Деловая программа
Деловая программа
8 Сентября 2014

Visit PrimaFlora and get an exclusive inspiration magazine for free!

PrimaFlora (booth A051 at Flowers Expo) develops commercial concepts, designs and promotional activities for the horticultural sector. The aim of our platform is to provide growers of plants and flowers all over the world with a chance to gain visibility on Russia’s booming flower market.


We offer extensive promotion of products by bringing them to the attention of Russian traders, wholesalers, retailers, florists and consumers in a variety of ways: via social media, POS-materials, mailing lists, events, expos and more. In addition, our company also specializes in concept design, marketing and brand development. As a result, we can truly offer the whole package when it comes to bringing your products to the attention of your target audience.


In our booth (A051) you can experience inspiring demonstrations by the world-renowned Dutch florist Patrick Jansen, who will be creating floral arrangements with products from various growers from the Netherlands.


Every visitor of our stand will receive a brand new luxury inspiration magazine, full of gorgeous photos, arrangement ideas and useful advice from prominent Dutch florists. Don’t miss out!


Also present at our stand will be representatives from the nurseries Orchidiva® (cymbidium) and Vreugdenberg (La Mia Favorita® kalanchoe), who will be glad to show you their magnificent collections, share the latest news about their products and answer any questions you might have.


Patrick Jansen will be working with products from the following companies:


  • Moerheim - Dianthus
  • Orchidiva - Cymbidium
  • Personality - Celosia
  • Dekker Chrysanten + Arcadia Chrysanten - “Yarada” chrysanthemum
  • GreenBalanz - Phalaenopsis
  • Berkhout - Potted chrysanthemums
  • Vreugdenberg - La Mia Favorita Kalanchoe
  • Elstgeest - Ludisia discolor
  • RVZ - Organza Chrysanthemums
  • PikoPlant - Phalaenopsis
  • Oriëntal plants - Bonsai, “Double Luck” bamboo & “Ginseng” ficus
  • Fuerte Planta - Anthurium
  • Deliflor - Chrysanthemums


We look forward to welcoming you at our booth, A051!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/primaflora.nu
Website: primaflora.nu