21 July 2021

The world stars of flower breeding at FlowersExpo.

Presentation of new products and innovations is what distinguishes any exhibition and makes it especially exciting. Every year FlowersExpo exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to see the maximum concentration of every recent market novelty. This year will be no exception.


Despite the restrictions of this year, 4 world-famous breeding companies participate in the exhibition. We will tell you about them in this text.


Today, roses retain their rightful popularity among a huge variety of flowers around the world.


The famous German company Rosen Tantau has been engaged in the breeding of roses for more than a century, annually bringing new varieties to the market. These roses are not only beautiful in appearance, but also resistant to weather conditions, possess abundant flowering and provide high crop yield in industrial conditions.



The company has its representative offices in different countries of the world and offers high-quality seedlings of fashionable and highly productive varieties of roses for greenhouse cutting, as well as all types of garden roses.


Royal De Ruiter Innovations is the leading Dutch rose breeder. Its vision of the future is founded on company’s rich history. The company specializes in the breeding of roses for cutting, potted roses, patio roses, garden roses, hip roses, field and landscape roses, as well as hypericum for pot culture and cutting.



Without a doubt, roses are not the only flowers presented at the FlowersExpo exhibition. Companies engaged in the selection of other crops present their new products as well.


Dekker Chrysanten (Holland) is the largest breeder and one of the leading producers of chrysanthemums in the world. The company develops and introduces new varieties of chrysanthemum, has its own production facilities in Hensbroek and Tanzania, sales offices in the Netherlands, South Africa and Colombia, and test sites in Colombia and South Africa. The Dekker Chrysanten breeding program focuses on the search for new shapes and colors of flowers, as well as qualities that favorably promote growth.



Hilverda Florist (Holland) is an innovative company with 40 years of experience working on new varieties of gerberas: for cutting, potting and garden.



This text contains only a brief overview of the breeding companies that participate in the FlowersExpo exhibition. Yet it allows you to imagine the scale of the operations of breeding companies, to appreciate the results of their work. Each of these companies is a global brand that conducts painstaking research, the main task of which is to meet the needs of the market and consumers in terms of decorativeness, freshness of shapes and colors, productivity, resistance to diseases and other important characteristics of plants.


At FlowersExpo, you will be able to have a look at the majority of the last year new breeds, appreciate their best qualities and, perhaps, find an impetus for the development of your business.


We look forward to welcoming you at the exhibition from September 14 to September 16!  Live and Online.


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