Деловая программа
Деловая программа
2 Июля 2012

Pascal Koeleman and Rudi Tuinman at the exhibition “FlowersExpo”

Rudi & Pascal: two people with one dream


‘Our motivation is to give you a smile, our inspiration is meeting people of all cultures, our ambition is to bring the flower business to a higher level.’


January 2000. Two people with one dream: making a good business out of the things they love most. Rudi Tuinman, until then working as a decorator and stylist, and Pascal Koeleman, florist, entrepreneur and product designer, join their skills and start their flourishing company 2Dezign. Yes, with a Z, for – o well, just the fun of it.


They start making flower decorations and do photo shoots that are immediately highly valuated by their first customers. Within several months they end up in a creative thunderstorm. Not only is their work of great beauty, they also acknowledge the importance of marketing and always provoke their creative boundaries to keep their presentations lively and interesting. Soon making flower arrangements isn’t enough. They acknowledge the importance of creating the whole lifestyle picture in which they find large multinational organizations as well as small companies with a less extended product range as new clients.


Rudi and Pascal build a team of talented professionals and young, passionate people with creative energy around them. A team well occupied for future steps into a business with a trendsetting eye and a global vision that grows every day.


2Dezign is ready for a new decade.

Pascal Koeleman & Rudi Tuinman. www.2dezign.nl