The participants of the international exhibition of flowers plants machinery and technology for floriculture and landscape design "Flowersexpo-2018"

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Company name Stand
Байкалсельхоз, ООО (Russia) 
Да!Роза, ООО (Russia) 
Ди-Ай-Ком, ООО (Russia) 
Урал Упак, ООО (Russia) 
Фабрика интерьерной ковки, ООО (Russia) 
Фестина Рус, ЗАО (Russia) 
Фэмили Трак, Компания (Russia)
Grupo Andes Farms (Zarina and Orinoko) (Colombia) 
5Plast (Russia)  N302
7 Flowers (Russia) 
7 Flowers-Decor (Russia) 
Aarbomex export group (Belgium) 
Aardse Orchids (Netherlands) 
Accent Ltd (Russia)  D304
ADM Greentraders by Anrob - De Martelaer (Belgium) 
Agbina (Russia)  P351
Agro-Pak (Russia) 
Agrocoex (Ecuador) 
Agroforma (Russia)  T072
Agrokom (Russia)  R204
Agromir Garutishki BY (Belarus)  Р352
Agromiranda (Venezuela)
AgroSAD Nursery (Russia)  R101
AkatovoArt (Russia)  N303
Aladdin Ceramics (Russia) 
Alexandra Farms (Colombia) 
Allaert (Belgium) 
Alternastroi (Belarus)  R403
Altrain (Russia)  H553
Amarant (Russia) 
AminaTrade Ltd (Russia)  P151
Amsonia (Netherlands) 
André Briant Jeunes Plants (France) 
Anne Flowers (Ecuador) 
Anniroses (Ecuador) 
APFA (Russia)  P101
Appeltans Boomteelt (Belgium) 
APPM - The Russian Nursery Stock Association (Russia)  L200
Araik Galstyan Moscow International Flora school (Russia)  С-401
Arbor (Belgium) 
Aris Upak (Russia)  S451
ArkhLandshaft, Landscape Architecture Design Studio (Russia) P501
ASB Greenworld (Germany) 
ASC, OOO (Russia) 
Asocolflores, Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (Colombia) 
Astra Fund (Netherlands) 
AViSPACK. Vinnikov A.V. (Russia)  R652
Avrora Flowers (Israel) 
Azalia Décor (Russia)  F153
Azalia, International Flower Center  
Ball (USA) 
BashInkom (Russia)  P401
Beautiful Houses press, Publishing House (Russia)  V101
Beekenkamp Plants BV (Netherlands) 
BellaRosa (Ecuador) 
Benary /Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH/ (Germany) – Flower Online Marketplace (Russia)  F301
Bimifleur Flowers (Kenya)
Bio Technologiia LLC (Russia)  F501
Biochemical technologies (Russia)  P403
BioOrganicSynthesis (Russia)  P501
BM Roses (Netherlands) 
Boon Export (Netherlands) 
Boos Hortensia (France) 
BÓR Ornamental Tree and Shrub Nursery (Poland) 
Bright World (Russia)  P552
Brockhoff Roses (Netherlands) 
Business and Exhibitions, Magazine (Russia)  Indirect Participation
Business Ecuador (Ecuador)
BVD "Workshop of packing and design" (Russia)  T552
Camptec - Florecot Group (Ecuador) 
Carccu (Finland) 
Cargex (Colombia) 
Cartotecnica Rossi (Italy) 
Cayeux (France) 
Ceres Farms (Ecuador) 
Chastel Pépinières (France)
Chauvin Hortensia (France) 
Chiang Mai University (Thailand) 
Chikamasa (Japan) 
Chistaya Pobeda Ltd (Russia)  N151
Chrysal International (Netherlands) 
Cieplucha (Poland)  ONLINE
Circasia S.A.S. and Vuelven S.A.S (Colombia) 
City. Landscaping. Magazine (Russia) Indirect Participation
Clematis The Source of Good Climbers (Poland) 
Clover LLC (Russia)  M351
Coloríginz (Netherlands) 
Coming up roses Kenya (Kenya) 
Compas NPO (Russia)  N150
CottonFlower (Russia) 
Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects (Netherlands)  G353
Danziger (Israel) 
David Austin Roses (England) 
De Nolf Willy (Belgium) 
De Ruiter Innovations (Netherlands)  F151
Debski Brothers Nurseries (Poland) 
Decoflor (Russia)  R553
Decorative Flowers company (Russia) 
Decorum Company (Netherlands) 
Deforche Construct (Belgium) 
