FlowersExpo'2021 gets ready for guests


The 11th International Exhibition of Flowers and Plants will take place on from September 14th to September 16th, 2021. This important business event, as in the previous year, will be held in two formats. Offline event will take place at Crocus Expo IEC and will perform as the online platform.

FlowersExpo is a successful communication and marketing project. It is here that the state and demands of the Russian market are investigated, business ties and contacts between the participants of the Russian flower and plant market, domestic and foreign companies are strengthened.

The pandemic that has damaged the economy is not over yet, and the state of uncertainty remains. But organizers and participants believe that 2021 will be more successful and full of exciting events.

Such events, undoubtedly, include the international exhibition "FlowersExpo", which, despite the challenges of 2020, took place in September last year as scheduled.

The exhibition "FlowersExpo'2020" was highly appreciated by the professional community. It provided everyone who took part in its work with very positive experience. It was welcomed with great enthusiasm by both participants and visitors. Everyone was glad that after a long quarantine and isolation, they were able to demonstrate their products here and, most importantly, to exchange thoughts share practices. More than 180 companies has attended the exhibition and^ 95% of which were Russian. The exhibition was visited by 9800 specialists. Whereas online platform visitor count reached 1550 people from 38 countries.

Without losing optimism and having such a positive experience of the past year, the organizer of the exhibition company "GreenExpo" productively cooperates with the participants and forms the exposition of the XI exhibition "FlowersExpo'2021".
The main thematic areas of the exhibition are: Flowers and plants; Flower business and logistics; Floristics and design; Garden and horticultural products; Landscape and Ecology; Engineering and IT technologies.

The exhibition will be held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation with the support of Russian professional associations: Association “Teplitsy Rossiyi” ("Greenhouses of Russia"), Association of producers of planting material, National Guild of Florists, National Association of Florists.

Online platform supplements the exhibition by expanding its capabilities and allowing the participation for those limited by the yet persisting Covid'19 pandemic restrictions.

By ensuring a high concentration of market participants on one site, the "FlowersExpo'2021" project acts as a driving factor for innovation and matters of industry recovery.

Applications for participation in the exhibition come from Russian manufacturers and wholesale companies, including suppliers of flowers, plants, decorative planting material, floristry products, equipment and materials.

The list of participants consists of the largest Russian companies: Kaluzhskij Cvetochnyj Holding («Калужский цветочный холдинг»), Russkie Cvetochnye Tekhnologii («Русские Цветочные Технологии»), Liniya Rozy («Линия Розы»), JMP Flowers, Azalia Decor, Cvety ot Machelyuka («Цветы от Мачелюка»), Zeleny Dom («Зеленый Дом»), as well as nursery gardens Moblan, Uspekh (Success), Aleksinsky (Gavrish holding),, Sedek company, Association of manufacturers of planting material («Ассоциация производителей посадочного материала», АППМ) and many others.

Foreign companies also intend to participate, even if the borders are not reopened. They already have the experience of 2020, when companies from 12 countries, with the help of Russian partners, were able to actually present their products in Moscow and take part in the operation of the exhibition.

The business platform provides a good opportunity to meet with Russian consumers, answer customer questions, take orders, and discuss cooperation with Russian business partners.

Requests for participation come from companies from many countries from all over the world - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Israel, China, Poland, USA, Serbia, Colombia, Ecuador. Japan.

An extensive business program is also being prepared for the exhibition. It will allow experts and specialists to discuss topical issues of the industry during planned conferences, webinars, round tables and presentations.

The program of floristic events is extensive. The 22nd Championship of Russia in professional floristry will be held within its framework. For the second time, the winners of the Russian Florist Аwards will be announced at the exhibition. A competition "A Touch of Perfection" is being prepared for students of floristic schools. As well as floristic shows by Russian and foreign masters.

Thousands of specialists are eagerly waiting for FlowersExpo '2021 exhibition grand openning. After registering on the website, they will be able to visit the exposition and events at Crocus Expo and use the online platform effectively.

We can already say with certainty that in the season of 2021, there will be significantly more Russian and foreign exhibitors and visitors at the main business exhibition.

The FlowersExpo'2021 exhibition will decisively help the Russian flower industry to reach a new level and become stronger and more sustainable.

We welcome you to the most representative professional show of the year "FlowersExpo'2021" from September 14th to September 16th!

Exhibition company "GreenExpo"

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