23 July 2021

Bercomex, a world-famous Dutch manufacturer of equipment for processing flowers, to participate at FlowersExpo for the first time.

The Bercomex began its history in 1973 and today it is known on the world market as an innovator in the field of horticulture and floriculture. The company has three main areas of operations: development of solutions for sorting agricultural products, flower processing and production of various accessories and expense materials.

The official representative of the Bercomex company in Russia is Interagro.

Interagro has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch company Bercomex and received the status of the official representative of the brand in the Russian Federation. Interagro will supply the domestic market with equipment for the floricultural industry – automated systems for processing roses, tulips, carnations, pansies, peonies, irises, chrysanthemums, lilies, daffodils.

Interagro will supply equipment from the "Flower" line to Russia. This equipment is, for example, the automatic Flora BouquetMaster line, which forms simple mono-flower bouquets, Flora BunchMaster, designed to collect bouquets of a variety of flowers – tulips, carnations, pansies, peonies, irises, chrysanthemums, lilies, daffodils and others.

Solutions for processing a specific type of flowers are offered separately. For example, the RoseMatic system has been developed for rose processing. Despite the fact that the system has been implemented more than twenty years ago, it still remains advanced due to constant impovements and advancements. The line is equipped with a module for removing leaves, thorns, stem pruning, a UV-illumination module for patogen control, as well as a device for collecting roses using sliders. The productivity of RoseMatic is 9000 stems per hour.

For the processing of tulips and peonies, Interagro offers a high-performance (18,000 stems per hour) automated Furora Compact line. The system is able to sort flowers by stem thickness, size and color saturation of the bud. The rejection of damaged plants is provided by a built-in X-ray scanning system and a set of color recognition cameras.

"For many years, Interagro has been supplying the best foreign solutions to the Russian agricultural market. Cooperation with the Dutch company Bercomex will allow us to offer equipment that hopefully will be appreciated by the owners of large flower farms. Automation will help them effectively optimize processes by reducing manual labor, increase productivity and make the work of employees pleasant and safe, " comments Ekaterina Babaeva, General Director of Interagro.

She also noted that the experience of Interagro specialists made it possible to carry out a full range of maintenance – to install lines and provide full service support to customers. The status of an official representative means that the company receives recommendations and assistance directly from the manufacturer.

You will be able to get acquainted with Bercomex solutions in more detail, as well as personally communicate with representatives of the Dutch company at stand L-251 at the Flowers Expo exhibition in Crocus Expo, which will be held on September 14 to September 16 this year in Moscow.