Dekker Chrysanten B.V. (Netherlands)  C151
Delbard Georges (France) 
Deliflor Chrysanten BV (Netherlands) 
Demetra (Russia)  G251
Designer Books (Russia)  R502
Dolina Agro Ltd (Israel) 
Dress.Flowers (Russia)  L502
Dümmen Orange (Netherlands) 
Duyvenvoorde flowers & plants (Netherlands) 
Ebben Boomkwekerij (Netherlands) 
EBF Cargo (Ecuador) 
ECOador Floral (Ecuador) 
Ecoroses (Ecuador) 
Ecualand Farms (Ecuador)  онлайн
Edana Floralba (Ecuador)
Eden Roses (Ecuador) 
Egoryevsky Greenhouse Complex (Russia)  L150
Elburg-Smit Poland (Poland) 
Elitupak (Russia)  P553
Enigma Flowers Ltd (Netherlands) 
EQR Ecuatoroses (Ecuador) 
Esmeralda Farms (Ecuador) 
Etoile Flora (Russia) 
Europe Uno Trade (Russia)  N805
Ever Green Polska (Poland) 
Evrosemena (Russia)  N251
Farao di Renato Faraone Mennella (Italy) 
Favorite Toy (Mila LLC) (Russia)  A303
Feron-F (Russia)  P651
Feya rozy (Russia)  F152
Fibre Family Rus (Russia)  P553
First Flower (Russia) Indirect Participation
Fitoklon- BioTechnology (Russia)  N252
Fiton XXI (Russia)  N702
Fitulka (Russia) 
Flex Logistics (Russia) 
Floralife Ltd (Russia)  S301
FloraPoint (Russia)  N253
Florein Gerbera's (Netherlands) 
Floreloy (Ecuador) 
Flores del Cotopaxi (Ecuador) 
Florexim (Russia)  D251
FlorExpress, ТОО (Kazakhstan)
Florifrut (Ecuador) 
Florigene Flowers (Colombia) 
Florisol (Ecuador)  F303
Florist Holland B.V. (Netherlands) 
Florsel - Passion Flowers (Ecuador) 
Flower Circus (Netherlands) 
Flower company Liliya Ltd. (Russia)  Indirect Participation
Flower Experience (Netherlands) 
Flower Show Turkey (Turkey) 
FlowerFame (Netherlands)
Flowerportal B.V. (Netherlands) 
Flowers by Macheliuk (Russia)  G150
Flowers by Mitrofanov (Russia)  Indirect Participation
Flowers House, Group of companies (Russia) 
Flowers, magazine (Russia)  P601
Folio-Auto (Russia) M353
Forever Group (Russia)  G452
Form-Plastic (Poland) 
Foxy Roses (Ecuador) 
Fragile Co Ltd (Russia)  R051
Fresh Logistics Carga (Ecuador) 
Fruti-Komerc DOO (Serbia) 
Galaxy Ecuador Flower Group (Ecuador)  D452
Galleria Farms (USA) 
Gamma Trade House (Russia)  S304 (Russia)  ONLINE
Gardens of Aurica (Russia)  G451
Gartenland Polska (Poland) 
Gavrish Nurseries (Russia)  L102
German Pavilion / Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Germany)  M251
GIFT Review (Russia) 
Global Nature Trees (Denmark) 
Green Arrow Design School (Russia)  M803
Green Capital (Russia)  R053
Green Country (Russia)  R452
Green House (Russia) 
Green Line, Ltd (Russia)  B200
Green Market (Poland) 
Green Team Europe (Denmark) 
Green World & Westland Bloemen Export Group (Russia)  H150
Greendeal (Malta) 
Greenhouse (Russia)  R502
Greenhouses of Russia, Association (Russia) Онлайн участие
Greenrose by Producnorte S.A. (Ecuador) 
Gruppo Padana Ortofloricoltura S.S. Soc. Agr. (Italy) 
Haakman Flowerbulbs (Netherlands) 
Hamifleurs BV (Netherlands) 
Havatec (Netherlands)  H254
HD NordicTrees (Denmark)  N303
Heideveld bv (Netherlands) 
Henat Flowers (Kenya)
Heze Peony Lotus Nursery (China) (Russia)  P202
Holland Bulb Market (Holland)
Holland Bulb Market B.V. (Netherlands) 
Holland Pitomniki (Netherlands) 
Homa-Kosakowska Krystyna, Ornamental Plants Nursery (Poland)  онлайн
Home of Toys "Maxi Toys", Ltd (Russia)  P050
Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen bv (Netherlands) 
Horticultural Crops Directorate of Kenya (Kenya) 
House and garden, magazine (Russia)  V101
HUA FON Factory (Russia)  M600
Husky (Russia)  P541 - Contests, Demonstrations, Education (Russia)  V402
