22 June 2016

“Russian Flower Market Today and Tomorrow”

Round table within the frameworks of “FlowerExpo’2016”

IEC “Crocus Expo”, Pavilion 1, 13 September, 16.00-18.00


Top managers and specialists of greenhouse complexes of Russia, flower producers from foreign countries, Russian and international wholesale companies, importers and exporters of the Russian flower market, representatives of state ministers and agencies are invited to take part in the discussion.


Russian flower market has suspended its 10-year steady growth during which the sales doubled. Negative changes in its successful development were caused by the economic crisis.


How does the Russian flower market feel today, and what changes are expected in the future?


The following issues are put forward for discussion:

  • What is the volume of the local flower market, and its reaction to changes in the economic situation?
  • What are tendencies and prospects of the flower market development in the coming years?
  • To what extent is the Russian flower market  interesting to foreign suppliers, and what are development trends and investment attractiveness of flower production in Russia?
  • How do local producers, wholesale and retail companies feel?
  • What are changes in the behavior and preferences of the Russian flower consumers?


Roundtable Moderator:

A.E. Litvinenko, Member, Board of Directors, Association “Greenhouses of Russia”



  1. Marco van der Sar, representative of the Dutch auction FloraHolland, the largest auction of Holland, the world leader in export of flowers to international markets, supplier of cut flowers to Russia with an export share of cut flowers making up 44%.
  2. Jairo Cadavid, Development Director, Colombian Association of Flower Exporters. Its members produce about 80% of the gross Colombian export, the world’s second exporter of cut flowers after Holland. In Russia the market share of Colombia makes up 13%.
  3. Marat G. Aukhadeev, Director General, “Flowers of Udmurtia”, one of the largest local cut flower producers of the Urals.
  4. Valerie S. Stain, Director General “Business Bouquet”, a diversified wholesale and retail company.
  5. Zhiraif A. Markarian, Director General “Starlight”, disposing of a network of offices in different Russian regions, organizer of horticultural and floristic products sales on Cash&Carry system.
  6. Nadezhda B. Platitsina, President, National Guild of Florists uniting Russian professionals in flower arrangement, leading in retail sales and possessing first-hand information about changes in behavior of cut flower consumers.


See you at the event, 13 September, 16.00-18.00


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