Press Release оf 29.08.2014
Press Release оf 29.08.2014

International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2014”
invites to discover a wonderful world of flowers,
IEC “Crocus Expo”, Pavilion No.2, Halls 7-8,
17-19 September.


Press Release


The major event of the year for professionals «FlowersExpo’2014” is noted for especially wide display of the world’s and national achievements in flower industry.


500 companies from 27 countries are participating in this large scale flower forum of the season 2014. The participating countries are Russia, England, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, China, Colombia, UAE, Poland, the USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Ecuador, Ethiopia, SA and Japan


In the first place Russian companies, the hosts of the exhibition, will delight visitors with their progress. They are well known producers of floral products: “Rose Garden” and “Galantus”, Kaluga, “Podosinki” Moscow region, “New Holland”, St. Petersburg and “Flowers of Udmurtia”, Izhevsk.


Among participants there are also the biggest Russian operators of the flower market: “Azalia”, “Politsvet”, “Business Bouquet”, “Mostsvettorg”, “Forever”, “World of Flowers”, “Flower Express” and suppliers of seeds and planting stock: “Russian Ogorod-NK”, “Aelita”, “Belaya Dacha”, “Avista”, “Podvorie”, “Demetra” and “Green Carpet”.


Of special interest are of course the displays of international participants where cut flowers occupy the major place. In order to present flowers, these wonderful and fragile market products, in all their glory, a whole army of florists were working hard at creation of these displays before the exhibition opening.


International producers and suppliers of cut flowers are attracted to the exhibition by the scope and prospects of the Russian market. Among leading cut flower importers, Russia is the sixth one, after the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and France. That’s why floral products occupy over 50% of the exhibition space.


Special attention should be paid to the National Pavilions of Holland, Colombia and Ecuador, the major players of the world flower market.


Ecuador being the main supplier of roses, the queen of flowers, to the Russian market, is leading in the occupied exhibition space and the number of participants (85 companies).


Holland is not inferior. Its 80 participating companies present not only cut flowers but also nursery products, breeding novelties, technological equipment and floristic accessories.


The abundance of floral products of Colombia which is called “Land of Flowers” will be displayed by its flower growers.


For the first time this year flower producers from Denmark and Japan preset at the exhibition large national displays.


25 Danish companies demonstrate various flowers and plants from campanulas in pots to lawn grasses and Christmas trees.


Bonsai and tree peonies are of course the highlights of the Japanese display. A peony in the country of the rising sun is justly called the Emperor’s flower and the Emperor among flowers. Japanese flower growers are going to give more detailed information about this wonderful plant at the presentation “Tree peonies and their cultivation”.


One more important feature of this year exhibition is participation of a large number of nurseries demonstrating their products. At the exhibition this season there are over 70 best nurseries from Russia and European countries including Italy, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, France and Finland.


Novelties of the season, new varieties and species of plants will be demonstrated by the Union of Polish Nurserymen in its collective display.


“FlowersExpo” is also characterized by an active participation of Russian and international developers and manufacturers of equipment, machinery and technologies for the greenhouse complex including companies from Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and France.


The extensive exhibition Business Program including conferences, seminars, round tables, targeted at a wide circle of professionals will delight participants and business visitors.


The specialists are offered many important and relevant topics for discussion: “Innovations in production and selling of flowers and planting stock”, “The world’s flower breeding novelties”, “International tendencies of the modern floristic packaging”, “Services and new opportunities of cooperation with the Dutch flower auction “FloraHolland”, ‘Internet technologies for promotion and stimulation of sales in the “green” business”, “Strategy of sustainable development of garden centers” and many others.


A flower exhibition cannot do without floristics. Many interesting events are devoted to this section.


And of course the major event is the 15th Jubilee Russian Championship on Professional Floristics “Russian Cup’2014”.


The program also includes floral shows and master classes of the best florists from Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany and Israel who will demonstrate floral fashion "Haute couture".


Participants opt for the “FlowesrExpo” project for promoting their business considering it as an efficient marketing instrument that gives a good idea of the state and development of domestic flower market, requirements and demands of the Russian consumers.


“FlowersExpo” exhibition is not only a business platform. It is a wonderful autumn festival and gift both for professionals of the “green” business community and for all those who are fond of flowers.


We invite everyone involved in flower business as well as flower lovers to visit the International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2014”, an unforgettable flower show,
IEC "Crocus Expo”, 17-19 September.