22 December 2021

FlowersExpo'2021 - results and prospects

About exhibition

The International Trade Fair “FlowersExpo” is an important event of the year for the players of the Russian flower and plant market and the main exhibition ground for the promotion and sale of products of domestic and foreign participants.

It is annually visited by buyers and businessmen from all regions and cities of Russia and foreign countries. In a prosperous 2019, 200 Russian and 300 foreign companies from 32 countries took part in the exhibition. Visitors - from 390 Russian cities, and 45 countries of the world.

Participants 2021

The FlowersExpo 2021 project appeared before the participants and guests of the business and at the same time the most beautiful exhibition of the year. The leaders of the Russian and world market of flowers and plants presented all their best products in its halls.

Тhe main feature of the 2021 exhibition is the presence on its Moscow site of representatives of the domestic and world market of flowers and plants, experts and industry professionals.

Compared to the previous 2020, the number of participants increased by 15%, the exhibition area increased by 70%. 220 companies from Russia and 8 foreign countries presented their wonderful products in its halls, where the stormy business life was in full swing.

The exhibition was attended by 10,250 specialists from Russia and foreign countries (1,300 of them through the online platform).

Most of the exhibitors at the closed borders were of course from Russia. Among them are manufacturers of flower and decorative products, nurseries, seed companies, developers of equipment and IT technologies, suppliers of fertilizers and soil, as well as products for floristry and landscape.

FlowersExpo also demonstrated the restoration of its international positions. Products in the halls of the exhibition were presented by companies from Belarus, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, USA, Colombia, Ecuador.

After a break in the shocking 2020, Germany performed with a national pavilion, where seeds and planting material of flower and ornamental crops, nursery products, samples of the latest technology and equipment, and novelties of breeders were presented. An important Russian partner, the Netherlands was represented by leading Dutch breeders (roses, chrysanthemums, tulips), leaders in greenhouse construction, suppliers of planting material, nurseries.

Participants from Belgium, Poland, USA, Colombia, Ecuador were also pleased to be present at FlowersExpo 2021. They are confident that in 2022 the pandemic situation will improve and they will be able to more widely present their participants and their products to Russian consumers.

Business program

An important trend of the FlowersExpo'2021 exhibition is its rich and bright business program. 50+ different business events were held, in which more than 3000 specialists took part.

The issues of the industry were discussed within the framework of the round table "Problems of industrial floriculture in Russia and the provision of state support to domestic flower growers", at the conference "Green standards and the quality of planting material for ornamental plants", the seminar "How to scale your business and bring it to the federal level" and other business events .

Competitions in the nominations "New of the Year", "Best Product Quality", "Innovative Developments" were successfully held, in which 113 companies took part. 36 of them were awarded the FlowersExpo 2021 Laureate medals.

Flor events

Bright floristic events became a real decoration of the exhibition. Another 21st  Russian Florist CUP 2021 became a big flower holiday. Olga Sharova (Moscow) won the title of Russian Champion. Тhe silver medalist was Vadim Kazansky (Novosibirsk), тhe bronze medalist Vladimir Baranov (Moscow). The competition-exhibition " Russian Florist Awards" was successfully held, where 29 eminent Russian florists presented original creative works.

Colorful floristic events in non-stop mode with a crowded hall were held daily on the main stage of the exhibition. The show "Silver" with the participation of world silver medalists, the enchanting fashion show "Flower Dress", the show "Krasnaya Moskva", which broadcast from Holland a bright performance of the companies Royal Van and Zanten Force, were greeted with great delight.

Daily reports, business events, flora shows in the exhibition halls and on the online platform were broadcast by the FlowersExpo.LIVE TV channel.

The Trade Fair FlowersExpo'2021 brought positive sentiments to everyone who took part in its work and who visited it. Information about the participants in 2021, their products, contacts remains available on the exhibition website until June 2022.                                                                                                    

Welcome to Moscow for the XII International Trade Fair "FlowersExpo" on September 13-15, 2022.

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