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GK “Russkiy Ogorod – NK” – The Best Possible!


“Russkiy Ogorod – NK” is a developing trading and manufacturing group of companies including “Profsemtsvet”, Profsemovosch”, Garden Center and Publishing House “Russian Ogorod”. It is a 22-years experience in providing Russian gardeners, flower growers and farmers with high quality seeds.


Our indisputable advantages are:

  • Almost 200 brandy varieties highly demanded by gardeners.
  • Regular deliveries of initial material for production of annuals and perennials of the best varieties and hybrids.
  • Along with the main trademarks like Russiy Ogorod and NK there is a set of popular market brands: “Moskovskiy Delikates” , Russkiy Razmer”, “Windsor”, “Barenburg”, “Igra Tsveta”, “Promsemtsvet”, “Srezh and Eat!”, “Mikokrop”, “Top Green”, “Fusion”, “Family Garden” and others.
  • Wholesale and retail trade in flower bulbs, lawn grass seeds, ornamental and fruit young plants, products for home and garden, etc.
  • Many partners in all Russian regions.


In 2012 there was launched a partnership program for creation of a network of   new type garden centers on the Eurasian space.

GK “Russkiy Ogorod – NK” is a member of the Association of Independent Seed Companies, Eurasian Union of Seed Producers and Sellers, member of the Russian Association of Producers and Sellers of Planting Stock and Fleuroselekt International Organization.

The corporation owns 16 ha experimental fields with demonstration plots, breeding labs, spring and winter greenhouses, high-tech workshops for cleaning, sorting and packing of seeds, cold stores, a fleet of vehicles, office buildings and a Garden center.

GK “Russkiy Ogorod – NK” is the only Russian company having its own demonstration plot in Keukenhof Royal Park, the Netherlands, where it annually plants bulbous plants of its own selection.

The Keukenhof Park is world known for its tulips. 7 million bulbs of different varieties bloom there every spring.


Flower and Vegetable Seeds

The product range of “Russkiy Ogorod – NK” includes over 1400 varieties of flower and vegetable seeds and more than 500 fall bulbs.

All planting stock is distinguished by high germination rate and resistance to adverse weather conditions thanks to the seed ground control of both the company’s own seeds and seeds supplied from other producers.

The supplier of professional seeds is “Profsemtsvet”, the first Russian highly specialized company,   a member of the corporation.  Focused on commodity seedlings producers it offers high quality seeds of the world’s range.  Thoroughly cleaned, calibrated, treated and sealed in foil packets, the seeds remain viable   for several years.

“Profsemtsvet” sells wholesale flower seeds and bulbs to professional landscapers, landscape designers and dealers. In the company’s assortment there is a wide choice of annual and perennial plants of unique varieties.



“Russkiy Ogorod – NK” lawn grass seeds are market leaders. Its range includes seed mixtures to create lawns for different purposes: sports, for “lazy-bones” requiring minimum maintenance, and famous flowering or “Moorish” lawns.

If your professional or commercial activities are connected with flower or vegetable growing, farming, landscaping, landscape design or you are just an owner of a private plot “Russkiy Ogorod – NK” is your world, where you can find exactly what you need!




Dear Flower Growers of Kazakhstan,

We have the honor to invite you to our Stand E 1, 24-26 April, International exhibition “AstanaFlorExpo’2013”, and to visit our presentation “Partnership Program for Creation of Garden Retail – Challenge or Progressive Strategy?”, 25 April, 10 a.m.



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