Ideal (Russia)  S400
Idealnyi sad Ltd (Russia)  ONLINE
Imperatorskiy Nursery (Russia)  N 052
Impex Flowers (Ecuador)  C201
Incoflores (Ecuador) 
INDEGA German Products for Horticulture (Germany) 
Infomax Sp.J. (Poland) 
INSPIRO (Russia)  L300
Interplast Plastic Products (Poland) 
Intrade Logistic (Russia) 
Invet (Belarus) 
Invisible Friends LLC (Russia)  K350
Invos Flowers (Colombia) 
IPHandlers (Netherlands) 
JMP Flowers (Russia)  D251
Josarflor (Ecuador) 
Kébol (Netherlands) 
Kharchenko Roman Vladimirovich, Individual Entrepreneur (Russia)  M100
Khudozhestvennye promysly, JSC (Russia)  R453
Könst Alstroemeria BV (Netherlands) 
Kopmozit LLC (Russia)  M152
Koppert RUS (Russia)  K350
Kordes Rosen /W. Kordes' Söhne/ (Germany)  G251 (Russia)  R504
Kraess GlasCon (Germany)  M255
KraftPaper (Russia)  L351
Krasnodar Cardboard Factory (Russia)  N653
Krasnodar Flowers (Russia) C202
Kuehne+Nagel S.A.S. (Colombia) 
Kurowscy Szkółki (Poland) 
Kusibab-Popowicz Waganowice Nursery (Poland) 
Kusibab-Wyka Aleksandra Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze (Poland) 
Lady Marmalade Decor and flowers studio (Russia)  P501
Lama Torf (Russia)  R350, R400
Landscape Design Magazine (Russia)  F606
Landy-art (Russia)  H553
Lapkin (Russia)  M502
Leja (Poland) 
Levoplant (Netherlands) 
Leybaert (Belgium) 
Liveingreen (Russia)  M351
Logiztik Alliance Group (Ecuador) 
Lorberg /H. Lorberg Baumschulerzeugnisse/ (Germany) 
Lukamore (Russia)  N551
Luxus Blumen (Ecuador) 
Lyubimaya Dacha, Magazine (Russia)  F606
Magana Flowers (Kenya) 
Malima (Ecuador) 
Marcel TD (Russia)  M152
Margareta Flowers (Russia) 
Matina Flowers (Colombia) 
Matiz Roses (Ecuador) 
Mayer GmbH & Co. KG, Maschinenbau und Verwaltung (Germany) 
Mayflor (Russia)  H254
Media Group (Russia)  М504
Meilland (France) 
Merizalde & Ramirez Roses (Ecuador) 
Metaliko (Russia)  P501
Milagro (Colombia)  K150
Milele Flowers (Kenya)
Milonga Flowers (Colombia) 
Mir Tsvetov (Russia) C300
Mirrey Décor (Russia)  S360
Mirten (Russia)  R451
Modiform (Netherlands)  L452
Mokshan Roses (Russia)  ONLINE
Monterosas (Ecuador) 
More otkrytok (Russia)  N803
Morgan Cargo (Netherlands) 
Moscow Floriculturists Center at the Moscow Society of Nature Reconstruction and Protection (Russia)  K251
Mosflor (Ecuador) 
Mount Elgon Africa (Kenya) 
Muchflowers (Ecuador) 
Naranjo Group (Ecuador) 
National Guild of Florist (Russia)  V402
Natuflor (Ecuador) 
NDC "Rozhdestveno" (Russia)  P102
Nefrit Garden (Russia)  M550
New Village Ltd (Russia) 
Neyt-Van Sante (Belgium) 
Nicole, Floral-Design School (Russia)  M801
Nieuwkoop Europe BV (Netherlands) 
NIRP International (France) 
Notta & Belle (Russia)  M804
Nova Agro Ltd (Russia)  F351
Nursery and Private Garden, Magazine (Russia)  L101
Oktiabrina Aprelevna"TM (Schelkovo Agrokhim) (Russia)  U150
Onix (Russia) A107
Orchidelia (Russia)  K104
Organizzazione Orlandelli (Italy) 
Otkroy-Otkrytku (Russia)  A353
OZ Export BV (Netherlands) 
OZ Planten BV (Netherlands) 
Panalpina World Transport (Colombia) 
Parnassius Studio (Russia)  R501
Perfect Quality Roses (Colombia) 
Perfection ® Flowers (Colombia) 
Pesource LLC (Russia)  R402
Petit Jardin (Russia)  K253
Piech nursery (Poland) 
Pitomniki-Shop (Russia)  N202
Plaim (Russia)  H552
Plandorex (France) 
Plantexport France (France)
Plantin spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa (Poland) 
Plantmarket Cash&Carry (Russia) 
Plush Joy (Russia)  M802
Plush Land (Russia) 
