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XII International Exhibition "FlowersExpo'2022", the main event of the year for participants in the flower and plant market, will be held on September 13-15 in Moscow at “Crocus Expo” IEC.

In the crisis conditions of this year, the exhibition takes on special importance as the largest industry platform for business communication, studying market changes, meeting with clients, and searching for new partners.

About the exhibition

FlowersExpo” is a successful B2B communication and marketing project and an important event of the year for all players in the Russian flower and plant market. It is annually visited by buyers and businessmen from all regions and cities of Russia and foreign countries.


The main participants of the “FlowersExpo 2022” exhibition, as in previous years of the pandemic, will be Russian manufacturers and sellers of flowers, plants, seeds, soils and fertilizers, accessories for floristry and interior items, equipment and materials for floriculture, flower business and landscape design.


Among the participants are flower producers: Kaluga Flower Holding, Yaroslavl Flower Plant, Novosibirsk Greenhouse Plant, Podosinki Greenhouse Complex, Green House, Russian Flower Technologies, JMP Flowers, IP Kharchenko, Atena. As well as wholesalers of the Russian flower market: Flowers from Machelyuk, Premier and other companies. Planting material will be presented by the largest Russian nurseries: Monblan, Imperatorskiy Nursery, Uspeh, Egoryevskyi, Ussuri cedar, Venev. Seeds and planting material - agroholding Poisk Agrofirma Altai Seeds, House of seeds, Fertilizers and soils - companies LamaTorf, Orgavit, Gera, Organic Mix, Pelgorskoe and others. Equipment and technological materials- companies Compass, Sidtech, Amina Trade, plant Venev, Blooming fantasies. Accessories and materials for floristry - FloMaster, Ideal, Smithers Oasis and others.

The exhibition is in the process of formation. It is expected that the exhibition, as an effective marketing tool for business development, will be chosen by about 250 Russian participants in the Russian flower and plant market.


In the very successful FlowersExpo 2021 project, 220 companies from 9 countries, including Russia, participated in the exhibition.



More than 10,000 visitors from all regions of Russia and the CIS countries are expected at the exhibition. Of these, 53% of visitors make their own purchasing decisions, 25% (more than 2,500 people) are top officials and company owners.


Business events

An important feature of the exhibition "FlowersExpo'2022" is its rich and vibrant business program. The exhibition annually hosts 40+ different business events. This year will not be an exception. Russian and international experts will discuss anti-crisis strategies and topical issues of business development and the industry as a whole and the state and development of the Russian flower market. They will hold presentations, share innovative technologies.


Floristic events

Bright floristic events will be a real decoration of the exhibition.

The exhibition will include: the main floristic event of the year, the 22nd Russian Championship in professional floristry Florist Cup 2022, and the competition-exhibition Russian Florist Awards.

Bright shows, fashion shows and non-stop master classes will be held daily on the main stage of the exhibition.

Events, reports, business events, floral shows will be broadcast daily both in the Crocus Expo halls and on the exhibition's online platform by the exhibition's own TV channel FlowersExpo.TV.

In a crisis and a changing market, “FlowersExpo 2022”, as the main exhibition of the year, will become a particularly relevant and important platform, the main task of which is to establish contacts, demonstrate products and trends, new products and innovations both for the development of the market as a whole, and for the business of participants and visitors.


Exhibitors and the entire professional business community are sure that the green sector and the flower industry in Russia, having overcome the crisis, will reach a new level. And the exhibition "FlowersExpo" as the most important marketing tool will help them in this.

See you at the XII International Exhibition "FlowersExpo" September 13-15, 2022.


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