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APSP – Cooperation with Kazakhstan Continues

19.05.2015 14:35

The 6th International exhibition of flowers, landscape architecture and design “AstanaFlorExpo’2015” was held in Astana, 22-24 April, 2015. Being the only specialized exhibition in Kazakhstan, it gathered on its site professionals of flower industry, floristics, landscape architecture and design, specialists in the field of garden construction and landscaping.



Association of Planting Stock Producers of Russia (APSP) took part in this exhibition for the first time this year.



Collective Stand of APSP enjoyed constant interest of visitors throughout the exhibition.


Astana is a young developing capital with unique architectural and planning solutions.


Its landscaping projects are ambitious. The project ‘The Capital Green Belt” is being actively realized. It includes planting of millions of trees both in the city and within a radius of tens and even hundreds of kilometers beyond.


It will permit to turn practically lifeless territories into forest zones, to make severe continental climate softer, and the life conditions of the city more comfortable.


Selection of tree species for the city landscaping is limited. Such trees as Chinese elm, warty birch, poplar, willow and ash-leaved maple feel well in this climate. Conifers are represented by Scots pine, spruce pine. Barded spruce is also used.


Among shrubs Siberian Peashrub, honeysuckle, hawthorn and oleaster are most frequent. Common lilac is rather rare.


Introduction of new species will definitely contribute to laying of the Botanical garden designed by Jean Musso, famous French landscape architect.


Preparation and holding in 2 years of the World Exhibition Expo’2017 will also require a lot of planting stock.



For the first time this year there was held a scientific and practical conference “Russian Association of Planting Stock Producers for Kazakhstan” Over 100 participants representing 60 enterprises from different Kazakh regions took part in the conference. They were Botanical Gardens, municipal farms, tree, fruit and ornamental nurseries and farms.


Among topics for discussion there were issues of reconstruction, maintenance of green plantations in cities, disease and pest control in urban conditions, modern techniques of plant propagation from softwood cuttings, monitoring of pest control in nurseries.


Discussions were very active. In the course of a business dialogue the participants unanimously expressed their intention to continue to share experience within the frameworks of the exhibition between Russian and Kazakh colleagues in a conference format.


On behalf of the APSP delegation I would like to express special thanks to the exhibition Organizers and personally to K.A. Kulaeva, its Director, for the excellent organization of the events, cordiality and hospitality.


A. Sedov
Chairman Board of APSP
Director “Garden Company “Sadko” nursery
From materials www.ruspitomniki.ru


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