional master classes organized by the National Florists Guild of Russia – “Modern trends of bouquet dressing” and “Decoration of limousines and wedding corteges”. In spacious exhibition’s conference halls there was not enough room for all people willing to participate in these master classes. Both participants of the master classes and ordinary visitors of the exhibition had opportunity to watch pieces of workmanship and the results of master classes.


There also were entertaining elm wickerwork master classes held by professionals from Petropavlovsk. Moreover, there was organized “Landscape” workshop of specialists from Kazakh State Agriculture University which was a great find for many participants.


The national stand of Germany held a workshop about “Economic and Environmentally friendly Production in Horticulture”. “INDEGA” company presented its products for gardening, the representatives of “Terracult GmbH” company presented information about quality peat and soil for professional gardening to Kazakhstanis and visitors of the exhibition.


Nuremberg company “STEP Systems GmbH” presented to gardeners an interesting instant diagnostics – “Fast Determination of relevant Soil Properties and Plant Nutrients” and presentation of plants adapted to local conditions “Vegetativ Young Plants - Growing Market in Kazachstan” made by company “Jungpflanzen Grunewald GmbH”.


Master class “Cultural notes for cut Chrysanthemums , new varieties” organized by company “Brandkamp Jungpflanzenvertrieb” and innovative presentation of company “Reimann Spinnerei&Weberei GmbH” – “Fabrics for Horticulture: Root Balls, Shading Screens, Energy Saving Screens, Irrigation Mattings” aroused exhibition’s participants’ interest.


During three days more than 5 thousand people visited the exhibition.



Post-release of floral festival “Gul Alemi”, Astana, April 27, 2011
Topic “Wedding floristry”


For the first time ever in the framework of “AstanaFlorExpo-2011” show there was held festival of wedding floristry.


The following flower shops of Astana city have participated in the event:


“Kaz-Flor-Astana” LLP, “Lady Fleur-Astana” LLP, Flower House “Milana”, flower shop “Nicole”.


Each of the shops was presented by a team of florists. Also the following florists have participated in the festival: Raimzhanova Zukhra (Flower House “Milana”) and Taygozina Sayina (flower shop “Florissimo”).


The Judging Committee included representatives of the National Florists Guild Treneva Irene, champion of Russia, 2005 and 2006, participant of the Europe championship, 2007 (Moscow) and Zakharova Elena, the Judge at “FLORINT”, (Perm)


Competitive program consisted of 3 tasks:


  1. Wedding bouquet or decorative substitute to the bouquet.
  2. Accessory for a bride or boutonniere for a groom.
  3. Surprise (decoration of one flower).


According to the results of all tasks in team championship the florists of “Kaz-Flor-Astana” LLP became the winners, the team of “Lade Fleur-Astana” LLP took the second place and the florists of flower shop “Nicole” took the third place.


Raimzhanova Zukhra became the winner in individual competition, Taygozina Sayina took the second place.


The festival was held under the sponsorship of “3D Flowers” LLP, Astana. The information sponsorship was provided by wedding magazine “Bouquet”.


All participants obtained diplomas and prizes from exhibition company “Astana-Expo KS”.

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