Important Contribution into Development of

the Russian Flower Market


International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2013”, the major event of the year for professionals of the “green business”, presented achievements of the world and domestic flower industry to the Russian consumers, and contributed greatly to further development of the flower market of Russia.


About 500 participants from Russia and 25 foreign countries demonstrated in its Halls all variety of the “green” sector products. Cut and pot flowers, planting stock, equipment and technologies for greenhouse complexes, breeding novelties, products for landscape design and flower arrangement were particularly widely displayed.


About 14 000 people from foreign countries and 30 foreign countries and 80 Russian regions (from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and from Murmansk to Sochi) visited the exhibition over its 3 days. 


The exhibition brought a lot of happy discoveries to everyone who participated and attended it.


Russians, the host party, represented over 20 regions. Of particular high quality there were products of new flower complexes: “Rose Garden” and “Galantus” from Kaluga, “Chekhov Roses” from Tula, “Flowers of Udmurtia” from Udmurtia, companies “TXK” (Volgograd), “Yug Agro” (Krasnodar), “Green House” (Adygea), “New Holland” (St. Petersburg), “Podosinki”, “Ramenskie Greenhouses” and “Mosroza” (Moscow region).


One of the distinguished features of this year project was participation of many large Russian market players: “Business Bouquet”, “7 Flowers” and “7 Flowers-Décor”, “Azalea” and “Azalea Décor”, “Forever”, “Mostsvettorg”, “Karlsbuch” and  “Rutaflor” working in close contact with Russian regions and supplying them with high quality products.


Mr. Ron Van Dartel, His Excellency Ambassador of the Netherlands, Mr. Patricio Chaves Zavala, His Excellency Ambassador of Ecuador, Mr. Rafael Francisco Amador, His Excellency Ambassador of Colombia and Mr. Marek Ochepka, Minister Counselor of the Republic of Poland, spoke at the inauguration ceremony about the importance of the exhibition and its role in the development of partnerships, trade and economic relations.  The distinguished guest noted the growing popularity of the event among suppliers of flower products, their interest in the Russian market which is gaining momentum, and ranks nowadays the sixth in the world in volume terms.


National displays of the main players of flower markets, Holland, Colombia and Ecuador, were particularly popular.


There were 80 companies among Dutch participants.  This year,   the Netherlands and Russia cross year, Holland, the center of the world flower and plant trade, presented not only cut and pot flowers but also breeding novelties, nursery products and greenhouse technologies.


Ecuador won the affection of Russian consumers. Over 50 Ecuadorian companies displayed at the exhibition exceptionally beautiful and diverse flowers grown under the equatorial sun and of course their gorgeous roses, some of them up to 2 meters high.


The national Colombian Pavilion presented displays of more than 30 plantations thus justifying its motto “Colombia, the Land of Flowers”.


High quality products were demonstrated by flower growers from Israel, Denmark, Kenya, Poland, France, Taiwan and the USA. For the first time this year Russian consumers saw Portuguese and Japanese products.


This season many world known breeding companies demonstrated their novelties at the exhibition, including: “Rosen Tantau” (Germany),  «Meilland», «Delbard», «NIRP International» (France), companies from Holland: «Jan Spek Rosen», «Lex+», «De Ruiter Innovations», «Olij Rosen», «Interplant Roses», «Esmeralda Farms», «Schreurs» (roses and gerberas), «Deliflor Chrysanten», «Dekker Chrysanten» (chrysanthemums); «Cayeux» (irises, France), “Ball” (carnations, Colombia) and “Russian Ogorod NK” (annuals and perennials, Russia) and many others.


Of course one cannot ignore innovations presented by Russian participants:, Flower Stock Exchange, a new electronic product of the local development,   and “Floralia”, Flower Market Information and Analytical System. Projects are offered, solutions are to be taken by consumers.


One more peculiar feature of this exhibition is a wide display of nursery products. Over 70 best nurseries of Russia and European countries: Italy, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium and France, took part in the exhibition. And for the first time this year the Union of Polish Nurserymen also presented its products here.


Among exhibition participants there were many Russian and international companies, designers and manufacturers of greenhouses, equipment, machinery and technology for the greenhouse sector. New equipment and technological solutions were presented by known Russian companies: “Greenhouse Technologies”, “BL Group” Holding, “Darmena”, “Reflax” and some international ones: «Gavita», «Dalsem», «Venlo», «Termoflor», Holland, «Danish Greenhouse Supply», Denmark, «Kraess», Germany, «Deforche Construct”, Belgium, «Rising Results”, Ukraine,  «Solidlite Corporation», Taiwan, and  others.


 An interesting business program was offered to specialists. It included conferences, seminars, round table discussions targeted at a wide circle of the “green” sector professionals. Of special interest were the conference “Innovations in production and selling of flowers and planting stock”, seminars: “Practices in production of roses in protected ground”, “Instruments for successful operation of garden centers”, a three-day seminar  “Internet technologies for promotion and stimulation of sales in “green” business” and an interregional workshop on landscape design.


Great attention was focused on the floristic program.  This year it was particularly interesting and extensive.


The 14th Russian Championship on Professional Floristics «Russian Cup-2013» organized by the National Guild of Florists was the major event of the program. On the threshold of the upcoming Olympics in Sochi it was held under the motto «Goals, emotions, achievements on the way to records! ».

The first place and the title of Champion of Russia were won by Zoya Norbutayte, professional florist from Moscow.

Andrei Kalashnikov (Astrakhan) was awarded the second place. Vladimir Simonov, young master from Moscow, gained the third place.


Performance of Natalya Zhizhko, European Champion 2011, within the frameworks of the Russian Floristics Day, generated enormous interest.

Show of Franki Balling (Belgium) and Sergei Karpukhin (Russia) who demonstrated their compositions made from products presented by the exhibition participant “Smithers Oasis” (Germany) was held under the motto “Trends of European Floristics”.

Dutch florists Pascal Coeleman and Rudi Tuenman also demonstrated   florictics art within this program.


International floristic show of Araik Galstan with participation of masters from Spain, France, the USA and Belgium presenting a high floristic fashion "Haute Couture" completed the program.


The main result of the “FlowersExpo’2013” is satisfaction of its participants. They all noted a large number and high level of business visitors consisting mostly of top managers. It was very important that the exhibition being a true B2B project provided them with a professional platform for effective solution of their marketing tasks and successful implementation of their commercial plans. Exhibition participants could not only efficiently present their products but also get to know the demands of the Russian market, and most importantly, extend their business, find new suppliers, consumers and reliable business partners.


Our congratulations on your success!

See you at “FlowersExpo’2014”

17-19 September  2014!