Podere Luen (Italy) 
Podosinki Greenhouse Complex (Russia) 
Podvorje Garden Company (Russia) 
Poisk Agroholding (Russia) 
Policvet (Russia)  D253
Polish Nurserymen Association (Poland) 
Polytechnica TPK (Russia)  P504
Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) 
Premier Flowers
Primavera School of Floristic and Decoration (Russia) 
Printack (France) 
Pro Ecuador - Trade office of Ecuador in Moscow (Ecuador) 
ProFloristika Ltd (Russia)  M603
Protek (Russia) 
Q box Group (Netherlands) 
Qualisa (Ecuador) 
Rainbow+ (Russia)  L253
Rassada tochka ru (Russia)  N100
Rassadatara (Russia) 
Rassadniy Service (Russia)  V102
Reimann Spinnerei and Weberei GmbH (Germany)  M252
Renault Pepinieres (France) 
Rising Results (Russia)  D401
Rosa de Saron (Ecuador) 
Rosadex (Ecuador) 
Rosaleda (Ecuador) 
Rosas del Corazon (Ecuador) 
Rosas del Manzano (Ecuador) 
Rose Connection (Ecuador) 
Rosen Tantau (Germany)  D403
Rosesland Farm (Ecuador) 
Royal Brinkman (Netherlands) 
Royal FloraHolland (Netherlands) 
Royal Flowers (USA)  G200
Royal Van Zanten (Netherlands) 
Russian cotton, Company (Russia) N657
Russian Floral Technologies (Russia)  F201
Russian Garden (Russia)  L400
Sadovnik, Magazine (Russia) F607
Saftec Cargo (Ecuador) 
Samwon Korea (Korea) 
Sauve-Guittet (France) 
Schneider B.V. (Netherlands)  N100
Schreurs Holland BV (Netherlands) 
Schulze Pflanzenhof (Germany) 
Selecta One (Netherlands)  K251
Server (Russia) 
Sevita (Russia)  ONLINE
Shar NPF (Russia)  N051
Shenzhen Number Energy Saving Corporation (China) 
Sian Roses (Kenya) 
Sisapamba Rosas & Rosas (Ecuador) 
Smithers-Oasis Germany GmbH (Germany)  L501
Soex Flora (India) 
Solid Line (Russia)  R503
Solisplant - De Veranda (Netherlands) 
Soparco (France) 
Special Flowers / Florever (Russia) 
Star Roses (Ecuador) 
Starlight Company (Russia)  M551
STEP Systems GmbH (Germany)  M253
Stone Rose (Russia)  N553
Straathof Plants BV (Netherlands)  C250
Subati Flowers (Kenya) 
Suprina Verde BV (Netherlands)
Sutkowscy Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów Ozdobnych (Poland) 
SV.CO (Netherlands) 
Sylva BVBA (Belgium)  P252
Szmit Nursery (Poland) 
Taliflor Ltd (Russia) 
TD Ural INVEST / TD MegaPlast (Russia)  P152
Tekhosnastka (Russia)  N302
Teplichny Kombinat, Pitomnik "KOLOS" (Russia)  M351
Tessa Corp (Ecuador)  C350
Tomzynski Nursery (Poland) 
Topaz Ltd (Russia)  M501
Toppers and boxes from iTopper (Russia)  D203
Toyoake Kaki Co., Ltd./Japan Plant Export Council (Japan) 
Trading House Agropresent (Russia)  S100
Trinity Farms (Colombia)
Triumph Nord Rus LLC. (Russia)  K400
TulaSAD (Russia)  H651
Turflor (Colombia) 
Turtoise (Russia)  A302
Twenthe Plant (Netherlands) 
Tzvetushie Fantazii (Russia)  M151
Udmurt Flowers Ltd (Russia)  ONLINE
Ultra Flo Ltd (Kenya) 
UniFlora Market (Kenya) (Russia)  N552
Uspeh Plant nursery (Russia) 
Valle Alto (Ecuador) 
Valleflor (Ecuador) 
Vandeputte nv (Belgium) 
VannoVa master growers (Netherlands) 
Vashi 6 sotok, Newspaper (Russia)  онлайн участие
Vashutino Plant Nursery (Russia) 
Vega Flowers (Russia)  N652
VendShop (Russia)  N655
Vered Flowers International (Russia) 
Vigo Gerolamo (Italy) 
Voorn Roses (Netherlands)
Vromans kwekerijen (Netherlands) 
VTVservice Ltd (Russia)  S051
Ważyńscy Ornamental Plants Nursery (Poland)  онлайн
Wiscom Trading Company (Russia)  M504
Wolfschmidt Samen & Jungpflanzen (Germany)  онлайн
Zeleniy Gorizont, Farm (Belarus)  S200
Zentoo (Netherlands) 

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