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Astana – Eurasian City


The 4th International exhibition of flowers, landscape architecture and design “AstanaFlorExpo’2013” was held in Astana, 24-26 April.

Svetlana Chizhova, Art Director, “Landscape Art”, Moscow, shared her opinion about the exhibition and the capital of Astana.


S. Chizhova conducted a seminar at the exhibition where she shared the experience of her company with Kazakh colleagues, spoke about landscape projects starting from their design to implementation.  Her speech helped the audience to get the insight of landscape architecture and its role in the life of a contemporary community, to have a new look at formation of a landscape design, to feel the stile of the day.


Find below impressions of S. Chizhova about the exhibition and Astana, Kazakh capital.


“First of all I would like to note that the International exhibition “AstanaFlorExpo” aroused interest of Kazakh specialists. It was nice to see known Russian companies, nurseries from Germany and suppliers of floricultural products from Europe and America among the exhibition participants.


Exhibition Organizers:

Russia: Exhibition Company “GreenExpo”
Director: Nadezhda K. Grigorieva
Kazakhstan: Exhibition Company “Astana-Expo KS”
Director: Kulbagira A. Kalieva


Official support: Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, Akimat (Mayor’s Office) of the city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.



The exhibition Organizers presented the world achievements in floriculture, landscape design, architecture and landscaping. In the frameworks of the exhibition there was an active dialogue between producers and consumers of the said products and services that contributed to promotion of the participants’ products and services on the new captious and promising market as well as to promotion of the development of the Kazakh flower business in general.

The exhibition was held in a new capital that impresses greatly.  



In 1997 there occurred a very rare event. The capital of the country was moved from Almaty to Akmola (Tselinograd) and in 1998 the city was given a new name:     Astana. The new capital has a very good geopolitical location and transport infrastructure. Of great importance was also the availability of a lot of free land for the city further development.


Astana is located in the steppes on the river Ishim. Historically the city was developing on the right bank; the new regions were erected on the left one. Over 10 years their appeared an entirely new modern city. At the core of the design there was an idea to create a Eurasian city. The author of the master plan was a known Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa, author of the projects of Van Gough museum in Amsterdam, International Airport in Kuala Lumpur and the National Ethnological Museum in Osaka.  In Russian Kisho Kurokawa is known as the author of   “Zenit” stadium project in Sankt Petersburg.



Architectural ensemble built in accordance with the designs of Kurokawa combines a modern style and an Asian flavor that imparted a unique look to the city.  One can see the whole city from Baiterek tower.


Strolls through the city delight you. Unfortunately during my spring visit the fountains were not working yet, and flowers were neither planted. But it was raining twice and after that in the bright sun the city looked as freshly washed. There are planted millions of trees all over: in the streets, parks, along roads, around the city. The climate for trees is not very favorable. Dry winds are blowing very often but in several years the trees will help to improve the situation and to make the city more comfortable for people and plants.


It was my dream to visit Kazakhstan and I am very happy that my dream came true, when I was invited to speak at “AstanaFlorExpo”.

The city is beautiful, the townsfolk are well-wishing, architecture is stylish, and roads are excellent.



In 1999 Astana was honored UNESCO award “City of the World”, and in 2003 the capital was marked out by the World Rating Agency Moody’s Investors Service.

Astana became an important element of the “Kazakh Brand” and was included into a list of “30 Best Cities of the World.


S. Chizhova


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