13 March 2017

Carnation «Green Trick” is a visual symbol of “FlowersExpo” show

For the third year carnation Barbatus “Green Trick” from the «Sparkz®» collection of “HilverdaKoij”, Holland, the world leader in breeding and propagation of Carnations, is used in an advertising campaign of “FlowersExpo” . “Green” stands for the high quality “green segment” in the «Sparkz®» collection.


This striking flower is absolutely green with an amazing green spherical flower head without petals. Green color and uniformity characteristic for the varieties in the «Sparkz®» collection makes it a great favorite among wholesalers and florists.


Its monochromatic color and the correct flower shape were the main reasons for the Exhibition Management to choose it as a visual symbol of the exhibition.


“HilverdaKoij” is not only the world market leader in breeding and propagation of carnation varieties. It also works with Limonium and Alstroemeria. The company also selects and distributes cultivars of Hellebore, Begonia, Echinacea, Gypsophila and Scabiosa.


Large scale production of the company and its branches in the Netherlands and abroad enables “HilverdaKoij” to provide its customers worldwide with a complete range of planting stock for production of cut and pot plants.