GreenExpo latest news
14 September
Dekker Chrysanten at FlowersExpo Moscow 2021
Today marks the start of one of the most important flower expos of Eastern-Europe: the Flower Expo Moscow 2021. For three days, over more than 200 exponents from all over the world can be visited and Dekker Chrysanten is one of them. For...
11 September
FlowersExpo 2021 - new meetings and possibilities
The next premiere of the most business and beautiful fair of the year - the international exhibition FlowersExpo2021 - will take place on September 14 in Moscow at the Crocus Expo IEC. The format of the event is classic at Crocus Expo IEC and...
10 August
Russia. State support for flowers growers
About 80 percent of the flowers sold in Russia are imported. And only 20% on the flower market flowers from domestic producers. Own flower production was severely affected by the pandemic year.
3 August
Federation Council on the development of domestic floriculture
The Chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko spoke about the support of Russian flower growers in December 2020 at a meeting with state secretaries.
29 July
Abundance of growth opportunities in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europeans like flowers, but as far as production is concerned, there has never been a Naivasha, Bogota or Westland in the region.
23 July
Bercomex, a world-famous Dutch manufacturer of equipment for processing flowers, to participate at FlowersExpo for the first time.
The Bercomex began its history in 1973 and today it is known on the world market as an innovator in the field of horticulture and floriculture. The company has three main areas of operations: development of solutions for sorting agricultural...
21 July
The world stars of flower breeding at FlowersExpo.
Presentation of new products and innovations is what distinguishes any exhibition and makes it especially exciting. Every year FlowersExpo exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to see the maximum concentration of every recent market novelty. This year will be no exception.
12 July
Ecuador: the best roses in the world at the exhibition "FlowersExpo".
Flowers are an integral part of the daily life of the people of Ecuador.
12 July
The best flower growers and suppliers of Ecuador again at FlowersExpo
Unique Ecuadorian flowers will be presented at the exhibition by the largest Ecuadorian manufacturers and suppliers:
6 July
FlowersExpo gets ready for guests
More recently we receive the same question if the exhibition is going to be cancelled because of the COVID spread situation? No, it is not!