User Agreement
User Agreement

User Agreement

The present document “User Agreement” represents the offer of Limited Liability Company «Exhibition Company «Greenexpo» (hereinafter reffered to as the Company) to conclude an agreement on the following conditions. is a website at, created and operated for the purpose of information distribution about exhibitions organized by «Exhibition Company «Green Expo».


LLC «Exhibition Company «Green Expo» is a legal entity registered in accordance with the current legislation of Russian Federation, has all rights to disseminate information about exhibitions presented on


The present User Agreement regulates the relations that may arise between LLC «Exhibition company «Greenexpo» on the Internet, on the website at, and any user of said site – an individual or legal person, performing as a visitor of the website, a visitor of exhibitions organized by LLC «Exhibition Company «Green Expo», an exhibitor of exhibitions organized by LLC «Exhibition Company «GreenExpo».


The main concepts used in the present User Agreement are as follows:


The Website is an Internet website owned by the Company, located on the Internet at, where information about exhibitions held by the Company is presented.


The Company (or LLC «Exhibition Company «Greenexpo») is LLC «Exhibition Company «Green Expo» TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7705906333, Legal address: 115184, Moscow, Ozerkovskiy pereulok str., h. 12, 6 floor, pl. 8,9, office 611, phone +7 (495) 118-0639), is the organizer and host of exhibitions presented on the Website.


The Service is a complex of services provided to the User on the use of the Webite for informational and entertaining purposes, for obtaining the Content, and also for the purpose of obtaining an invitation to visit exhibitions organized by the Company.


The Content is text, graphic, audio and video materials, information and messages of any kind, placed by the Company or Users on the Website.


The User is a competent individual who accepts the terms of the present Agreement in his own interest or who acts on behalf and in the interest of the legal person represented by him.


The User Registration on is the process of creating the User’s own Account by filling in special forms on the Website. Registration on the Website provides an opportunity for the registered User to receive all Website Services.


The User Account (Personal Account) is a set of information about the User, collected in accordance with the placeholder fields on the website offered by the Company to fill in, which allows to clearly identify the User in the use of the Website. The Account is created independently by the User by providing his personal information. In order to access the Account, the User applies the e-mail address (e-mail) and password that were specified upon the registration.


1. Subject of the User Agreement


1.1 The subject of this User Agreement is to provide the User with an opportunity to receive the Website Services, Website Content, and to work in the Personal Account.


1.2 The present Agreement shall apply to all Services provided on the Website.


1.3 A sine qua non condition for using the Website of its Services is a full and unconditional acceptance by the User of the terms of the following documents:


1.4 In case of disagreement with the present User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), the User is obliged to terminate the use of all Services and leave the Website.


1.5 The use of the Website and Services by the User in any way and in any form within the limits of its declared functionalities, including:

  • viewing the content of the Website, in particular, the information materials, photos, news, lists of exhibition events, contact information and other necessary information about exhibitions and the Company;
  • obtaining a ticket to attend the exhibition on exhibition days;
  • other use of the functionalities of the Website and its Services;
  • establishes a contract under the terms of the present Agreement in accordance with articles 428, 437 and 438 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation.


1.6 The user specifically acknowledges to use the Website and any information on the website at his own risk.


1.7 The terms of the present User Agreement shall be accepted by the User by performing the specified actions on the use of any Website Services, inter alia upon the Registration in the manner prescribed by the Website and the present User Agreement.


1.8 The User Agreement shall be valid for the entire period of the use of Website Services by the User.


1.9 The User Agreement may be modified by the Company at any time and without any prior notice to the User. The new version of the User Agreement takes effect from the moment of its posting on the Website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the User Agreement.


1.10 The most up-to-date version of the User’s Agreement is always available at:


1.11 The use of the website without the User’s registration only allows to view the Content on the Website, but does not allow to use all Website Services, including the use of the Private Cabinet. Any other use of the Website Services is allowed only after the User has registered on the Website in accordance with the rules set by the Company.


Note: if you do not agree with any of the provisions of this User Agreement, do not register at


2. Registration on the Website


2.1 The Registration on the Wensite is mandatory to obtain an invitation for the exhibition.


2.2 Upon the registration, the User undertakes to provide only reliable, accurate and complete information about himself on questions in the registration form, and to keep this information up to date, avoiding its misreporting. If the User provides incorrect information or if the Company has a reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or inaccurate, the Company has the right to block or delete the User Account at its own discretion, as well as to deny the User in access to the Websites and Services in whole or in part.


2.3 Upon the registration on the Website, the User shall provide the following information:

name, first name, e-mail address, contact phone number, fax, name of the company he is working for, occupation, company sector, type of production, company's chief executive’s full name and his occupation, Internet website and other information specified by registration signup form.


2.4 The User information contained in the User Account shall be stored and processed by the Company in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement and is available at


2.5 The User shall immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized use of his Account, as well as of any spotted cases concerning the loss of confidential information about the password the User applies to access his Account. Until such time as the Company receives a message from the User about the unauthorized use of its Account or about the password confidentiality loss, the User is liable for all actions that are carried out using the relevant Account.


2.6 The user undertakes not to transfer to other persons his signup data obtained during the registration (login and password) for accessing the Website, and shall be fully responsible for loss, missing, disappearance or transferring the authorisation data otherwise, as well as for the consequences of the act. The company is not liable for the actions of third parties using the authorisation data of the User.


3. Rights and obligations of the Company


3.1 The company guarantees the confidentiality of the User’s data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


3.2 The Company reserves the right to terminate access to the Account and to block and/or abrogate the Registration without prior notice to the User, and is not liable for any termination of access to its Services. At the same time, the personal information of the User shall be erased and the User’s Registration shall be cancelled.


