The participants of the international exhibition of flowers plants machinery and technology for floriculture and landscape design "Flowersexpo-2020"

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Company name
Agricola el Chaupi Agrochaupi CIA. Ltd. (Ecuador) 
Aironova (Russia)
Araik Galstyan Moscow International Flora school (Russia) 
BAGO home (Russia) 
Cananvalley Flowers (Ecuador) 
Cieplucha (Poland) 
De Ruiter Innovations (Netherlands) 
Dekker Chrysanten B.V. (Netherlands) 
Ecualand Farms (Ecuador) 
ESSEGI (Italy) 
Florexim (Russia) 
Florisol (Ecuador) 
Flower Auction Japan (Japan)
Flower Box (Russia) (Russia) 
GIFT Review (Russia) 
Green Deal (Holland)
Havatec (Netherlands) 
Hoek Flowers (Netherlands) 
Homa-Kosakowska Krystyna, Ornamental Plants Nursery (Poland) - Contests, Demonstrations, Education (Russia) 
Impex Flowers (Ecuador) 
Inotura (Russia)
INSPIRO (Russia) 
Jet Fresh Flowers Growers S.A. (Ecuador)
JMP Flowers (Russia) 
KraftPaper (Russia) 
Local Flowers (Russia) 
Lucky Pack (Russia) 
Maori Group (Lithuania / Russia) 
Olipack (Russia) 
OMG Gift (Russia) 
Parnassius Studio (Russia) 
Petit Jardin (Russia) 
Plusrite Electric (China) Co., Ltd (China) 
Primavera School of Floristic and Decoration (Russia) 
Rosen Tantau (Germany) 
Royal Flowers (USA) 
Schneider B.V. (Netherlands) 
Straathof Plants BV (Netherlands) 
Ważyńscy Ornamental Plants Nursery (Poland) 
Wolfschmidt Samen & Jungpflanzen (Germany) 
Wow Box (Russia)
Avgust (Russia) 
AViSPACK. Vinnikov A.V. (Russia) 
Sevita (Russia) 
Business Development Agency (Russia) 
AgroBioTechnology (Russia) 
Agrokom (Russia) 
Agrolan (Russia) 
Agromir Garutishki BY (Belarus) 
AgroSAD Nursery (Russia) 
Azalia Décor (Russia) 
Toppers and boxes from iTopper (Russia) 
AKIM (Russia) 
Альм-Фаза (Russia)
Альсид (Russia) 
Alternativa (Russia) 
AminaTrade Ltd (Russia) 
APFA (Russia) 
Art-Dizo (Russia) 
ASR, Trading House (Russia) 
APPM - The Russian Nursery Stock Association (Russia) 
Atena Greenhouse (Russia)
Barel`ef (Russia)
BVD "Workshop of packing and design" (Russia) 
BioMaster (Russia) 
Biotechnology (Russia) 
EffectBio & UltraEffect (Russia) 
Biochemical technologies (Russia) – Flower Online Marketplace (Russia) 
Buiskiy Himicheskiy zavod (Russia) 
BestFlora Truck (Russia)
Vashi 6 sotok, Newspaper (Russia) 
Vashutino Plant Nursery (Russia) 
Восток-Запад, школа флористики (Russia)
Gavrish Nurseries (Russia) 
Garden Retail Service (Russia) 
Green Helper Ltd. (Russia) 
Greenomica (Russia) 
Грунт Эко, ООО (Russia) 
GoodPak (Russia) 
Доктор Робик (Russia) 
Dunamis Ltd (Russia) 
Zelenaya Apteka Sadovoda (Russia) 
Green House (Russia) 
Ideal (Russia) 
Idealnyi sad Ltd (Russia) 
InterFog (Russia) 
Kaluga Flower Holding, Ltd (Russia)
Karlsbach (Russia) 
KVANT (Russia) 
Кировский областной фонд поддержки малого и среднего предпринимательства (микрокредитная компания) (КОФПМСП МКК) (Russia) 
Compas NPO (Russia) 
Kopmozit LLC (Russia) 
Koppert RUS (Russia) 
Beautiful Houses press, Publishing House (Russia) 
Kraess GlasCon (Germany / Russia) 
LIS (Russia) 
Favorite Toy (Mila LLC) (Russia) 
Lumex M - GAVITA (Russia) 
Lumex M - OREON (Russia)
Pitomniki-Shop (Russia) 
Home of Toys "Maxi Toys", Ltd (Russia) 
Marcel TD (Russia) 
Media Group (Russia) 
Мероприятия (для выгрузки)
MM-AGRO (Russia) 
Monblan, Nursery (Russia) 
National Guild of Florist (Russia) 
Nova Agro Ltd (Russia) 
New Holland (Russia) 
New Village Ltd (Russia) 
Nutritech mini Ltd (Russia) 
Onix (Russia)
Organic Mix, Ltd (Russia) 
Nursery and Private Garden, Magazine (Russia) 
InGreen (Russia)
Potted (Russia) 
Joyful garden (Russia) 
Rainbow+ (Russia) 
Rassada tochka ru (Russia) 
Rassadniy Service (Russia) 
Reflux (Russia) 
Rodemos, Scientific-Production Center (Russia) 
Christmasapple (Russia) 
Rospoddon (Russia) 
Russian Floral Technologies (Russia) 
Garden center Very Glukhovoy (Russia) 
Gardens of Aurica (Russia) 
Northwest Peat Company, Ltd (Russia)
Sevita (Russia)
Seem Semena (Russia) 
Agrofirma Altai Seeds (Russia) 
Semko Ltd (Russia) 
SIDTECH (Russia) 
SmartGreenTech (Russia) 
Modern Quality Technologies (Russia) 
Dom Semyan Trade Mark, J.S.Co. SSPP "Sortsemovosch" (Russia) 
STM Trade Ltd (Russia) 
Strana Roz (Russia)
Greenhouses of Russia, Association (Russia)
Technocom Engineering GmbH (Russia) 
Topaz Ltd (Russia) 
Uspeh Plant nursery (Russia) 
Ussurysky Kedr (Russia) 
HUA FON Factory (Russia) 
Feron-F (Russia) 
Fitoklon- BioTechnology (Russia) 
FloristPack (Russia) 
FreshLine (Russia)
Kharchenko Roman Vladimirovich, Individual Entrepreneur (Russia) 
Moscow Floriculturists Center at the Moscow Society of Nature Reconstruction and Protection (Russia) 
Cvetogor, LLC (Russia) 
Цветочный Регион (Russia) 
Flower Retail (Russia) 
Tzvetushie Fantazii (Russia) 
Kolosov A. (Russia) 
Flowers by Macheliuk (Russia) 
Flowers, magazine (Russia) 
Zion Rus (Russia) 
Chistaya Pobeda Ltd (Russia) 
Shirinkin S.V., Entrepreneur (Russia)
Extrusion (Russia) 
Unigarden, Ltd (Russia) 

September 8-10, 2020
Russia, Moscow, IEC “Crocus Expo”
September 10-12, 2019
Russia, Moscow, IEC “Crocus Expo”
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