About FlowersExpo
About FlowersExpo


International exhibition of flowers, plants, machinery and

technology for floriculture and landscape design


FlowersExpo’2014 - results and prospects


International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2014”, a colorful flower festival of the Moscow autumn, gathered participants from 27 countries of the world under the roof of the largest and most modern exhibition complex “Crocus Expo”. For three days it was visited by 15,000 visitors.
Over its three days 15 000 people from 40 foreign countries and 70 Russian regions (from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and from Murmansk to Sochi) visited the exhibition.


The exhibition has brought many happy discoveries to all those who participated or visited it.


“FlowersExpo’2014” impressed with its scale and colorful displays created by many florists designers.


Russian companies that arrived to the exhibition from many Russian regions afforded much pleasure to participants and visitors. Flowers produced by local growers from Kaluga, Penza, Belgorod, St. Petersburg, Mordovia were not in the least inferior in their beauty or quality to imported ones.



That is why international participants spared no efforts to present themselves and their products in the best possible way.


National Pavilions of Holland, Colombia and Ecuador, the main world’s flower market players, were a great success.


National Pavilions of Denmark and Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, debutants of the exhibition, were particularly popular.


Interesting displays were presented by other flower producing countries: England, France, Israel, Turkey, the USA, UAE, Kenya, Ethiopia and SA.


A distinctive feature of this year’s exhibition is demonstration of a large number of breeding novelties presented by the world leading companies from Germany, France, Israel, Holland, Denmark and Japan.



A lot of novelties presented at the exhibition were intended for Russia. For instance, rose “Lermontov” devoted to the 200th Anniversary of our famous poet was presented by “Terra Nigra” (Holland). Dutch company “Deliflor Chrysanten” demonstrated a gorgeous white disbudded chrysanthemum called after the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. “Meilland” (France) devoted its snow white rose “Olympijskaya” to the Winter Olympiad in Sochi.


One more important feature of this year’s exhibition is a wide display of nursery products. Collections of elite planting stock were demonstrated by over 70 best nurseries of Russia and European countries: England, Italy, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, France and Finland.


A particularly wide display of season novelties, new varieties and species of plants was presented in the collective pavilion of the Union of Polish Nurserymen.



New technologies were presented by developers and manufacturers of equipment for greenhouse complexes. Among exhibitors of this exhibition sector there were companies of Russia, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France and other countries.


In those September days exhibition halls were filled with friendly business communication. Interesting seminars, presentations, round tables were prepared for specialists. Over 5 000 people took part in the exhibition business program.


Topical problems of the industry were discussed there: “Innovations in production and selling of flowers and planting stock”, “World breeding novelties”, “New opportunities of cooperation with Dutch flower auction “FloraHolland”, “Internet technologies for promotion of sales in “green” business” and others.


Of course, a flower show cannot do without floristics. Florists are artists holding flowers in their hands instead of paints. With their use they have “painted” a wonderful exhibition portrait. For instance, Dutch florists presented in their pavilion a rotating globe with continents made of flowers.


The exhibition floral program was rarely popular. This year it was particularly interesting and extensive.


Competition among participants of the Russian Championship on Professional Floristics “Russian Cup’2014” organized by the National Guild of Florists was extremely intense. The Jury awarded the title of Champion of Russia 2014 to Andrei Filonenko from “Green Symphony”, Moscow.


During all exhibition period “non-stop” there were organized numerous shows and master classes, demonstrations and Haute Couture floral fashion shows of the known Russian and foreign florists.


Excellent results obtained by the show participants are the main outcome of “FlowersExpo’2014”. The show provided the participants with optimum conditions for successful implementation of their commercial and marketing plans.


The participants were able to effectively present their products, to learn more about the market demands and, what is very important, to expand their business and to find new suppliers, consumers and reliable business partners.


For instance, Polish company JMP Flowers after its successful participation in “FlowersExpo’2014” lunched on 1 September a unique project in Russia by opening Cash & Carry center in Moscow. Starting from 30 September chrysanthemum “Gagarin”, a novelty from Holland awarded with Gold Medal, is being delivered to Moscow.
It is wonderful that many exhibition participants have achieved such results.


“FlowersExpo” turned into a real flower festival and a wonderful gift not only for the “green” sector professionals but also for all lovers of flowers.