International Exhibition FlowersExpo'2021

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XI International Exhibition FlowersExpo'2021 "- the main event of the year for participants of the market of flowers and plants, held from 14 to 16 September in the halls of Crocus Expo, with great success has completed its work.

"FlowersExpo is a successful communication and marketing B2B project. For several years, FlowersExpo has been the best exhibition in the industry according to the rating of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs and the holder of the UFI International Union of the Exhibition Industry for efficiency and international prestige. Despite the limited number of participants from abroad, this year it proved its international status. It was attended by 220 companies including 189 companies from Russia and 31 companies from 8 foreign countries (Belarus, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, USA, Columbia and Ecuador).

The main participants of the 2021 season, like last year, are Russian companies. Their number at the exhibition "FlowersExpo '2021" has increased significantly, becoming a sign of the restoration of the exhibition and the domestic market of flowers and plants in the post-Soviet reality.

A variety of floral products in its halls were presented as manufacturers: Kaluga Flower Holding, Yaroslavl greenhouse plant, greenhouse plant "Novosibirsk", JMP Flowers, Floral Express, IP Kharchenko and wholesalers: Azalia Decor, Flowers by Macheluk, Russian flower technology, Florexim and others.

Ornamental garden trees and shrubs were presented by Montblanc Nursery, Imperial Nursery, Vera Glukhova Garden Center, Success, Ussuri Cedar, Gardens of Russia, Heideveld, Holland Pitomniki, Cieplucha Nursery, Association of Planting Material Manufacturers.

Seeds and planting material were presented by: Agrofirma Aelita, Agrocompany SeDek, PanAmericam Seed, Russkiy Ogorod-NK, Seeds of Altai, Euroseeds (Barnaul), House of Seeds, Lyubov Myazina and others. August, Organic Mix, LamaTorf, Rusinchim, Orgavit, Shop for nurseries, Miratorg, Hera, Garden Retail Service, Amina Trade, Fertika, Biomaster, ZION Rus and other companies presented a large section of various goods for garden and horticulture.

Constructions, equipment, technological materials and measuring tools were presented by Kraess, Compass, GreenAgro, Dalsem, NovoAgro and others.

An important event of the exhibition was the design of the German national pavilion after the break in the shock year of 2020. This was made possible thanks to the support of the federal government of Germany. Among its participants is the world leader in greenhouse technology company Kraess, a well-known manufacturer of ceramics company Scheurich, the famous nursery Lappen and the company Step Sustem, with high-precision measuring instruments for greenhouses and crop production. In the national pavilion, one of the most famous florists in Germany, Reinhold Pause, held his florist marathon. Rosen Tantau, a worldwide rose breeder from Germany and Smithers-Oasis, a global producer of floral foams, also participated.

Ten companies from the Netherlands also made the season 2021 very happy. Global breeders De Ruiter (roses), Dekker Chrysanten (chrysanthemums) had their stands in the exhibition halls. Among the exhibitors were Dutch companies Dalsem (high-tech greenhouses) and Amsonia (bulb planting material), as well as companies Schneider, Selecta One, Straathof Plants, USPI Company, Holland pitomniki known to the Russian consumer.

The Covid-19 pandemic also demanded that the organizers of the exhibition restructure and search for new modern forms of preparing and holding the exhibition. Therefore, for the second year FlowersExpo was held in a hybrid format - a classical one at Crocus Expo IEC and a virtual one on the platform

As the main event of the year and an important marketing event for business, the exhibition focuses on innovations and trends in the production and sale of flowers and plants, technologies and products for floriculture.
At the exhibition is formed annually Catalogue of new products, presented at the exhibition for the first time. And also held the traditional competitions "Novelty of the Year", "For the best quality products", "Innovations..." For the best design of the exhibition. This year in the competition program was attended by 113 companies, 36 of them became "laureates".

An important trend of the exhibition "FlowersExpo'2021" is its rich and vibrant business program. The business program held 50 different business and floral events, which was attended by over 3000 professionals.

A round table discussion titled "Industrial Floriculture in Russia. Current Situation and New Opportunities" with the participation of the Head of the Federation Council working group on the development of floriculture in the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets Andrey Epishin and heads of the largest greenhouse complexes in Russia.

For nursery producers was important discussion at the round table "Green standards and planting material of ornamental plants". With great interest were discussed at the exhibition: digitalization of business, marketing and product promotion, market trends, business scaling, effective technologies and innovations in the production of flowers and plants and other relevant market topics.

Colorful floristic events became the real highlight of the exhibition. The Russian Florist Cup 2021 Russian Professional Floristics Championship traditionally became the main event of the contest floristry program. Olga Sharova (Moscow) became Russian Champion in professional floristics, silver medalist - Vadim Kazansky (Novosibirsk), bronze medalist - Vladimir Baranov (Moscow).

An important event of the exhibition was also held for the second time, the Russian Florists Award, which was attended by 29 florists. The winners of the Prize were: in the nomination "OPENING OF THE YEAR" - Lubov Liskova (Moscow); - in the category "INDIVIDUALITY" - Andrey Kalashnikov (Astrakhan); - in the category "COLOUR" - Inna Kirenkova (Moscow); - in the category "CONCEPT" - Ekaterina Koneva (Moscow); - in the category "MASTERNESS - Yulia Smolkova (Moscow).
The third contest of the exhibition - Competition of florist schools "Touching perfection" with the theme "Time forward", the winner of which was the School of floristry and design "Primavera".

Unique floral shows and master classes during all three days of the exhibition were held on the main stage of the exhibition. The program included such projects as: the show-show "Silver" with the participation of stars of the world floristics Natalia Zhizhko, Roman Stengauer, Xenia Alland: performance of winners of the National Florist Awards: Olga Sharova, Natalia Mironova, Yulia Smolkova; the fairy show-defile "Floral Dress", in which the participants of the LILLEBALL-Online contest from different Russian cities demonstrated their outfits made of flowers and, finally, the Araik Galstyan and Natalia Slutskaya show "Red Moscow". Live from Holland allowed Royal Van Zanten to perform a very interesting floral show in cooperation with Flower Force export company.

FlowersExpo.TV channel broadcasted every day everything that happened in the halls of the exhibition, including floral shows and shows, not only on the online platform of the exhibition, but also on the screens in the exhibition hall.
During the 3 days of the exhibition 10,250 people from all regions of Russia and CIS countries visited the exhibition, including 1267 people working on the online platform.

It is very important that "FlowersExpo" as the main exhibition of the year, even in the context of the ongoing pandemic, retains its relevance and importance for domestic business and the Russian economy. And holding the exhibition in a hybrid format expanded the geography and the target audience of the exhibition.

"FlowersExpo" thanks everyone for participating and visiting the exhibition and invites you to the next exhibition "FlowersExpo-2022" from 13 to 15 September 2022.


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