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International  Exhibition “Astana Florа Expo’2013”

Results and Prospects


The IV International Exhibition of flowers, landscape architecture and design “AstanaFlorExpo” was held 24-26 April in Astana.


Organizers of the exhibition: exhibition companies “Astana Expo KS”, Kazakhstan, and “GreenExpo”, Russia. Exhibition sponsor: TOO “3D Flowers KZ”.


The official support was rendered by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Committee for Construction, Housing and Utilities at the Ministry of Regional Development of Kazakhstan and Akimat (Mayor’s Office) of the city of Astana.



Official greetings to the exhibition participants and guests were sent by Imangali Tasmagambetov, Mayor of Astana, Vladislav Galiev, Chairman, Committee for Construction, Housing and Utilities at the Ministry of Regional Development of Kazakhstan, Igor Koval, Acting Chairman, Forestry and Hunting Committee at the Ministry of Agriculture, and Mr. Peter van Leeuwen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Kazakhstan.



“AstanaFlorExpo’2013” gathered under the roof of the Astana Exhibition Center “Korme    companies representing “green business” of Germany, Holland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Russia, Turkey, France and Ecuador.


Among them there were known Kazakh suppliers of cut flowers, garden centers, companies specializing in territories improvement and landscaping, nurseries, companies engaged in landscape architecture and design, flower design studios: “3D Flowers KZ”, “Astana-Flowers”, “Nicole”, “Oasis”, “Astana Begonia”, “Kaz-Flor Astana”, “Bolek” nursery, “Invent Plus”,


“IP Sergeeva” and others. Besides, Kazakh suppliers of seeds, fertilizers, greenhouse equipment, cassettes, grounds and relative products also took part in the exhibition.


For the first time this year in the frameworks of the exhibition there was organized a specialized display “Village” presenting modern ideas for construction of country houses, estates, etc.


This theme that has become very relevant in Astana lately and being well developed all over the world opened up new horizons for the exhibition and attracted new participants.


The number of Russian participants of the exhibition has grown considerably this year. Among the participants of the Russian section there were the following companies: “Russian Garden NK”, “Profsemtsvet”, “Avita”, “Gavrish”, ‘Poick”, “Green Carpet”, “Agrosemtsvet”.

“Mostsvettorg” and “Flower Express” displayed cut flowers. Nursery “Korni” presented planting stock, “Rostorfinvest” , “Fart” and “Fertica” – fertilizers and grounds,  “Live Water”, “Aris Upack”, “Design Books” – products for flower arrangement.



A variety of products was demonstrated by international companies: Dutch companies «Deliflor Chrysanten”, «Оz Planten”, “Oz Export”, “NovifloraFlora Holland” (cut and pot flowers), Israeli companies “Enigma Flowers», “Avrora Flowers”, “April Flowers” (cut flowers). Colombian company “Invos Flowers Export” and Ecuadorian companies “Foxy Roses”, “Mosflor”, “ZigZag Flowers”, “Macaji Farms” also presented cut flower. French companies “Iris Cayeux” and   “Meilland”  demonstrated planting stock of irises and roses. Germany was represented at the exhibition by “Lappen” nursery and company “Terracult” (grounds and substrates).



The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive business program. 

Landscape specialists had an opportunity to attend interesting presentations, to listen to lectures, to take part in workshops. Of great success were presentations of «Lorberg» and «Lappen» (German nurseries), companies «Meilland» (France), «Terracult GmbH» (Germany), “Russian Garden NK” (Russia).


Seminar “Turn key landscape gardens: project development, implementation, maintenance” conducted by Svetlana Chizhova, Art Director, “Landscape Art” (Russia), was organized for landscape architects.



Floristic shows and performances were the most picturesque part of the program organized by «Deliflor Chrysanten BV» (Holland), «3D Flowers KZ» (Kazakhstan) «Enigma Flowers Ltd» (Holland) and «Smithers-Oasis» (Germany). 


Rood Hazelaar, a known Dutch florist, conducted a very interesting master class for florists.

Practically all day long he remained on the stage making exquisite flower compositions and bouquets, sharing experience with colleagues, revealing secrets of mastership and demonstrating original technique. 



Of great interest  was also a meeting of Kazakh florists with their international colleagues: Sergei  Karpunin and Elena Zakharova (Russia), members of the National Guild of Florists, Ference Kruzelik  (Hungary), member of the Council of the European Florist Organization FLORINT and Ruben Saakian, Chairman of the Uzbek National Guild of Florists.


For the first time this year there was held the First Kazakh Open Championship on Professional Floristics  “Altyn Gul’2013” (Golden Flower), the most interesting and picturesque show in the frameworks  of the exhibition. From now on it will be an integral part of the exhibition program, a sort of a”calling card” of “AstanaFlorExpo”. The theme of the Championship was romantically named “Spring – Time of Love”, where florists competed in the art of wedding floristics. According to the results of persistent struggle Marina Shilovskaya (Flower Company “Nicole”, Astana) has became the Champion. The second place was awarded to Julia Korolevskaya

(Flower Studio “Santini”, Temirtau). Maria Samoenko (Flower and Gift Salon “Modern Bouquet”, town of Kyshtym, Russia) won the third place.


Flowers are not only a promising and dynamically developing business. It is also aesthetics and beauty. That is why it is not a surprise that every year along with businessmen the exhibition attracts a great number of general public: Astana citizens and guests. Hundreds and hundreds of people visited the exhibition over three days. They were buying flowers, learning a lot of new things and simply admiring the display.



The main positive result of the exhibition was the fact that participants were satisfied with their business and commercial success. They highly appreciated prospects of the Kazakh flower market which is actively gaining momentum now.


The international exhibition «AstanaFlorExpo», in spite of its  short history, already established itself as a unique business platform for professionals of the «green business" in Kazakhstan and an outstanding event in the annual event-calendar of the capital.

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