12 July 2019

Autumn Magic. Show of Alex Segura, florist from Spain

Autumn is an enchanting time of the year, full of changes when the nature is transforming revealing new colors and forms encouraging us to dream and create.

Its time to play with fancifully curved branches, to follow the movement of falling leaves , to allow yourself to be carried away with warm and shiny autumn colors, to appreciate soft textures…


Alex Segura is a national Judge in floristics. Under his belt there are 25 years of experience as a florist and studies of graphic design, 10 years of floral design teaching at the School of Art Floral Design of Catalonia (Ezcuela de Art Floral de Catalynya), 14 years of floral design of the Nobel Peaces Prize ceremonies (Oslo, Norway).



Alex Segura is a co-authors of the books “Barcelona, Floral Architecture”, published by Kunstboek and “The Crafter’s Secret” Funds, founder and co-owner of “5 Sentits” floral salon.


Alex Segura conducts floral demonstrations, courses and workshops in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong. He was a participant and nominate of many national and international competitions.



Alex Segura is a true ambassador of floral design!


Alex Segura invites you to his show “Autumn Magic” where you will be able to awake all your senses and to make them brighter.


We are ready for you, 16.30-18.00, September 10, 2019, “FlowersExpo”.