3 July 2020

The long-awaited online format is available now!

Every year we received requests from companies from all over the world who wanted to attend the Exhibition, however were not able to.


All of them have different reasons, still the same problems – they want to prove themselves and demonstrate achievements (for instance, to show the footage right from the field), wish to find new partners, except they cannot to come to Moscow in person.


In addition, our exhibitors often share their frustration of being unable to gather all the specialists in Crocus, since giving a card is not the same thing, a living person always makes better impression.


Besides, a business card can get lost. We all know how long it takes to clear up the paperwork after a fruitful conversation.


Online format solves all these problems!


We added an online format to the conventional Crocus exhibition.


It is a special site where all the problems listed above can be solved.


Everyone who cannot come to Moscow in person will be free to view exhibitors on the site.


Catalogue of the companies, products, photos and descriptions.


It has the requisite and convenient search and filters (for instance, it is possible to choose either only Russian companies, or only wholesalers, etc.).


You have an opportunity to show yourself just as your fieldwork. Lives, events and performances are now available not only in Crocus halls. Video conferences and group chats make it real to talk face-to-face.


All contacts as well as price lists and other documents, photos and videos are available online in the participant’s personal account. No need to look for business cards and remembering Company X details.


Not a replacement, but addition


The online format is closely connected to the conventional Exhibition.


QR-codes will be placed on the showcases in Crocus, with an immediate transfer to exhibitor’s online card.


In addition, events from Moscow will be broadcasted worldwide via the Internet.


We had been planning to add a new dimension to the conventional exhibition for a long time. Designing and developing such platforms takes a lot of time.


It may seem the online format will replace the conventional Exhibition, and all this is done because of COVID-19.

However, that is not entirely true.


Indeed, this opportunity to go online will be helpful in case of a pandemic. Nonetheless, we saw the online format as a supplement originally, but not as a replacement for the conventional exhibition. That is how it stays.


Since online format is part of the exhibition, tickets will be valid both for the entrance to Crocus and to the online part.