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Astra Fund Holland BV

29.03.2018 09:27


The Dutch company Astra Fund Holland, which supplies cut flowers and potted plants for more than 20 years, this year participates for the first time in the exhibition "AstanaFloraExpo-2018.


In addition to the flower products of Holland's producers, the company is ready to supply flowers to its customers from Italy, Spain, other European countries, and also the countries of South America.


Also available is a wide range of bulbous cultures (tulips, hyacinths), planting material for roses and perennials.


In addition to the flower products of Holland's producers, Astra Fund Holland is interested in contacts, both with large wholesale buyers and with small customers, supplying batches of flowers of even a small size.


All Kazakhstan consumers who are looking for a reliable wholesale flower supplier are invited to the exhibition "AstanaFloraExpo-2018" on April 11-13 to meet with its team. Do not miss!




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