4 May 2023

FloraGardenVillage Expo - Kazakhstan. Successful premiere 2023!

The international exhibition FloraGardenVillageExpo, which was held with great success on April 20-22 in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, delighted participants and visitors with its festive atmosphere, optimistic mood and luxurious kingdom of flowers.

More than 100 exhibitors from 10 foreign countries - Belarus, Holland, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Kenya, Latvia, Russia, UAE, Ecuador took part in the exhibition. The leaders of the world flower market decorated its halls with their best flowering products.

Kazakh participants of the exhibition were represented by the largest companies and occupy about 50% of the area. Here are just a few of them: Henry Bonnar, Flower Way, Art-Flowers, Zhuldyz Flowers. BloomX Kazakhstan, and others.

A large exposition was presented by the world leader in the production and sale of flowersand the largest European investor in Kazakhstan - the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Demanded products were demonstrated at their stands by the leading companies Deliflor Chrysanten, Dekker Chrysanten, Linflowers Chrysanten, Kebol BV, Decorum Company, Vannova,, Zentoo, Enigma Flowers, FEX BV, Flower Planet BV.

Russian participants presented planting material of flower and ornamental crops, horticultural plants, seeds, soils, fertilizers, goods and tools for greenhouse production, floristry, horticulture and landscaping to the consumers of Kazakhstan. Among them are Bouquet, Tulipovo, Dress Flower, Dianthus, Elite Flora, LilaFlora Group, Saltykovo Nursery, Vera Glukhova Garden Center, Zion, Amina Trade and others.

The queen of flowers rose at the exhibition was represented by global manufacturers Alexandra Farms (Colombia), Royal flowers, Enigma Roses, Edana, Floralba, Quimbiamba Flowers (Ecuador), Fashion Garden, Red Land, Flower Exchange (Kenya).

Visitors and participants not only got acquainted with the exhibition, but also actively participated in the events of the Business Program, within which more than 20 events were held on topical issues of business development.

A particularly important event on the issues of plant trees Kazakhstan was the international conference “Planting material 2023. State and Prospects”, which included President of the Association of Greening of Kazakhstan Tatiana Antonenko, shareholder of Jadrin Design & Production LLP Ospanov Yerlan (Kazakhstan), landscape architect and owner of the nursery “Saltykovo” Svetlana Chizhova (Russia), Jeroen Boon manager of Royal Flora Holland (Netherlands).

The real decoration of the exhibition and the main event of the year was the Open Championship of Kazakhstan in professional floristry Gul Alemi 2023. The jury of the championship in terms of the number of points won, first place was awarded to Victoria Poretskaya (Moscow), second to Vasilisa Dolgova (Astana), third place to Gaukhar Alekenova (Astana).

About 8,000 business representatives from near and far foreign countries visited the exhibition.

The largest delegation of business representatives arrived in Kazakhstan from Russia, whose contacts with foreign partners are now hampered by sanctions. Among the visitors were representatives of St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Moscow. Izhevsk, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities. For representatives of Russian business, the Trade fair FloraGardenVillage2023 has become an important place for meetings and negotiations with foreign partners in the face of sanctions and new economic realities.

The Trade Fair FloraGardenVillageExpo2023, reborn like a phoenix after a long break, was an unprecedented success and high business activity. It justified the hopes of both the organizers and its participants and visitors.

Everyone was satisfied with both the quality of the target audience and successful negotiations.

The participants were satisfied with the quality of the target audience and the number of business contacts. Many exhibitors have booked stands for next year. And the visitors, who arrived only for acquaintance, also thought about participating in this promising project.

XI international exhibition "FloraGardenVillage Expo" will be held in Kazakhstan on April 16-18, 2024.