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Bloemen Bureau Holland

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Moscow exhibition “FlowersExpo” is the choice of the Netherlands team


Bloemen Bureau Holland (the Flower Council of Holland) together with over twenty flower growers, wholesalers and exporters discussed their collective participation in the Moscow flowers exhibition. The majority decided in favor of the new exhibition “FlowersExpo”.


In the nearest future the Flower Council of Holland will start to accept applications for participation in the new exhibition which will take place in Moscow from 30 August to 2 September on an area of about 16 000 sq.m.


On the initiative of the Flower Council, Dutch companies jointly studied the changes regarding “Flowers” exhibition. (The part of its organizers has recently left the team and initiated a new concept of a professional exhibition for the flower sector). The new exhibition will take place in the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” located on the Moscow Ring Road.


This venue is well accessible and has a reasonable number of parking spots. The “Flowers” exhibition which will be organized by a new team was also considered.


Participants of the discussion weighed the ambitions of organizers of both exhibitions regarding quality and quantity of expected participants and (professional) visitors. Of great importance were also such issues as participation of large Russian and international companies and enterprises, the range of themes presented at the exhibition (i.e. display of not only flowers but also plants, bulbs, greenhouse sector, etc.), and long-term growth prospects of the exhibition. “FlowersExpo” exhibition surpassed the other exhibition on all parameters.


The decision of Dutch participants which was eagerly expected by known Russian and international exhibitors will promote our joint work on preparation of a new trade international flower exhibition in Moscow.


From now on the Flower Council of Holland will use all its network of contacts to motivate flower teams of other countries to take part in “FlowersExpo” exhibition.


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