International Exhibition FlowersExpo’2016. Results
International Exhibition FlowersExpo’2016. Results

International Exhibition FlowersExpo’2016.

Results and Prospects


400 companies from 26 countries took part in the International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2016”. Over three exhibitions days 16 700 people from 198 cities and towns of Russia and 35 countries of the world visited the show.


FlowersExpo” is rightly considered the major showcase of the world flower industry of Russia. This professional forum in 2016 was an effective business platform for dialogue and fruitful contacts between producers and consumers of the products of this sector of the national economy.


The largest local and international producers, breeders, operators of the Russian and international flower markets participated in “FlowersExpo-2016“. The exhibition aroused great interest of the professional community bringing positive sentiment both to its participants and visitors.


On display there were cut and pot flowers, seeds and nursery planting stock, equipment and technological developments for greenhouse sector and garden centers, breeding novelties, products for floristics and landscape design, modern Internet technology and logistics services.


The project hosts, Russian companies form Kaluga, Penza, St. Petersburg, Moscow region, Republics of Adygea and Udmurtia presented remarkable cut flowers not inferior in beauty or quality to imported products. Among Russian exhibitors there were the largest operators of the local flower market including new wholesale companies.


International exhibition participants also tried to present their products in the most favorable way.


National Pavilions of Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, France and Japan, the world’s largest market players, were extremely popular.


Diverse products were presented by companies from England, Byelorussia, Belgium, Vietnam, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Kenya, China, Kazakhstan, UAE, Poland, the USA, Finland and Ethiopia.


Flower growers form Iran, Serbia, Thailand and Chile demonstrated their products to the Russian consumers for the first time.


Breeding novelties were presented by the leading breeding companies of the world including Rosen Tantau, Kordes Rosen, Germany, Meilland, NIRP International, Cayeux , Sauve-Guitte, Renault, France, Floritec, Deliflor Chrysanten и Dekker Chrysanten, Holland, and others.


The show featured a wider display of planting stock of flowers and ornamental plants presented by 60 Russian and European nurseries (English, Italian, German, Belgium, French, Byelorussian and Finnish). Of special interest there were season novelties, new plant varieties and species in a collective display of Polish Nurserymen.


Among participants there were developers and manufactures of equipment and machinery for greenhouse complexes from Russia, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France and other countries.


Current problems and issues of the industry were discussed in the frameworks of the exhibition Business program. Specialists received a lot of interesting information about the world’s breeding novelties, what garden centers will be in the nearest future, what experts think about development prospects of the Russian flower market, etc.


Trade representatives of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands arrived to the exhibition to discuss cooperation of Russia and the Netherlands.Governmental agencies of Russia and Holland and many interested exhibition participants took part in the discussion.


John Stenly, one of the top world’s garden centers experts, arrived to Moscow from faraway Australia to share his ideas and forecasts.


All together about 4 000 specialists took part in the business program events.


Much interest was aroused by the exhibition competition program. 80 companies including 22 Russian and 58 international ones were awarded gold medals for high quality of products and novelties.


In the frameworks of the exhibition there was held the 17th Russian Championship on Professional Floristics “Russian Cup’2016”. Master classes, floral shows conducted “non-stop” by known designers from Russia, Holland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Finland and other countries during exhibition days were of great interest to the floristic community.


Exhibition participants highly appreciated business and professional level of thousands of visitors. They arrived to the exhibition from 198 cities of Russia! 70% of them were businessmen, distributors, buyers, owners of companies and enterprises.


The major result of “FlowerExpo’2016” is its high effectiveness.


The exhibition met expectations of the participants. They were able to effectively present their products, understand the market demands in changing circumstances, find new suppliers, customers and reliable business partners.


Russian and international exhibitors highly appreciated business and professional competence of “FlowersExpo” and confirmed the significance of the project for their business development and retaining their positions on the capacious Russian market.


And most important, “FlowersExpo’2016” has convinced exhibition participants and visitors that the Russian flower market is stabilizing.