Деловая программа
Деловая программа
6 Апреля 2012

Gregor Lersh, famous florist, is a guest of “FlowersExpo’2012”

Demonstration of Gregor Lersh’s works, recognized maitre of contemporary floristics, will take place during exhibition hours of “FlowersExpo’2012”.


Gregor Lersh is one of the most famous florists of the world. He is a winner of national and international awards in the field of floristics and an author of many books on floristic design, laureate of numerous competitions. Among his awards there are over 30 gold, 20 silver and bronze medals.


The maitre conducts seminars and symposiums, organizes exhibitions and takes part in shows in different countries, writes books, manufactures a variety of floristic products.


And yet in the first place Gregor Lersh is a creator of unique flower compositions, and floristic for him is High Art.


The famous florist will visit Moscow at the invitation of the Moscow School of Floristics and Decorative Art “Primavera”, where he will conduct a master class.