Press release September 3, 2013
Press release September 3, 2013

Press Release


International Exhibition of Flowers, Plants, Equipment and Technologies for

Floriculture and Flower Business 



International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2013”, a colorful event of the Moscow autumn, is held in the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” in Pavilion No. 1, Halls 3 & 4, 9-11 September.


   About 500 companies from 25 foreign countries: Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Spain, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Colombia, UAE, Poland, Portugal, the USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Ecuador and Japan, take part in the exhibition.

   Participants will present at the exhibition products of all sectors of the “green” business and, above all, flowers from all continents.

  Among participants there are the largest flower complexes of Russia producing flowers not inferior to foreign ones. They are “Rose Garden” and “Galantus” from the town of Kaluga, “Chekhov Roses” from Tula, “Flowers of Udmurtia” from Udmurtia, “TXK” from Volgograd, “World of Flowers” from Krasnodar, “Podosinki” from Moscow region.

   Operators of the Russian flower market are represented by such known large companies as “Business Bouquet”, “7 Flowers”, “Azalia”, “Forever” and “Mostsvettorg”.

    International participants demonstrate the progress of the world flower industry. Cut and pot flowers, planting stock, equipment and technological developments for greenhouse complexes  and garden centers, breeding novelties, products for landscape design and flower arrangement are particularly widely displayed.

    Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, France and Taiwan organized their national collective displays.

    Holland presents its display within the frameworks of the cross Russia – Holland Year 2013. Among its participants there are breeding companies, players of the flower market, producers and suppliers of beautiful pot flowers.

   “Colombia- the Land of Flowers” is the motto of the country display. On display at their stands there are products of over 30 flower plantations.

    Fascinating are the stands of Ecuador. Roses are exceptionally beautiful. They amaze not only by their color spectrum but also by huge buds and long stems reaching up to 2 meters high. Over 40 Ecuadorian companies demonstrate different species of flowers grown under the Ecuadorian sun.

   High quality products are displayed by flower growers from Israel, Denmark, Kenya, Poland and the USA. Portugal and Japan present their flowers for the first time this year.

   Products of Russian and European nurseries are adding beauty to the exhibition display. Among them there are the Union of Polish Nurserymen, nurseries of Italy, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium and France.

   The exhibition is complimented by an extensive business program including conferences, seminars, round-tables targeted at a wide circle of the “green” business professionals.

    A flower exhibition cannot do without flower arrangement. A florist is also an artist who uses flowers instead of paints. That is why “FlowersExpo” is floral Mecca, and each stand is an artist’s work.

   One of the main exhibition events is the 14th Russian Championship on Floristics “Russian Cup’2013” with a motto (on the threshold of the Olympiad) “Goals, Emotions, Achievements on the Way to Records!” 

   The program includes a colorful floral show Russian Floristics Day. Within its frameworks there will be organized shows of Natalya Zhizhko, winner of European Championship 2011, and other known Russian masters.

    Floristic shows of “Smithers Oasis”, Germany, will be conducted by Frankie Bolling and Sergei Karpunin, famous florists from Belgium and Russia. 

    Floristic trends of 2014 will be presented by known Dutch florists: Pascal Koeleman and Rudi Teunman.

   The program will be crowned with the International Floral Show of Araik Galstian who together with masters from Spain, France, the USA and Belgium will demonstrate floristic fashion “Haute Couture”.  

    The Moscow International exhibition “FlowersExpo’2013” is not only a parade of   progress of the local and world’s flower industry but also an ideal business platform providing its participants with favorable conditions for successful implementation of their commercial plans and promotion of their products on the promising Russian market.