30 May 2018

National Pavilion of Holland


Was determined the composition of the national pavilion of Holland at the exhibition "FlowersExpo-2018", Moscow, September 11-13, Crocus Expo IEC.


Among the participants is the largest flower auction Royal Flora Holland, the largest flower suppliers - OZ Export, Hamiflours, Florexim. Аs well as producers and exporters of flower bulbs and perennials Holand Bulb Market, Kebol, Haakman Flowerbulbs.

Participate in the exhibition Dumen Orange - a combination of the world's largest breeders, breeding chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, calanchoe, eustoma, Сompany Dekker Chrisanten - breeder, manufacturer and supplier of chrysanthemum cuttings to 35 countries; producers of cut chrysanthemums Deliflor Chrisanten, Zentoo, VannoVa.



Present their products Decorum company, uniting 60 producers of pot plants, the trademark Decorum; Beekenkamp; Plants - manufacturer and seller of indoor and outdoor plants, a leader in the market of begonia elatior, cyclamen, platycodone, dahlias, balsam, gerbera; company Aardse Orchids - supplier of orchids;


Among the participants of the company BM Roses - potted roses; Florein Gerbera's - large-colored gerberas; Gerbera Q-Box- container manufacturer 'New Q Box' for transportation of gerberas; Solisplant - кalanchoe and other potted plants under the brand «Le Chic Blooming Jewels» in modern packaging; Levoplant - phalaenopsis and cordillin south; SV.CO - potted chrysanthemums, poinsettia, calanchoe, primroses.



For the first time at the exhibition will be presented: Coloriginz - created in collaboration with Rose Connect, OZ Import and Green Connect, representing special flowers, beautiful roses and ornamental foliage. Among the participants Mister Green BV is an exporter of cut flowers, pottery and garden plants, bonsai and exotic tropical flowers to the countries of Eastern Europe and the Middle East; as well as Havatec - the leading international supplier of equipment for sorting and packaging of cut flowers.


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