3 August 2021

Federation Council on the development of domestic floriculture

The Chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko spoke about the support of Russian flower growers in December 2020 at a meeting with state secretaries. "I ask you again to address the issue of reducing VAT or other measures of particular support for domestic flower growers," the speaker said. According to her, growers are in a difficult situation, and the pandemic is only worsening this crisis.

The Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets considered the issue of supporting domestic producers of flower products at a meeting on March 29, 2021. A working group on the development of the floriculture industry has been established under the Budget and Financial Markets Committee.

On July 21, the Federation Council discussed how to support business and develop additional financial support instruments for flower growers. The meeting was held by Anatoly Artamonov, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets.

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Federal Customs Service and other departments attended the meeting.

Matters of taxation, customs and tariff policy, the fight against illegal import of flower products, as well as financial provision for state support measures for domestic producers of flower products were discussed during the meeting.

At the meeting, everything that has already been done to support flower growers at the meeting was noted. Specifically, the Ministry of Finance has prepared a floriculture industry development roadmap. The problems associated with the use of "gray" flower supply schemes from abroad have been solved.

The senators proposed to make changes to the credit policy of the industry to support growers more effectively. It was proposed to extend to flower producers the right to preferential loans for the technical modernization of existing and the construction of new greenhouse complexes for flower growing and to develop mechanisms of refinancing from "heavy" loans to subsidized loans for enterprises.

The senators suggested that the government should solve the issue of reducing VAT for flower producers, as well as consider the possibility of providing compensation for gas, electricity and fertilizers.

All this will aid the creation of equal competitive environment for foreign and Russian suppliers of flowers on the domestic market.

The senators will continue working together to address issues of support for domestic flower growers in close cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and all involved governmental agencies and representatives of the flower industry.