3.3 In the event of a breach of the present Agreement by the User, the Company is entitled to suspend the use of the Website by the User until the remedy violations and full reparation (compensation) of losses caused by such violation by the User to the Company.


3.4 The Company shall have the right to temporarily suspend the operation of the Website for technical, technological or other reasons for the time of the elimination of such causes with or without prior notice to the Users.


3.5 The Company shall be entitled to assign or otherwise transfer its rights and obligations arising from its relationship with the User to the third parties.


4. Rights and obligations of the User


4.1 Any User has the right to register and receive an invitation ticket to the exhibition organized by the Company.


4.2 The User undertakes not to take any action aimed at harming the software or the hardware of the Website (spreading the viral code, server hacking, etc.), and to inform the Company of any cases known to him, which pose a potential threat to the safe operation of the Website. The User undertakes to comply strictly with the terms of the present User Agreement and any additions to it.


5. Limitations on the liability of the Company:


5.1 The Company is liable to the Users for the content and security of the information posted by the Company on the Website, for the reliable and relevant information about the exhibitions presented on the Website.


5.2 The Company shall not be liable for:

  • the consequences of application, use or non-use the information obtained on the Website;
  • the possible inconsistency of the results with the expectations of the User while using the Website;
  • for any damage to the hardware or software of the User that resulted from the use of the Website;
  • for not being able to use the Website for any reason.


5.3 The Company shall not be liable to the User or third parties for damages, losses or expenses arising from the use or non-use of the Website, including lost income or profit.


5.4 The User agrees that any information and images posted by the User on the Website may be used by the Company at its own discretion without remuneration payment to the User.


5.5 The company has no obligation to maintain confidentiality towards the information provided to its Users. The company is liable for any discrepancies between the services expected by the User and the services actually received.


6. Restrictions on the use of the Website by the User


6.1 While using the Site, the User shall not (and agrees not to):

  • send unauthorized types of advertising mail (junk mail, spam) to e-mail addresses specified on the Website;
  • upload, send, share or by any other means publish and/or circulate information that is illegal, harmful, defamatory, immoral, depicting or encouraging violence and brutality, violating intellectual property, advocates hatred and/or discrimination that is based on race, ethnicity, religion, social designation, contains insults of any person and/or organization, containing or propagating pornography, child pornography, advertising or propagating  sexual services (including those disguised as other services), explaining the procedure of manufacturing, usage and any other utilization of narcotic substances and/or their analogues, explosive or any other weapons;
  • publish links to Internet resource, contents of which violate existing legislation of Russian Federation;
  • facilitate actions directed towards violating restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement;
  • Impersonate different person or Company’s representative without necessary permission, including Company’s employee and Website owner;
  • Infringe legislative norms in any other manner, including the norms of International Law.

6.2 The user agrees no to reiterate, reduplicate, copy, not to sell and resell and not to use any part of the Website for commercial purposes including Content, Services or their access, except when such permissions was granted to User by the Company.


6.3 The user has the right to terminate relations with the Company and renounce the use of the Website and Services by send a letter via e-mail to inbox. In so doing, User data will be deleted and Services access will be blocked


7. Responsibility of the User and of the Company


7.1 The company is not responsible for any content posted by the User on the Website.


7.2 The user agrees that every possible dispute shall be resolved by the rules of law of Russian Federation. The user agrees that every possible dispute considering his activity on the Website shall also be resolved by the rules of law of Russian.


7.3 The company does not establish agency relations, community relations, relations of mutual activity, relations of own hire or any other cooperative relationship with the User.


7.4 Inaction on the part of the Company in case of violation of the present User Agreement by user the User or group of users does not mean that the Company facilitates the User or group of Users in such actions.


7.5 The parties shall be exempted from responsibility for violation of the present User agreement if such violation caused by force majeure circumstances, including: actions of public authorities (including adoption of legal instruments), fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, electrical power outage and/or malfunctions of computer network, strikes, civil unrest, strife, any other circumstances not limited to the listed that may influence the performance of Parties’ obligations.


8. Electronic Signature Use Agreement


8.1 Documents certified by simple electronic signature can be used in all relationships between the Company and the User


8.2 Electronic signatures is considered simple electronic signature, when it, by the means of usage of User’s login and password or email address specified in User’s Personal account (electronic signature key), confirms the fact of formation of electronic signature explicitly by the User.


8.3 By agreement of the parties, documents certified by simple electronic signature shall be deemed equitable to paper-based documents certified by handwritten signature.


8.4 The Company recognizes the User, which corresponds to the simple electronic signatures, by login and password used by the User specified during registration or authorization on the Website during any usage of the Website and its Services, or by email address used by the User upon receiving the mail from the aforementioned address by the Company.


8.5 Any actions committed with the use of simple electronic signatures of specific User are considered to have been committed by that user.


8.6 Should User place a request to access the Website and its Services in his Personal account or by sending an email from the inbox specified in the Personal account, he then signs such document with simple electronic signature and affirms his intentions to enter the contract under the conditions, mentioned in the additional relevant documents of the Website and its Services usage.


8.7 The user is obliged to maintain confidentiality of key of electronic signature. In particular, the User may not legally transmit his login and password and provide access to his email to third parties and is fully responsible for their safety and individual usage, independently choosing their storage and restriction of access methods.


9. Final Clauses


9.1 Current legislative provisions of Russian Federation are applied to the relations between the User and the Company.


9.2 In case of any issues and claims from the User’s part, he should reach the Company by phone or by any other method.  For the settling of any dispute, negotiations should be used. If agreement cannot be reached, the disputed shall be submitted to judicial authority in accordance with current legislation of Russian Federation.


9.3 Judicial nullity of any of provision of the present Agreement shall not involve the nullity of other provisions.