7 April 2021

Moscow "FlowersExpo". Meetings 2021

On September 14-16, the premiere of an important business and colorful event of the Moscow autumn - the XI international exhibition FlowersExpo'2021 will take place. As in the previous year, it will be held in two formats. Offline - at Crocus Expo IEC and online on the platform.

The pandemic, which has taken a heavy toll on the economy and the flower business, is not over yet, and uncertainty remains. But the participants are looking forward to meeting with an important project for their business, the international exhibition of flowers and plants of the 2021 season.

The importance of a real event is more important today than ever. The market is showing a strong need for personal communication. Therefore, the FlowersExpo project is the main event for representatives of the Russian and world flower industry. And its communication platform remains an important place for communication and promotion of products of participants in cities and regions of the vast Russian market.

The successful results of 2020 give the organizers of the exhibition optimism and confidence. In a difficult situation, when a global pandemic turned the life of the planet, they were able to carry it out on schedule. The exhibition was greeted with great enthusiasm by both exhibitors and visitors.

The hybrid format used for the first time expanded the geography, buyer opportunities and target audience of FlowersExpo'2020. The main participants of the exhibition with closed borders were the Russians (95%). With the assistance of Russian partners, the products at the exhibition in Moscow were also represented by companies from 12 countries: Belarus, Venezuela, Holland, Germany, Italy, Kenya, China, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Ecuador.

Among them are Dutch breeding companies De Ruiter Innovations and Dekker Chrisanten, suppliers of Straathof planting material and Havatec equipment, a well-known Ecuadorian flower supplier Impex Group, American flower company Royal Flowers Ecuador, Lithuanian transport company Maori Group, Italian company Essegl, Flower auction Japan.

The classic exhibition at Crocus Expo was attended by 9800 specialists. And the online platform - 1550 people from 52 countries. 165 online meetings took place.

Having a positive experience of the past year, the organizer of the exhibition company "GreenExpo" successfully forms the exposition of the exhibition "FlowersExpo'2021". Its main thematic sections are: Flowers and Plants; Flower business and logistics; Floristics and design; Garden and horticultural goods; Landscape and Ecology; Engineering and IT technologies.

The list of Russian participants includes manufacturers and suppliers of flowers and plants, ornamental trees and shrubs, equipment and technologies, goods for landscape and floristry, as well as operators and importers of the flower market: Kaluga Flower Holding, New Holland, Russian Flower Technologies , "Line Roses", "Green House", "Mokshanskie Roses", "JMP Flowers", "Azalea Decor", "Flowers from Machelyuk", "Kharchenko", "SeDec", Agroholding "Poisk", nurseries "Monblan", "Success", "Vashutino", "Aleksinsky" holding "Gavrish",, Podvorie, Association of manufacturers of planting material and others. The list is expanding every day.

Companies from many countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Israel, China, Poland, USA, Serbia, Colombia, Kenya, Ecuador, Japan discussing participation issues with the hope for improvement.

Nurseries from Poland and flower companies from the Netherlands have booked the area for collective expositions. They have the experience of colleagues in 2020, when foreign participants, with the help of Russian partners, were able to present themselves in Moscow at an exhibition important for their business.

In the new season, FlowersExpo, supplemented with an online format, will provide foreign participants with the opportunity to meet with consumers, answer customer questions, take orders, and discuss cooperation with Russian business partners.

A business and floristic program is being prepared for the exhibition. At conferences, webinars, round tables, presentations, Russian and foreign experts and specialists will discuss urgent problems of the restoration of the world market and flower industry.

Among the floristic events are the Russian Florist CUP'2021. the Russian Florist Аwards and competition for students of floristic schools. As well as bright floristic shows and master classes by Russian and foreign masters.

Thousands of specialists are waiting for a meeting with the FlowersExpo '2021. Here they will be able not only to visit the exposition and events at Crocus Expo, but also through the online platform to work effectively, meet with consumers and negotiate with clients and partners.

Ahead is the expected new meeting with a sea of ​​flowers and plants, bright, unique expositions, business visitors from Russian regions and foreign countries. FlowersExpo'2021 - your key to the Russian market - is waiting for you.

Do not miss an important event for your business in Russia оf the International Trade Fair “FlowersExpo’2021”. Welcome to Moscow to the “FlowersExpo’2021”!

Exhibition company "GreenExpo"