4 July 2018

New faces at “FlowersExpo”


Aija Zagarina is a unique Latvian florist, teacher of floristics, author of three books on floristics “ LEGOs for Flowers”, Head of the International Floral School Ritas Garaissilas, organizer of international seminars, competitions and festivals.


Aija is a florist with an exceptional sensitivity to nature and a well-liked teacher of an international level. She likes “soulful” floristics when everything in her compositions is alive and carries philosophy in itself.


To keep up with the times, is now one of the basic requirements for a florist. Every year there appear new materials, complicated technologies, and even styles. To keep up with the changes you need to be open to everything new and, of course, to learn. At her show at “Flowersxpo” “Floristic Art Objects for Window Cases and Interiors” Aija will demonstrate the newest techniques of working with floral art objects for window cases and interiors.

The show will take place on the stage of “FlowersExpo”, Pavilion 1, Crocus Expo, Moscow,
11 September, 11.30.



Do not miss it!