27 February 2018

Branch floral exhibitions in Holland

In the season of 2018 in Holland there will be several specialized exhibitions, the main task of which is to bring together manufacturers and businessmen. Each exhibition is dedicated to certain products: tulips, lilies, dahlias.

Fair of Tulips




The first event will be the Fair of Tulips, which will be held on 14, 15 and 16 March. In this event, serving as a platform for the promotion of the tulip sector, various export companies awaiting both Dutch and foreign guests will take part. Continuous work in the field of breeding ensures that the product range will keep pace with the latest color trends in interior design. And visitors will be able to see for themselves. The exhibition will give them an opportunity to get a clear picture of the currently available commercial lots, as well as the current production situation.


Days of Dutch lilies


The second event will be the Days of Dutch Lilies, which will be held on June 5 - 8. During these four days, greenhouse farms, plant breeders and lily exporters will receive representatives of the international floriculture sector and demonstrate all of their newly bred varieties. To date, this event has taken its permanent place in the calendar of the floriculture sector. This year, fourteen companies will open their doors to visitors. The official opening of the event will be held at Zabo Plant.


Fair of Dutch dahlias

The fair of the Dutch dahlias will be held on August 24, 25 and 26. During these three days, companies located in the most important industrial zone of the Netherlands, between Leiden and Haarlem, will open their doors to visitors. At this event, all aspects related to the dahlia will be affected. Breeders will present their newly bred varieties, demonstrating new shapes and colors. Thanks to this, export companies and other commercial organizations will have a clear picture of the current range of products, and they will be able to see which companies will be able to provide them with the required quality.