Final report
Final report

ЦветыЭкспо / FlowersExpo


Post Release


The International exhibition of flowers, plants, equipment and technology for floriculture and landscape design “FlowersExpo” held in the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”, Moscow, August 30 – September 2, 2011, was a great success.


The Organizers of the exhibition were International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” and Exhibition Company “GreenExpo”. The show was supported by the Ministry of Regional Development of Russian Federation, the Government of the Moscow Region, the State Duma of the Russian Federation and by Non-governmental Organization “Opora Russia”.   


Association of Flower Growers and Landscapers of Russia, National Guild of Florists of Russia, Guild of Professionals in Landscape Industry, Eurasian Seed Union, Union of Designers, Flower Associations of Holland “Bloemenbureau” and “Asocolflores” from Colombia took an active part in its organization.


A.L. Chernogorov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, A.A. Velikhovskiy, Deputy Head, Department of Housing  and Communal Services of Moscow, Mr. Diego, Jose Tobon Echeverri, Ambassador of Colombia in Moscow, Mr. F. Wambulla, Trade Representative of the Kenyan Embassy in Moscow,  A.G. Bortsov,  Deputy Director General, ZAO “Crocus International”, E.N. Sidelnikova, Head,  Department of Housing and Communal Services, Ministry of Regional Development, G.I. Stanin,  Head, Department for Territories Improvement, Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Moscow region,  G.G. Pergamenschikova, President, the National Guild of Florists, K.Kh. Lasareva,  Vice President, Guild of Professionals in Landscape Industry”, N.D. Rogova, Director General, “Greenhouses of Russia” Association.


 Diverse high quality products were presented by over 300 companies from 25 countries including Russia, Austria, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Israel, India, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Kenya, Colombia, Korea, Poland, the USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Ecuador, Ethiopia.

Holland, Colombia and France participated with large national stands.


“FlowersExpo’2011” exhibition as an instrument of the industry innovative development has successfully completed its task. Products of all flower market sectors were displayed at the exhibition stands. Cut flowers, planting stock, projects and equipment for greenhouse complexes, breeding novelties and new technical developments were particularly well presented at the exhibition stands.


Russian flower growers representing over 20 regions displayed excellent cut flowers grown in accordance with the latest technology and which are not inferior in quality to imported ones. Among them there are the following companies: “Rose Garden”, “Chekhovskiy Sad”, “Galantus”, “Northern Dream”, “Flowers of Udmurtia”,  “Podosinki”, “Yuzhnyi”, “New Holland”, “Greenhouses “Ramenskie”, “Yug-Agro”, “Greenhouses “Stupino”, “World of Flowers”, “Egorievskiy Greenhouse Complex”, “Mosroza” and others.


Such large players of the Russian flower market as “Business Bouquet”, “Forever”, “Flowers Express”, “Kolumnea”, “Mayflor”, as well as seed companies, nurseries, suppliers of grounds, protection means, products for floristic and landscape design also took an active part in the exhibition.


There were many thinks among the exhibits which can be described as “displayed for the first time”:  a domestic project of a garden center, designed by “Agrotip” company; the largest species of Cymbidium orchids produced in Russia on an industrial scale by “Rose Garden”; innovative fertilizer “Zelenit”   and much more. 


Colorful and interesting displays were presented by international participants.

The collective display of Flower Council of Holland standing out for unique floristic arrangements presented a wide and diverse range of cut flowers and plants, novelties and the latest trends of Dutch breeding companies. Of special interest to wholesalers were displays of the largest flower auction “Flora Holland” and the International Bulb Center.


26 largest Colombian plantations demonstrated on their national stand remarkable results of their work. There were hundreds of varieties of roses, carnations, gerbera, tropical flowers and ornamental foliage. The share of “Asocolflores”, the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters and “Proexport”, a state-owned company (both are exhibition participants) is over 75% of gross flower export of Colombia.


On the French collective stand one could see products of “Mailand”, a well known rose  breeding company, cyclamens of  “Morel”, breeding company , seeds and bulbs of  “Turk”, the largest European producer, and irises of famous iris breeder Richard Cayeux whose collection numbers over 1000 varieties.

The Association of Flowers Growers of Taiwan demonstrated a collection of new varieties of their splendid orchids.


High quality products were displayed by Israeli companies. Nursery products from Italy, Germany, Belgium and Hungary aroused great interest. 


Competitions organized within the frameworks of the exhibition were a great success. Many exhibition participates both Russian and international ones applied for them: 260 applications for the “Best Product Quality” competition, 86 applications for “Novelties of the Year”, 9 - for innovative solutions competition. 50 companies were awarded Medals of the Exhibition for the best products submitted to the competition.


Exhibition business program attracted much attention. In the frameworks of the exhibition there were organized seminars “Breeding of Flower Cultures. Novelties, Trends”, “Domestic Flower Gardens. Creation practices and author’s design”, and conferences “Resource and energy saving in modern greenhouse sector” and “Garden Center from A to Z”.


The first Open Championship of Russia among Floristic Schools organized by the National Guild of Florists was also a success. Its major goal was to draw more attention to the problems of florists training, to provide it with good professional basis.


“FlowersExpo” exhibition appeared before the professional community as an excellent platform for successful implementation of commercial plans, as a project of B2B (business to business) class.


And of course of primary importance is that the participants are satisfied with the results the show brought them. This is a guarantee of its future success.



Exhibition in Figures


Exhibition area - 10 000 sq.m.

Number of participants - 302, including 165 Russian and 137 international participants. 


Number of visitors – 9 700 from 66 regions of Russia,   85% were representatives of business and professionals.  


Geography of visitors (by Russian regions):

83% - Central regions, 6% - North-Eastern regions, 4 % - Southern regions,

3% - the Urals, 3% - Siberia, 1% - Far East.


Geography of visitors (by countries):

89% - Russia, 6 % - CIS countries, 4% - Europe, 1 % - America.


Visitors interest in the presented products

Cut flowers and pot plants – 47%

Nursery products – 36%

Seeds – 26%

Landscaping, landscape design – 17%

Machinery, technological equipment – 21%

Floristic – 45%.


Exhibition in Photos