About Flower Industry of Kazakhstan


The main flower on the Kazakhstan flower market is a Dutch rose. According to experts estimate “rose” sales make up 70 % of the total Kazakhstan flower market.


Volume estimates of the flower market vary considerably, from 20-30 million to 100 million dollars. According to Inna Vasilieva, Director General of “Bonar Service” retail chain, - “90% of the products are import from Kenya, Colombia, Holland, Ecuador, China and Uzbekistan, and only 10% is the share of the local market”.


The wholesale flower center of the republic is located in Almaty.

Most of the products arrives to the Southern capital by air or by road and then is distributed into regions, since the largest flower consumption is in Almaty. The share of the Southern and Northern capitals is 70%.


The main flower producers in Kazakhstan are “Kunarly” TOO, “Mercur Green” TOO KH, “Green House” TOO and private companies.

“Kunarly” greenhouse complex is a part of “Tranko” Holding as two more companies: “Anri Bonar” trading company and “Bonar Service” flower service center. “Tranko” is planning to take over a third of the Kazakhstan flower market in 2010.

To compete on equal footing Kazakhstan needs scores or even hundreds of hectares of greenhouse area.


Dominance of import on the local market is primarily due to price factors. The production price of a rose grown in Africa or South America is considerably lower than that of a local one. While all market players agree that the flower market is growing and will continue to grow.


In recent years there are actively developing such sectors as pot flowers and landscape design. “Nicole” Garden center is one of the largest players on the market of pot plants. There is no industrial production of room plants in Kazakhstan. 100% of this market is import.

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