XII International Exhibition "FlowersExpo-2022", September 13-15

Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC


The XII International exhibition FlowersExpo, an undoubted leader among the exhibitions of this subject, a successful communication and marketing project of B2B class, has been successfully completed.

The exhibition was traditionally held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and with the support of professional associations: the National Guild of Florists, the Association "Greenhouses of Russia", the Association of Manufacturers of Planting Material.

235 companies from Russia and 8 foreign countries took part in "FlowersExpo-2022", which is 10% more than last year. The stands of the visitors were welcomed by 1600 specialists and managers of the participating companies.

In the halls of the exhibition was presented the full range of products "green" sector: cut and potted flowers, planting material of flower crops, seedlings of trees and shrubs, machinery and equipment, materials, products for gardens, grounds, fertilizers, plant protection products from pests and diseases, accessories for floristics and decorative items for gardens and homes. Especially broad was the domestic production of goods and services for the flower and plant market.

There were also new premieres and new names. New companies from various areas of the "green" sector were among the exhibitors.

Flowers were expected from the exhibition "FlowersExpo" in the first place. And flowers at the exhibition were represented by the largest Russian manufacturers. Among them were Kaluga Flower Holding, Yaroslavl and Novosibirsk greenhouse complexes Gorkunov Group, the company "Atena" from Orenburg, "Flower World" from Mordovia, "Flower and Ornamental Culture" from Udmurtia, "Galantus" and "Flowers from Mitrofanov" from Kaluga. Foreign producers and suppliers of cut flowers were also present at the exhibition.

Various planting stock and seeds from the largest Russian nurseries and leading seed companies, floristic products, as well as plant protection products, soils, fertilizers, equipment and IT technology were widely presented. This segment especially increased in 2022.

As an important marketing event for business, the exhibition focuses on innovations and trends in the production and sale of flowers and plants, technologies and products for floriculture and horticulture.

During the exhibition 5 contests were held, and the winners were awarded diplomas and medals of the exhibition.

In the contest for best quality products were nominated companies: Agrofirma "Search", Decorative and floral crops, BioMaster, Kaluga Flower Holding, GMU "Greening", Greenhouse Novosibirsk, ACS, Letny Sad.

The winners of the Novelty of the Year contest were the following companies: Shchelkovo Agrochem, RUSINCHEM, Farao, CION RUS, ZĚMA, ORGANIK MIKS, Euroseeds, De Ruiter, NVP BashInkom, Ceramika Zolote, Decorative and Floral Culture, Sakata, Agrofirm "Poisk".

The competition for the best innovative solution won the following companies: RUSINCHEM, Organic Line, NVP "BasheIncom", Shchelkovo Agrochem, ORGANIK MIX.

The competition for the best design of the exposition was won by: IE Kharchenko R.V., TH "ATENA", RUSINCHEM.

The exhibition "FlowersExpo-2022" managed not only to maintain but also to develop its high status as a key industry forum. An important feature of this year's exhibition was its rich and vibrant business program on topical issues of business development, restoration of logistics and partnerships. For the first time the number of business events exceeded the number of florist events at the trade fair.

The speakers were not only representatives of the exhibiting companies but also invited experts and specialists. All in all, 87 speakers and over 2000 listeners took part in the business program of the exhibition.

Within three days, 50 different business events took place on 6 platforms. Among them: the conference "FlowersCONF" and for the first time conferences: "The Future of Flower Farming in Russia" and "Green Retail: Garden Center-2022". Russian Nurserymen Day was successfully held to discuss topical issues of cooperation between nurseries, garden centers and landscape architects in the new economic conditions. Domestic specialists of the "production - sales" chain discussed the topic: "How to preserve the quality of the flower from the producer to the counter".

The real highlight of the exhibition were the floral events, always attracting professionals not only from Russian regions, but also from neighboring countries.

The key event was the Russian Florist Championship. This year 9 competitors took part in the Championship. The common theme for all contestants was "About traditions...". The winner was Slava Rosca, SLAVA ROSCA flower studio, ROSCA SCHOOL (Moscow). The master scored maximum points in the first four competition tasks.

And future florists took part in a contest for students of florist schools which has become traditional "A Touch of Perfection". Four schools took part in the contest. The Primavera school of floristry and design won the title of the winner.

Original colorful works were presented to the jury by 32 florists from 13 Russian cities, who participated in the contest-exhibition Russian Florist AWARDS 2022.

Brilliant and colorful shows of the masters of floristry took place on the main stage of the exhibition. Including the show of champions "Silver. In the show participated: Name Academy with Natalia Zhizhko, the vice-champion of the World 2019, and Armen Voskanyan, participant of the European Championship of Floristry 2022. The show of Andrey Kalashnikov and Olga Sharova, the winners of the Russian Florist Awards of the past years attracted a lot of attention. Traditionally spectacular and popular was the show of Araik Galstyan "White and Black. Wedding Floristics.

An important feature of the project "FlowersExpo" is that it attracts professional visitors even from the most remote cities of Russia. The exhibition in Crocus Expo IEC was visited by 10700 people from all regions of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries. As in the previous two years, this is undoubtedly helped by its online format. The exhibition's digital platform FlowersExpo.Online gave exhibitors the opportunity to promote their goods and services to consumers anywhere in the country. The online format of the exhibition continues and will be available to the public until June 2023.

The exhibition presentation was also enhanced by FlowersExpo.TV's own TV channel, which broadcast daily and introduced everyone to the exhibitors, important business events and vibrant floral events.

"FlowersExpo-2022" in the context of the new economic reality and the transformation of the flower and plant market confirms its importance to the professional community and serves as an effective marketing tool for business development and the industry as a whole.

Exhibition Company "GreenExpo"