Деловая программа
Деловая программа
17 Июля 2012

All aspects of the Russian flower industry

All aspects of the Russian flower industry will be presented at “FlowersExpo’2012” by the largest flower complexes of Russia. Their participation in the exhibition is evidence of dynamic development of industrial floriculture in Russia, introduction of innovations, investment attractiveness and potential opportunities of this sector of the country economy.


All main local flower complexes involved in the most beautiful business of Russia take part in the exhibition “FlowersExpo’2012”.

Among them there are: “Rose Garden”, “Flower Express”, “Galantus”(Kaluga), Ulianovskiy and Ismailovskiy State Farms of Ornamental Gardening, Agro-industrial complex “Moskovskiy”, “Podosinki”, “Greenhouses Ramenskie”, “Mosrosa” (Moscow and Moscow region), “Northern Dream” (St. Petersburg), “Chekhov Garden”, “Chekhov Roses” (Tula), “Seim –Agro” (Kursk), “Yug-Agro” (Krasnodar), “Green House” (Adygea), “World of Flowers” (Mordovia).


They will demonstrate their high quality products grown in accordance with the latest technology.   And they have a lot of things to display.

Participants from “Rose Garden” annually deliver to the market 50 000 stems of roses, 10 000 alstroemerias, 20 000 chrysanthemums, 8 000 gerberas and 8 000 lilies.


“Chekhov Garden”, hi-tech greenhouse complex of a new generation specializing in growing elite rose varieties, will display a creamy white rose Talea , a white rose with light green petals Avalanche and a red and burgundy rose Red Naomi with 14 cm buds, up to 100 cm stems and with up to  2 weeks  vase life.


“GreenHouse”, company from the Republic of Adygea, will also bring roses to the exhibition, flowers of all times and peoples which will never go out of fashion. (The company receives equipment and planting stock from the Netherlands).


“Chekhov Roses”, the only Russian producer of rose planting stock, will display young plants of a new variety line.

“Moskovskiy” agro complex, producer of magnificent pot plants and planting stock will present at the exhibition its products grown with the usage of the technology of   clonal micro propagation and robotic systems.


Magnificent products will be also presented by other participants.