Results 2019
Results 2019



FlowersExpo’2019. Results and Prospects


The 9th International Fair “FlowersExpo’2019”, IEC “Crocus Expo”, Moscow, completed its work on September 12. An important project for the flower business in Russia this year showed an increase in the number of participants by 10%, geography by 12% and exhibition space by 15%.


Highly appreciating the role of the exhibition in the development of the flower industry and the potential of the Russian market, whose turnover in 2018 amounted to $ 1 billion, manufacturers and suppliers from 32 countries took part in the 2019 exhibition.


456 companies demonstrated their best products including cut and pot flowers, nursery products, seeds and planting stock, equipment, the latest trends in breeding, floristics and design, innovative solutions and developments.


Among its exhibitors there were participants from Russia, England, Belgium, Byelorussia, Venezuela, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Iran, Spain, Kenya, Korea, Colombia, China, Lithuania, UAE, Poland, the USA, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and Japan.


The number of participants from Belgium, Poland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, France and Japan increased significantly in 2019. Participants from Spain, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia were newcomers to the fair.


The world leading breeding companies Rosen Tantau, Kordes Rosen, Benary - Germany, Meilland, NIRP, Cayeux, Renault - France, Florein Gerbera's, Royal de Roiter, Deliflor Chrysanten and Dekker Chrysanten- Holland, and David Austin Roses, England, Farao – Italy demonstrated innovative novelties and breeding trends at the fair.


The number of Russian participants has increased by 18% this year. 212 companies from 35 regions of Russia represented products. Among the participants were manufacturers of cut flowers, the best domestic nurseries, the largest seed companies, developers of equipment and IT technologies, suppliers of fertilizers and soil, goods for floristry and landscape.


The exhibition business program included 68 business events with over 3000 participants.


Such topical issues as “Russian flower market. Opportunities and prospects”, “Novelties and innovations in the nursery sector”, “How to develop garden centers for successful future”, “World novelties of flower breeding” and other important issues were discussed with great interest.


Special attention of the professional community was focused on the 20th the Championship «Russian Florist CUP'2019» held by the National Guild of Florists within the frameworks of the fair. As a result of the intense competition, the jury awarded the title of champion of Russia 2019 to Yulia Smolkova (Moscow). Vadim Kazansky (Novosibirsk) took the second place. Olga Sharova (Moscow) was the third and also received the audience award.


Floristic events enjoyed great success. Russian and well-known florists from Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries conducted master classes non stop during exhibition hours.


The participants were also interested in the competition program held at the fair. Over 300 sample were presented at competitions “Best Product Quality”, “Novelties of the Year” and “Best Innovative Solution”. Representatives from 90 companies left Moscow with medals “Winner of “FlowersExpo’ 2019”.


The relevance of the project "FlowersExpo’2019" and its importance for business was confirmed by 12,000+ visitors who came to the fair from 368 Russian cities and towns. 88% of the visitors were businessmen, distributors, buyers, owners of companies and enterprises taking part in decision making.


Great attention to the fair, and hence to the promising Russian market, was shown by foreign specialists who came to the fair from 40 countries, including all CIS countries.


To the fair on an official visit came Governmental delegation of Venezuela and Delegations of floral associations of India and China also visited the fair and expressed their readiness to take part in the project in 2020.


For all participants and visitors, the fair became an important business forum, an effective platform for business development, networking and companionship.


The participants expressed their gratitude for good organization of the show and successful commercial results.


The exhibition was highly appreciated by the professional community. She brought positive mood to everyone who took part in her work and who visited her.


Having successfully completed, “FlowersExpo’2019” passed the baton to the 2020 exhibition. Participants who expressed gratitude to the organizers for its successful organization and good commercial results. They reserved for the next year more than 75% of the exhibition area.


“FlowersExpo’2019” was an important event for all the players in the Russian green sector. And the optimism and interests of visitors and exhibitors are a good indicator that this important project will be successful in 2020.