29 August 2018

Participants and guests of the exhibition "FlowersExpo'2018"

E. Dybova Vice-President RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Dear Colleagues!


Allow me on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf to welcome participants, guests and organizers of the 8th International fair of flowers, plants, equipment and technologies for floriculture and landscape design “FlowersExpo”.

Enjoying great support from the professional community and Russian producers the fair is an important business platform for the national business.

The flower industry is a significant segment in the structure of the Russian economy. The regional network of flower greenhouses is growing, new technologies are being actively introduced, the professional level of specialists is increasing.

It is noteworthy that the number of companies from many Russian regions is growing every year. They present high quality cut flowers, ornamental plants of nurseries, greenhouse equipment, products for flower arrangement and landscape design.

Acquainting with the progress of the world flower industry, breeding novelties and the world market trends, the fair assists our producers to develop entrepreneurship, to increase competitiveness of their own products.

I wish exhibition participants productive work, successful implementation of plans and good business contacts.



S. Alekseev President Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs


Dear Colleagues!


I am glad to welcome participants and guests of “FlowersExpo’2018”, the main Russian fair on floriculture and landscaping.

Annually the fair presents progress of the world flower industry becoming the major event for all those whose activities are related to flowers, gardening and floristics.

The high level of the event is confirmed by the sign of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs as an evidence of a particular value of the project for the Russian economy and by the sign of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) as an acknowledgement of its international prestige.

FlowersEXpo” is developing and growing from year to year providing its participants with an intensive business program and all necessary conditions for productive work, acquaintance with the sector novelties, meetings with competitors and establishing new contacts.

This year the fair showed increase in such important indicators as the exhibition area and the number of participants including over 400 companies from 30 countries of the world and 5 000 international professionals and experts.

It is noteworthy that there is an increase both of local and international participants. A distinctive feature of the fair is that it attracts professional visitors even from the most remote places of Russia.

I wish organizers, participants and guests of the fair a successful event, strengthening of partnerships for promotion of advanced ideas, development of the sector and the country’s economy.



A. Bortsov Director IEC “Crocus Expo”


Dear participants and guests of “FlowersExpo’2018”!


On behalf of IEC “Crocus Expo” and on my own behalf I congratulate you on the opening of one of the most prestigious international projects in floriculture and landscape design.

FlowersExpo” is a vivid picturesque and at the same time business event, held in “Crocus Expo” for the eighth time, which has become a real decoration of the Exhibition Center.

In the course of these years the fair has rightly won a status of the major event of the year and a prestigious forum for professionals of the world and Russian markets of flowers and plants. Being a leader of the exhibition business “Crocus Expo” actively contributes to its further development.

It is encouraging to note that according to the ratings of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs “FlowersExpo” for two years running has been recognized as the best Russian fair on “Floriculture, Floristics, Gardening and Landscape Design” in all categories: “Exhibition Space”, “International Representation”, “Professional Interest” and “Market Coverage”.

I wish you successful work, constructive dialogue, new acquaintances, promising business contacts, new ideas and projects, and success in achieving your goals.



A. Muraviev President Association “Greenhouses of Russia


Dear Organizers, Participants and Guests!


Allow me to cordially congratulate you on the opening of the next fair “FlowersExpo’2018”, being a successful business platform both for specialists of the greenhouse production, floriculturists and landscapers.

This successful fair is a major event for the green sector professionals.

"FlowersExpo" is one of the most important tools of innovative development of this sector in the domestic economy. On display here together with the flowers of the world market leaders, one can see competitive products of the Russian producers who are increasing in number every year.

Paying much attention to the development of the greenhouse complex the Association “Greenhouses of Russia” supports this project and wishes success to all its participants.

It is very important for us that “FlowersExpo” being an essential marketing tool contributes to innovative development of this sector of the national economy.

The fair helps us to more successfully solve all issues concerning modern greenhouses construction, introduction of innovative technology and advance equipment for the development of the greenhouse sector of the country as a whole.

I wish Organizers, Participants and Guests of the show every success in business and new business contacts.



M. Kachalkin Chairman of the Board Association of Planting Stock Producers


Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Association of Planting Stock Producers I congratulate you on the opening of the next edition of “FlowersExpo”.

The fair is an important business event for Russian nurseries and companies working in the green sector.

Annually numerous green sector specialists gather in IEC “Crocus Expo”, a modern and very convenient exhibition site, to network, communicate, share their experience, to strengthen ties with partners and to find new business contacts.

The Association does a lot for dynamic development of domestic nursery sector to provide Russian consumers with high quality products.

Our task is, maintaining the team spirit of the professional community, to seek the support of domestic producers and enterprises working in the important sphere of green construction and landscaping.

We wish organizers, participants and guests of the show festive mood, interesting productive meetings, long-term contacts and success in business.



N. Platitsina President National Guild of Florists


Dear Friends! Esteemed Participants and Guests of the Fair!


On behalf of the professional community united by the National Guild of Florists I cordially congratulate you on the opening of this important business forum and the most beautiful show of the year “FlowersExpo’2018”.

It is wonderful that the flower show does not do without florists creating its picturesque and colorful portrait.

For us this is a professional platform for holding the Russian Championship on Professional Floristics, our most important annual event.

In 2018 the next 19th Open Russian Championship on Professional Floristics «Russian Florist Cup’2018», sponsored by “GreenExpo”, our general partner and “FlowersExpo” organizer, is held 11-12 September.

It is remarkable that the National Championship, giving recognition to many Russian florists and opening the way to the heights of excellence for new generations, is held within the frameworks of the fair, rightfully recognized by professionals throughout the world.

There is one more significant event of this season held by the National Guild of Florists in the frameworks of “FlowersExpo”. It is Day of Russian Floristics where the best masters of the country and among them Russian and European Champions will demonstrate their skills and the national school of floral art.

Not least important for floristic community is that business spirit of “FlowersExpo” contributes to strengthening of contacts between us (representatives of flower services) and flower business operators.

I wish successful work to all exhibition participants; victory in the Championship and further creative development to the contestants.



N. Grigorieva General Director of the VK "GreenExpo"
Director of the Trade Fair "FlowersExpo"


Dear Participants and Guests of the Fair!


I congratulate you on the opening of “FlowersExpo’2018”, an important project for the Russian economy, and express my gratitude for your support and participation in its work.

Presenting progress of the world flower industry the fair has become a global meeting place for the world and Russian professional community, an important business platform for the national business.

Its high level and business sustainability is confirmed by the sign of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs which recognizes the project as the best fair of Russia in this sector and by the UFI sign as an acknowledgement of its international prestige, and for contribution to the development of international cooperation and trade .

We are happy that the leading world and Russian market leaders again participate in “FlowersExpo”. This year its area has been considerably expanded. The number of participants has increased including companies from 30 countries.

I express my sincere gratitude to Russian participants for their growing attention to the project. Our local companies engaged in ornamental gardening are increasing their potential every year demonstrating more and more high quality and diverse products.

My special words of gratitude are to participants from Holland, Germany, Colombia and Ecuador for demonstrating flower industry progress in their National Pavilions.

I also thank participants from England, Belgium, Byelorussia, Hungary, Venezuela, Denmark, Israel, India, Italy, Kenya, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Malta, UAE, Poland, the USA, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Finland, France and Japan.

I wish you, our esteemed participants and guests, productive work, constructive communication and every success in your business!