IX International Exhibition of floriculture and landscaping

April 11-13, 2018

Republic of Kazakhstan City of Astana Exhibition Centre Korma



AstanaFloraExpo'2018 to business of Kazakhstan


The 9th international exhibition "AstanaFloraExpo-2018 - a joint project of exhibition companies" AstanaExpo-KZ ", Kazakhstan and" GreenExpo ", Russia took place in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 11-13.  
Among the participants there were the largest Kazakh and foreign producers of flower and decorative products, seed companies and nurseries, suppliers of equipment and materials for floriculture and ornamental gardening, floristry studios and design design.  
Cut flowers were represented by Holland, Colombia, Ecuador. Among the participants from these countries were such leaders as Dekker Chrysanten, Astra Fund Holland, Flower Circus - Holland, Matina Flowers, Excellence Flowers - Colombia, Edana Floralba – Ecuador.  
The exhibition was attended by the largest flower companies of Kazakhstan "Nicole", "Art Flowers", "Henry Bonnar", "Zhasulan Flora", "Begonia-Astana", "Etoile Flora Kazakhstan".  
The Russian Federation was represented by the NPO “”Gardens of Russia”, agroholding “Poisk”, company “Green Carpet”, ”Veltorf”, nursery “ Mir Plant”, Association Planting Material Producers of Russia.  
New participants and business visitors were attracted by the thematic project - the exhibition-salon of the construction of cottages and landscaping “Village-2018”  
Two important events were held in the conference on nursery and the national contest of florists Kazakhstan.  
More than 100 specialists, including representatives of government structures, deputy corps, oblast administrations, heads and specialists of nurseries and garden centers, urban greening organizations, national natural parks and forestry, participated in the conference "Actual issues of private forest cultivation and nursery in Kazakhstan".  
The conference for the first time considered the creation of new nurseries and plantations from rapidly growing tree species, the development of a state program to support private forest cultivation. The resolution adopted at the end of the conference was sent to the government of Kazakhstan.  
Spring mood was brought by the holding of the Republican contest of florists of Kazakhstan under the brand "Gul ЕLemi" – World of Flowers, with the participation of eminent Russian florists, champions of Russia and prize-winners of European competitions Roman Stengauer and Vadim Kazansky.  
The audience accepted the flor show of the Dutch company Flower Circus, conducted by the famous Dutch florist Ruud Hazelaar and the master class of Roman Stengauer and Vadim Kazansky of the "Trends of the Year", sponsored by the company Dekker Chrysanten - Holland.  
AstanaFloraExpo” visited of business, republican and metropolitan departments, heads and specialists of large Kazakhstan companies and scientific institutions, practices working in the field of floriculture, garden building and gardening from 16 regions of Kazakhstan.  
Representatives of Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Russia, Colombia, Poland, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Turkmenistan, who were interested in the market of Kazakhstan, visited the project.  
"AstanaFloraExpo'2018" helped the participants promote and increase sales of their products in the promising market of Kazakhstan, made a significant contribution to strengthening the green sector of the republic.


See you at AstanaFloraExpo'2019!






IX International Exhibition of Floriculture and Green Industry




April 11-13, 2018

«Korme» Exhibition Center, Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan









Exhibition space1,232 sq.m.


Exhibition participants:

More than 50 companies from 7 countries, including industry leaders such as "Gardens of Russia" Development and Production Center, Dekker Chrysanten BV, Matina Flowers, Excellence Flowers LTDa Flower, "Nicole" Flower Company, "Zhasulan-Flora" LLP and many others.

Among them: 63% from Kazakhstan and 37% from close and distant foreign countries

Parallel exhibition on related subjects:

 «Village-2018» Specialized Exhibition of Cottage Construction and Landscaping.





Participating countries:



Belarus, Holland, Colombia, Russia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, South Korea.


Media support:15 media partners provided information support for the event.



Visitors from 6 countries of the world, including:

  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Russia
  • Iran

and from 16 regions of Kazakhstan.





Products of interest to visitors:

53,1% Cut flowers, garden flowers, potted plants

4,3% Plant nurseries /planting material/trees, shrubs

9,3% Floristics accessories

29,3% Landscape and design

17,15% Greenhouses





IV Scientific and Practical Conference on "Actual Issues of Private Afforestation and Plant Nursery in Kazakhstan"


The conference was organized jointly with the Committee of Forestry and Fauna of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with the support of the Association of Manufacturers of Planting Material of Russia.


The conference was attended by representatives of Kazakhstan's green industry: representatives of the regional departments of natural resources and environmental management of all regions of Kazakhstan, heads and specialists of plant nurseries and garden centers, urban greening organizations, national parks and forestry, representatives of design organizations, landscape companies and educational institutions.

The conference program included 2 round tables:

  • "Private afforestation and plant nursery";
  •  "Plant nursery from "zero".

The high level of the conference was provided due to the conference speakers, among which there were leading industry experts of Kazakhstan and Russia:

  • Dani N.Sarsekova - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Regional Management Academy (Kazakhstan);
  • Svetlana A.Kabanova, Ph.D.Biology, Head of the Department of Forest Reproduction and Afforestation at "Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Forestry and Agroforestry" LLP (Kazakhstan);
  •  Antonina V.Orlova, General Director of the "World of Plants" Plant Nursery (Russia).


Floristic contests and shows.


6 contestants took part in "Gul Alemi 2018" contest of florists and designers of Kazakhstan on the topic "I'm on the Wave, I'm in a Trend". The works were judged by the jury under the presidency of Roman Stengauer, other jury members were such eminent masters-florists and prize-winners of European competitions as Vadim Kazansky and Oksana Sherebirova.


A bright show organized by «Flower Circus» (Holland) Company was conducted by Ruud Hazelaar, a famous Dutch florist, winner of many European competitions in floristry.


Florists and designers received a lot of impressions and new knowledge at the closed floristic show of Roman Stengauer and Vadim Kazansky named "Trends of the Year" held on April 13 and sponsored by "Dekker Chrysanten" Company (Holland).





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Exhibition hours
Date Working hours
11-12 april 2018 from 10.00 till 18.00
13 april 2018 from 10.00 till 16.00

Kazakhstan, Astana, Dostik street, 3,
Exhibition Center "Korme"


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