Деловая программа
Деловая программа
4 Июля 2012

“Chekhov Roses”

Unique project of Russian and Dutch cooperation in the field of  production in Russia of rose seedlings for greenhouse complexes was presented by the company “Chekhov Roses”.


On June 21 after scheduled replacement of rose varieties the company received professional flowers growers and flower business representatives. With maximum openness the hosts showed to the guests both rose seedlings production   and demonstration grounds where using the latest technology they grow rose varieties   from seedlings the company produces.



OOO “Chekhov Roses” is a unique Russian and Dutch project which won a Grant from the Department of Economy of the Netherlands.




OOO “Chekhov Roses” is not only production of high quality planting stock in accordance with the Dutch technology but also testing and demonstration of rose varieties of Dutch, German, and other famous breeders in   Russian climatic conditions, which is an innovation in floriculture on the territory of the Russian Federation. 




Dutch experts supervise the processes of   propagation by cuttings and growing of roses.



In the company portfolio there are 68 new commercial varieties tested in climatic conditions of Russia. You will be able to see many of them and receive their characteristics at the company stand.