FlowersExpo / FlowersExpo'2020 Results

Release. 29.09.2020

The tenth international exhibition FlowersExpo'2020, which was successfully held on September 8-10 at Crocus Expo Exhibition Center, was met with great enthusiasm by both exhibitors and numerous visitors. Everybody was happy that the trade fair took place. For the first time its traditional classical format was supplemented by a virtual online project.

In the difficult conditions of 2020 such a hybrid format significantly expanded the geography of the exhibition, its buyers and the target audience. And the exhibition reaffirmed its relevance and importance for domestic business and the Russian economy.

Exhibition halls in "Crocus Expo" exhibition center. Halls of the exhibition at "Crocus Expo" where all products of the green sector and of course the traditional kingdom of flowers were exhibited daily, filled thousands of visitors.

Specialists from the regions of Russia and foreign countries, not being in Moscow, remotely visited both classic and virtual formats "FlowersExpo'2020".

In total, the classic exhibition in "Crocus Expo" was visited by 9800 specialists, and online platform 1550 people from 38 countries. There were 165 online meetings.

180 companies took part in the exhibition. The main exhibitors this season with closed borders were, of course, Russians. Among them were well-known manufacturers and wholesalers "Azalia Decor", "New Holland", "Flowers by Macheluk", "Florexim", "JMP Flowers", "Harchenko", " BV", "Semko", "Flower Fantasia", "Ideal". As well as "Kaluga Flower Holding", nurseries "Vashutino", "Montblanc", "Gavrish", "Agrosad", "Garden Center Vera Glukhova", the Association of Planting Material Manufacturers.

In addition to Russians, companies from the Netherlands, Germany, Belarus, Italy, Lithuania, Ecuador and Japan took part in the exhibition "FlowersExpo'2020" with the assistance of Russian partners.

Among them were Dutch breeding companies De Ruiter Innovations and Dekker Chrisanten, planting material suppliers Straathof and Havatec machinery, famous Ecuadorian flower supplier Impex Group, Lithuanian transport company Maori Group, Italian company Essegl, Japanese flower auction.

Ecuadorian companies Ecualand Farms, Florisol, Agricola el Chaupi, German Rosen Tantau and Wolfschmidt Samen, as well as Dutch Hoek Flowers, Polish nurseries Cieplucha, Homa-Kosakowska, Ważyńscy and others demonstrated their products remotely.

The world's leading breeding companies Rosen Tantau - Germany, Royal De Ruiter, Dekker Chrizanten - Holland also remotely presented their new varieties.

In the framework of the exhibition 40 multi-faceted business events took place. Including the conference "FlowersCONF", round table "COVID-19 and the flower business. Consequences and lessons learned.

A webinar "Understanding and Development of the Russian Flower Market" was successfully held with the participation of Russian and foreign experts and was broadcasted both in Russian and English languages. The discussion was attended by 170 representatives from 52 countries.

Among the colorful florist events were the Russian Professional Floristry Championship organized by the National Guild of Florists, a competition for florist school students as well as florist demonstrations and master classes by famous Russian designers.

All the business events of the classical exhibition were streamed daily via an online platform. And events from the online platform were shown in the halls at Crocus Expo.

For online visitors, everything happening at the exhibition, including discussions, demonstrations, and shows, was broadcast daily on all three days by the exhibition's TV channel "FlowersExpo.LIVE".

FlowersExpo'2020 has ended, but extensive information about exhibitors, their products, contacts, and all video broadcasts remain available until June 2021.

The multi-faceted innovative approach to the preparation and holding of FlowersExpo'2020 met the expectations of its exhibitors and visitors. They said goodbye to the exhibition with a good positive mood. And most importantly - with a clear understanding that in the new changed conditions it is possible to conduct their business more effectively and to restore business and partnership relations, which they and the industry need so much now.

It is very important that in connection with the pandemic in the halls of the exhibition at "Crocus Expo" all the necessary conditions for effective and safe work were created for exhibitors and guests.

In the difficult conditions of this year, FlowersExpo has once again confirmed its status as an important business platform for communication and sales.

See you again in Moscow in Crocus Expo on September 14-16, 2021.

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