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Flowers Expo’2020


The leading Russian flowers and plants exhibition «FlowersExpo» is held on 8-10 September 2020, as planned. For the first time the exhibition will be presented in two formats: the conventional one in MVTS «Crocus Expo» and the digital one on the exhibition online platform Flowers-Expo.Online.

«Flower Expo» is a successful communication and marketing project. According to the rating of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the exhibition is recognized as the best exhibition of Russia in this segment.

It is here that the demands of the Russian market are investigated, business ties are strengthened, and new contacts are established between domestic and foreign companies participating in the Russian flower and plant market.

Companies from many foreign countries and hundreds of domestic enterprises participate in the exhibition every year.

Under difficult circumstances of 2020, this hybrid format significantly expands the geography of the exhibition, its buyer opportunities and its target audience.

There are around 200 companies in the conventional project format «FlowersExpo». Among them are not only Russian participants, but also representatives of Netherlands, Germany, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Ecuador, Japan.

Forty business events are devoted to current problems of the industry. More than 8,000 business representatives have pre-registered tickets for the exhibition.

«FlowersExpo» is considered the most beautiful exhibition of the autumn in Moscow. In these hard times we try to maintain its status.


Its halls will be decorated with flowers not only from Russian greenhouses, but also from foreign plantations. They will be displayed on the participants’ showcases, as well as on the floristic shows, and in the florists’ competition works.

The main participants in the 2020 season are, of course, Russians. Both well-known to the consumers, the producers and wholesalers, such as «Azaliya dekor», «Novaya Gollandiya», "Tsvety ot Machelyuka", "Florexim", «JMP Flowers», «Kharchenko», "Rassada.ru/Shneider BV», «Semko», «Tsvetushchiye fantazii» and «Ideal», will present the variety of products in the halls of the exhibition. For the first time at the exhibition «Kaluzhskiy tsvetochnyy kholding» «Strana roz» from Moscow, «Tsvetochnyy region» from Vologda will present their products.


Ornamental garden shrubs and trees represent nurseries «Vashutino», «Monblan», «Gavrish», «Agrosad», «Sadovyy tsentr Very Glukhovoy», Association of growers of planting material.


The the world-famous selection companies, such as De Ruiter Innovations, Dekker Chrisanten (Holland), the supplier of planting material Straathof (Holland), the famous Ecuadorian flower supplier Impex Group, transport companies Maori Group (Lithuania), Italian Essegl and Havatec from Holland will be presented on the showcases of Russian partners. Overcoming obstacles and distances Japanese flower auction will present its products for the first time.


Though, many foreign companies are not able to come to Moscow, will demonstrate their products remotely. The companies Ecualand Farms, Florisol, Agricola el Chaupi, Cananvalley are from Ecuador; Rosen Tantau, Wolfschmidt Samen are from Germany; Hoek Flowers is from Netherlands; nurseries Cieplucha, Homa-Kosakowska, Ważyńscy are from Poland; Agromiranda is from Venezuela and others.


Business Programme activities are held both in the exhibition rooms and online. Russian and world experts will discuss business issues. The conference on prospects of post-crisis flower business recovery «FlowersCONF» and round table «COVID-19 and flower business, consequences, measures, lessons learned» are among the currently topical ones to be held in «Crocus Expo».

With the support of the international horticulture association AIPH and Floriculture International magazine, a webinar «Understanding and development of Russian flower market» is organized remotely in online format. Global retail expert John-Stanley is hosting a «Post-COVID 2019 Garden Center» webinar.

The world's leading breeding companies Rosen Tantau (Germany), Royal De Ruiter, Dekker Chrizanten (Holland) will also present their new varieties remotely.

Every year the exhibition is decorated with numerous colorful floral events. This year the main event of the year Russian Florist Cup’2020 will take place - organized by National Florist Guild - will be held within the framework of the exhibition. as the Competition of students of floristic schools «Design plus. Towards perfection». The topic of the competition «Art-object. Plant design». For the first time the competition-exhibition «Russian floristic awords» will take place.

The show-program includes bright floristic performances of the strongest florists of Russia Natalia Zhizko, Roman Shtengauer and Vadim Kazansky «All-season trends in floristic design»! The Champions Show «Serebro» and Instagram influencers Ivan Basin, Aleksandr Polyashov and Sergei Yunusov. Araik Galstein’s traditional floristic show «One day of top floral design» will complete the program.

Business events of the classic exhibition will be broadcasted real-time on the exhibition online platform for all three days.

Visitors to the online exhibition as well as its participants are provided with full information about participating companies and their products. All participants of the exhibition are presented in an e-catalogue on the online platform.

Specialists from the regions of Russia and other countries of the world can easily visit both conventional and digital formats «FlowersExpo'2020». Learn modern market requests, answer customer questions, accept orders and communicate with partners.

All business events of the conventional exhibition, including the flower show, the real-time contests will be broadcast on the online platform for all three days. The events from the online platform will be displayed in the exhibition halls in «Crocus Expo».

Every visitor of the exhibition, having passed the free registration on the web-site (www.flowers-expo.ru), is free to attend the exposition and events in «Crocus Expo», and also work on the online platform.

Special attention is paid to sanitary and disease control efforts. For the participants and guests of the exhibition will be provided with efficient means of protection and safe working conditions.

Thousands of specialists are waiting for the exhibition «FlowersExpo» to understand how to run a business efficiently under new conditions, to restore business and partnership relations, which are now so eagerly sought in the industry.

The participants are sure, by overcoming the crisis, the flower industry in Russia will reach a new level, become strong and stable.


And «FlowersExpo’2020» exhibition, as the most important marketing tool, will make that happen.


Exhibition company «GreenExpo».
www.flowers-expo.ru / online.flowers-expo.ru

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