5 March 2021

Russian flower growers to the main women's holiday

Russian flower growers have a hot time on the eve of International Women's Day on March 8th. This year, the preparation is especially intense. Floriculture was among the sectors of the economy most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the supply of flowers from foreign suppliers has decreased.

Therefore, Russian manufacturers are in a hurry to send their beautiful and fragile products as early as possible in order to have time to please the main connoisseurs of flowers of our beautiful women.

Among those who will not let you down in this hot time are the florists of the greenhouse complex "Mokshanskie Roses" from Penza. This largest modern enterprise strives to delight, surprise and conquer, growing roses of unforgettable beauty and palette. From 32 hectares of their greenhouses, 100 thousand beautiful roses of 32 varieties and 35 varieties of delicate gerberas are sent daily for the holiday.

Hot festive season and at the florists of the greenhouse complex "World of Flowers" of the Republic of Mordovia. More than 100 thousand roses are sent daily from his greenhouses to 45 Russian regions. And every year "World of Flowers" sends customers more than 40 million of its beautiful roses.

The “Yug-Agro plant” from the Krasnodar Territory also pleases consumers. For more than 15 years, it has been growing 40 varieties of Dutch roses. Before the holiday, up to 100 thousand cut roses are sent daily from the greenhouses of the plant. And during the year 35 million roses are sent to different cities of Russia.

The successful flower greenhouse complex from the Republic of Adygea "Green House" is also in a hurry to please the fair sex before the holiday with its amazing roses. The “Green House” in 2020 had a great joyful event. In June, the second stage of the complex was launched, which made it possible to significantly expand the production and the number of products supplied to customers.

Adygea motto "We grow, you enjoy!". Their roses for the holiday on March 8 will be presented to women in the Central, Volga, Southern and Ural federal districts.

Every year, new addresses are added to the producers of cut Russian flowers, especially roses. The good news came from Sakhalin Island. The Teplichny state farm, which specializes in vegetables, has expanded its assortment and now grows roses along with vegetables. Up to 10 thousand roses are cut daily. We started with 4 thousand, and now 2 million. Now in Teplichnoye, almost 500,000 of their own Sakhalin roses have been prepared as a gift to women by March 8.We grow, you enjoy!". Their roses for the holiday on March 8 will be presented to women in the Central, Volga, Southern and Ural federal districts.

And tulips, the favorites of spring, grew up in the Arctic for the holiday. It's snowing outside, but it's spring in the greenhouses of the Zapolyarya Flowers plant. More than 25 varieties of these amazing harbingers of spring have been prepared here.

“It is difficult to imagine a holiday on March 8 without these beauties. Of course, every woman has her own tastes, but tulips, and even those from the polar greenhouses, are especially appreciated by northerners, ”Zapolyarya Flowers” thinks.

A wonderful gift for the upcoming spring holiday on March 8 was prepared in the Kalinkovo ​​nursery in the Kaliningrad region. The Kalinkovo ​​complex is the largest producer of ornamental plants and flowers at the western outpost of Russia.

For Women's Day, 11 million tulips and 800 thousand daffodils and hyacinths were grown here, which is twice as much as in 2020. 10 million tulips were sent outside the region. To Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Altai Territory and other cities, as well as to the Republic of Belarus.

Spring tulips bloom in the greenhouses of many Siberian cities. In Khabarovsk, for the women's holiday, these flowers, beloved by Russians, were grown in the municipal enterprise "Gorzelenkhoz". For the upcoming holidays, in the fall of 2020, the company purchased the bulbs of elite Dutch tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Now in the greenhouses of "Gorzelenstroy" about 7.5 thousand tulips are ready for cutting. Florists believe that a bouquet of fresh flowers will be the best gift for women in Khabarovsk.

Every year the largest Russian floriculture enterprises present their products at the international Trade Fair "FlowersExpo". In 2021, the timing of the main event for business is September 14-16. Welcome to Moscow for the most representative show of the year "FlowersExpo'2021"!