12 July 2021

Ecuador: the best roses in the world at the exhibition "FlowersExpo".

Flowers are an integral part of the daily life of the people of Ecuador.

Ecuadorians are especially reverent to roses. And not only because their export brings them considerable income. The rose is a symbol of the Catholic Church, and religion is very important for Ecuadorians. Such pious attitude to roses, as in the small Catholic country of Ecuador, perhaps, is not found anywhere else in the world.

The production of flowers in the country is organized in accordance with national rules and international standards, which are aimed at preserving the environment and ensuring high quality products.

A little more than 20 years ago, Russia, having opened its market to the import of flowers, gave impetus to the further development of floriculture in Ecuador. Today, Ecuador is one of the main players in the world flower market and a key participant in the flower market of Russia.

In Ecuador, more than 6,000 hectares are occupied for the production of flowers, on 80% of which 400 varieties of roses are grown. The annual production volume is more than 5 billion flowers.

In terms of volume of supply and the level of significance of the market for florists of Ecuador, Russia ranks second after the United States.

60% of cut roses on the Russian flower market are grown in Ecuador. This means that every six roses out of ten are Ecuadorian roses, and they are considered the best in the world.

They are produced specifically for Russian consumers who prefer high large roses of medium degree of explication and of bright colors.

Such wonderful traits is a result of unique flower production. Flower plantations of Ecuador are located on the flanks of volcanoes at an altitude of 2800-3200 m above sea level.

Features of the high-altitude equatorial climate are low atmospheric pressure, optimal temperature throughout the year, low night temperatures, high insolation, fertile soil of volcanic origin. All that together makes it possible to produce unique roses.

Flowers with stems of 2 meters in height can only grow in the high-altitude conditions of  Ecuador!

The other important qualities of Ecuadorian roses are low-maintenance and hardiness, which allows them to endure transportation and long-term storage with ease. Having travelled a long journey from South America to Europe and then to Russia, the flowers delight us with their beauty and freshness.

You can admire the freshness and beauty of Ecuadorian roses at the exhibition.