Programm FlowersExpo’2017
Programm FlowersExpo’2017


Business Program

Main Events

International Exhibition “FlowersExpo’2017”

12-14 September, IEC “Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia


  • Russian Championship on Professional Floristics «Russian Florist Cup-2017» (Organizer: National Guild of Florists)
  • Master classes, floral shows, seminars, prezentations
  • The International workshop on landscape design in “Crocus Expo” (Organizer: Educational Center “Blooming Planet”)
  • Conference “Innovations in production of flowers and planting stock”
  • Seminar “Garden Retailing. The Opportunities in 2018” (Lecture: John Stanly (Australia), one of the best consultants of the world in retailing)
  • International floral show of Araik Galstian "Fashion Day of Top Floral Design"


Business program of “FlowersExpo’2017 is in a forming stage.

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