25 June 2020

FlowersExpo 2020 Exhibition to be supported by The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH)

Early in this year, FlowersExpo received approval and support from AIPH as an international B2B event included in international exhibitions schedule and meeting all the requirements of the Association.


AIPH endorses international exhibition events including garden- and plant-themed Expos and B2B exhibitions globally.



AIPH represents horticultural corporate manufacturers all around the world. AIPH dates back to 1948, Switzerland, when the Association consolidated manufactures of fruits and vegetables into international community, which is flourishing to present day. The association was created to stimulate international flower, plant and landscape design services market. Many things has changed over the life of the Association. Technology has advance, cities have grown skyward and people have become more connected than at any point in history. As a result, bond between human and nature has weakened. AIPH endeavors to restore this bond, which is, we believe, a part of human nature, and to emphasize the significance of plants as a part of human life. AIPH supports national associations of manufactures globally and shares the commitment for the industry to thrive. Joining their efforts, they grow plants that are important for people’s lives and well-being of our planet for this generation and for generations to come.


AIPH strives to include flower and plant production and landscape design services in the international agenda, with a view to:

  • Stimulate increased demand for ornamental trees, plants and flowers worldwide

  • Guard and promote industry’s interests

  • Become an international hub for industry information and knowledge exchange



Ultimately, AIPH is accounted for the best gardening expositions in the world. Upholding the highest standards, AIPH guarantees that the endorsed events will be helpful for both exhibitors and visitors and inspire appreciation for ornamental plants. Drawing from the experience gathered trough years, AIPH provides organizers with competent management to create world-class spectacles that will long be remembered.


FlowersExpo has become one of the events endorsed and supported by The International Association of Horticultural Producers.