22 June 2016


For the first time in Russia.

Lecture and workshop of John Stanly, one of the best world’s consultants in retailing.

IEC “Crocus Expo”, Pavilion No. 1, 14 September (Wednesday), 11.00-18.00.


The event is targeted at owners, top managers and employees of garden centers, planting material producers, purchasing agents of trading chains selling horticultural products and building materials.


The lecture is delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Russia.


The keynote lecture, 14 September, 11.00-12.00

Retail trade in horticultural products in 2020… What will it be?


We are witnessing great changes in retailing ever occurred in our lives.

What will retail trade in horticultural and floral products be in 2020, and why will it change?

The main presentation will be devoted to changing in retailing which we expect to happen:

  • Changes in consumption
  • Changes in technology
  • Changing in retail channels
  • Changes of stores
  • Plus … what won’t change.

This lecture will touch not only on the causes of the inevitable changes but will also suggest how to use the opportunity created by these changes.   


 Workshop, 14 September, 13.00-18.00


Retail trade in horticultural products in 2020…

How to achieve results in your business?


 “Imaging that your customer enters your garden center or store, admires displayed plants and dry flowers and it leads to spontaneous increase in sales by at least 20%.

The most effective way to achieve it and to increase the average level of sales per customer is to improve presentation of merchandise and customer service in your store.

Placing the right products in the right place, at the right time and in the proper way are the skills your team should acquire”. 


Knowledge acquired in this workshop will allow you and your team to develop new methods of merchandise presentation  without the involvement of additional funds, and to achieve an increase in revenue.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are to improve retail methods and to get ready for 2020 on the following matters: 

  • Development of an effective buyer foot traffic in retail space
  • Identification of the most spectacular and attractive product groups and development of trade and merchandise presentation strategies in order to attract buyers to this area.
  • Creation of visually appealing displays and assessment of their effectiveness.
  • Arranging of end-of-aisle displays and assessment of their effectiveness.
  • Development of trade strategy and merchandise presentation with a purpose to increase sales per sq.m.
  • Organization of team work to increase sales per buyer
  • Analysis of the company identification set (trade marks, signboards, direction signs and other elements forming the  image   of the company, trading chains, etc.), development of an  identification set  which could lead to optimization and increase in average sales.


  Workshop Results

  • Increase in sales per sq.m of retail space
  • Acquiring of skills by your team in organization of retailing.


About John Stanly


  • John Stanley is a practical consultant with vision and 30 years global experience. He is classed as one of the top retail consultants in the world today and is referred to as “The Retail Guru” by many of his clients.
  • Knowledge of universal rules of sales, the world’s market processes and their regional specifics, his unique ability to observe and draw conclusions, predicts trends and directions of development both in macroeconomics and locally are John’s main merits. This time J. Stanly will present a picture of future garden centers as well as directions and their development possibilities. He will suggest concrete solutions and an action plan which, if implemented in the near future, will have a positive impact on sales increase.   

*John has his finger on the pulse of consumer lifestyle and retail needs.  He has the ability to see   business through your consumer’s eyes and see where your service is currently heading, and where, with relevant layout, “merchandising” and marketing changes, it could be headed. 

  • John has successfully been advising horticultural businesses, small businesses,  government agencies,   and shopping centers around the world for over 30 years on how to more effectively meet their customer’s needs in order to increase their profits, and improve their team image.
  • John Stanly works in Australia, is an author of several books about horticultural retailing, a consultant in 35 countries and is considered the best expert in his area. His conceptions have practical application and ensure excellent value for money.

* John travels the world, and is therefore fully aware of the existing trends,  able to interpret them and provide solutions that are   easily to implement.  This ensures that his clients stay ahead of their competitors anticipating changes in lifestyle and needs in today’s high tech world.

* There is no other consultant in the world who has these skills and abilities and who understands retailing the way John Stanley does.


 Do not miss a unique opportunity to hear about the development of the world trends in horticultural products retailing and the core principles of successful retailing from the world’s top retail expert. 

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